How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

There are two important steps to making money in affiliate marketing.

The first step to making money as an Affiliate Marketer is to choose the right Affiliate Marketing Company.

The second step is promoting affiliate marketing products. Because this second step is such a big step, with many moving parts, I’ve dedicated another post to it.  Scroll down to the end of this post for part 2.

How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

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How to Choose the Right Affiliate Marketing Company

People are attracted to Affiliate Marketing for the same reason that they are attracted to a Franchise. It’s kind of the online version of a franchise because you’re buying into a turnkey system.

The more you have pre-built into the system, the more you have “done-for-you” by the company, the easier it’s going to be for you to succeed.

How do Franchises increase their success rate?

  • They build a solid reputation in the market
  • They offer popular products or services
  • They offer a turnkey system
  • They offer excellent training

Outstanding affiliate marketing companies focus on the same qualities.

That’s why many people start out working for big giants in the industry, like Amazon or Walmart, because they are already trusted names and they offer such a wide range of products. I know many affiliate marketers who have gone the Amazon route and are making brilliant money.

  • But do they offer a turnkey system and the training to implement it?
  • Do they offer high-ticket products?
  • Can you do repeat business with your customers?

Now, I promised in my previous post about Affiliate Marketing Training Courses that in this post I would discuss the course I’m doing now. So here you go.

The only Affiliate Marketing company I’ve come across so far that offers the kind of training and support that gives you a turnkey system, an online franchise, is the company I review here.

I never quite understood how to make money from Affiliate Marketing until I understood the Value Ladder and created my first Sales Funnel.

The Value Ladder

Here’s a quick diagram to give you some insight.

The Value Ladder Best Way

Essential Elements of a Top Class Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Use this handy checklist when looking at a new affiliate marketing opportunity.


1. Product Value

  • Do they have products your customers want?
  • Are customers happy with the products?
  • Are many customers asking for refunds?
  • Do they have a full suite of products, from low to mid to high-end?

2. Commission Potential

  • What percentage commission do you earn per sale?
  • Do you just get paid for one initial sale or every time a customer buys?
  • Do they have a full suite of products, from low to mid to high-end?
  • Will you be paid on your customers for life?
  • Will you be able to lead your clients to make higher purchases by building their trust over time? (Value Ladder)

3. Training, Coaching and Support

  • Do they offer basic and advanced training?
  • Do they have Coaches who can assist and support you one-on-one?
  • Do they offer live Events and Masterminds?

4. Marketing

  • Do they have high-converting sales videos to help you promote their offers?
  • Do they have a sales team that calls customers for you?
  • Do they use Events and webinars to help you convert more sales?

5. Systems

  • Do they have an effective tracking system to track every customer?
  • Do you have access to this system?
  • Can you track your customers and their sales?
  • Or does the company hold that information?
  • Can you do repeat business with your customers, for life?

6. Integrity

  • Does the company have a good reputation?
  • Do they treat people right?
  • Do they pay people on time?

When all these elements are in place, you can focus all your time and attention on your side of the bargain…

How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

Step 2: Promoting Affiliate Products

I’ll discuss how to promote affiliate products in my next post. Stay tuned for How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing Part 2.

P.S. I found one company that ticks all the boxes above. Click here for my review.

* If you purchase anything through a link in this article, you should assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that I’ll be compensated in some small way at no extra cost to you.

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What’s the Best Way to Make Money Online? (Video)

Finding the perfect path to wealth online can be a tricky business. The internet can be a gold mine or a minefield, depending on which opportunities capture your attention.

I’ve been building a business online for nearly four years and over this time, I’ve started following a number of incredible Mompreneurs and Fempreneurs, all Superstars in their niches. I read their posts, I subscribe to their email newsletters, I follow them on social media.

And they all have their own take, their own special sauce.

  • One will say the best way to make money online is to create and sell eBooks.
  • Another will say it’s by creating online courses.
  • Yet another will say it’s by becoming an Influencer on Instagram or YouTube.
  • Virtual Summits. Dropshipping. Affiliate Marketing. e-Commerce. Membership Sites.
  • I’ve seen women succeed online as Inventors, Virtual Assistants, Freelancers, Authors, Podcasters and Coaches.

So what do you do? Who do you listen to?

What really works, for everyone, every time, anywhere in the world?

What’s the BEST way to make money online?

The Short Answer:-

Affiliate Marketing, Done Right.

The long answer:-

Affiliate Marketing that…

  • Incorporates The 4 Core Business Models
  • Satisfies all 3 of Jay Abraham’s Profit Activators
  • Offers valuable low-end, mid-end and high-end products
  • Ensures that your Customers can ascend the Value Ladder
  • So that you can earn commission on them for years to come

Phew! That was quite a mouthful, so let’s break our long answer down into each core component I’ve mentioned.

The 4 Core Business Models

These are the most highly profitable business models on the Internet.

1. Affiliate Marketing

2. Digital Products

3. Coaching and Consulting

4. Events and Masterminds

Building an online business can be confusing. So many opportunities, so many paths. It helps to have a roadmap, a blueprint and it helps to know the best way to make money online. #WhatstheBestWaytoMakeMoneyOnline #DigitalEntrepreneurship #DigitalEntrepreneur #AffiliateMarketing #HighTicketAffiliateMarketing

Image Credit: Created on Canva Pro

Jay Abraham’s 3 Profit Activators

All 4 of the Core 4 satisfy Jay Abraham’s 3 Profit Activators, the 3 simple things you need to be focusing on in business to generate maximum profit.

1. Get more Customers

2. Do Repeat Business with those same Customers

3. Sell High Ticket Products to Increase Revenue

Focusing on all 3 of Jay’s Profit Activators, gives you (or any company for that matter), the best chance of turning a profit.

Make Money Online

Image Credit: Free on Canva Pro

An Average Affiliate Marketing Company

Will focus only on the first profit activator — bringing in more customers to generate more sales.

***If their products are also very low-priced, you’ll have to sell a lot of them, i.e. find a lot of new customers, to generate significant income.

A Good Affiliate Marketing Company

Will teach you to create a sales funnel and build an email list in order to do repeat business with your customers.

A Great Affiliate Marketing Company

Will also provide you with high-value, high-ticket products to sell to your customers so that they can ascend the Value Ladder.

An Outstanding Affiliate Marketing Company

Will incorporate the 4 Core Business Models into their offering.

AND, if you’re interested in growing and developing your high-income skills, they’ll also teach you to create your OWN Digital Products, Coaching Programs, Events and Masterminds.

Value Ladder Best Way to Make Money Online

Image Credit: Created on Canva Pro

An outstanding Affiliate Marketing Company will teach you to become a Digital Entrepreneur.

But where do you find an outstanding Affiliate Marketing company?

If you’d like to partner with an outstanding Affiliate Marketing company, learn how to become a Digital Entrepreneur and run a profitable online business, I recommend Legendary Marketer.

In case you missed it, you can read my full Legendary Marketer review here.

*If you purchase anything through a link in this article, you should assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that I’ll be compensated in some small way at no extra cost to you.

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Should I Join Legendary Marketer? (Video Review)

Have you been reading and watching Legendary Marketer Reviews yet you’re still on the fence? You just can’t decide whether it’s right for you or not? I was in your shoes not so long ago and for me, it was a resounding YES.

Something attracted me to the company and I’ve been struggling to articulate exactly what that something was ever since. Perhaps it was a combination of a whole bunch of things. Perhaps it was because it was my time.

Today, I’ll do my best to convey exactly how I felt while I was doing the 15-Day Online Business Challenge and what changed inside me.

Right place. Right time. Right mentors. Right training. Right mindset.

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you knew you were about to make a breakthrough? That something was going to shift inside you and you were never going to be the same again?

It was like someone flipped a switch and the light of my online business was instantly transformed into a strobe light.

I stepped into that strobe light and came alive with dance moves I didn’t know I knew.

I started doing things I’d never done before.

I stepped into that strobe light and came alive with dance moves I didn’t know I knew. I started doing things I’d never done before.


I think it was on Day 5 of Affiliate Bootcamp that I decided I absolutely had to invest in the Business Blueprint Package. No two ways about it. I had absolutely no shadow of a doubt that the money would appear. I also knew it wouldn’t just fall out of the sky. I would have to be brave enough to ask for the money.

I didn’t have any money of my own to invest and I don’t have any credit cards.

So I plucked up the courage to call two of my Mom and Dad’s friends and ask them if they would be willing to lend me the money.

I was shaking when I made the first call. Nervously excited. On edge.

I planned out my speech, it went something like this.

“As you know, I’ve been working on my online business for over 3 years and I’d like to take it to the next level. I’m making reasonable money but I know I can make a lot more. I’ve come to that point where I need higher-level education to achieve a higher level of success. I’ve found this Course I want to do, it contains everything I want to learn but it’s more than I can afford. Would you be willing to invest in me? I’ll pay you back as soon as I earn it back.”

I practised a few times, on my friends (we were at a playdate). They were very supportive and we all agreed that the worst that could happen is they could say no.

I paced up and down the room and then I got on the call and I blurted it all out to my Mom’s friend.

She said, “I’m so sorry. If it was any other time I would be happy to help you, but I can’t right now.”

Such kindness and caring. But a no all the same.

I reeled. My one friend asked me a pivotal question: “What if your second potential investor says no? Will you give up on the idea and go back to what you were doing?”

And that was when I knew, unequivocally, that I would not stop asking until I got a YES.

I didn’t have to wait much longer. I took a deep breath and made the second call. And I got a YES!

Wooohooo! I felt like I had won the Lottery!

Wooohooo! I felt like I had won the Lottery!

For the next few days, I was on tenterhooks, waiting for the money to come through. It felt like the longest wait in the world. I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas.

And when I was finally able to make the purchase, I felt the full weight of the responsibility on my shoulders.

One, I had to pay the money back (in about 6 months).

Two, I had to prove to myself, Investor, friends and family that what I had invested in was worth it.

Because of course, as with every big decision in life, there were those who thought I would succeed and those who thought I would fail. There were those who thought I was making a brilliant decision to move forward with my business and those who thought I was making a monumental mistake.

And of course, I had all these thoughts as well, at different times.

Now, I wish I could tell you that I’ve already made all the money back and then some.

I’ve hesitated to write my first Legendary Marketer Review because I don’t have that kind of proof to offer up just yet.

But here’s what I can tell you. I’m as certain that I will succeed with Legendary Marketer as I was that I would secure the investment to join Legendary Marketer. It’s a sure thing.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is not an overnight success kinda thing. It was never going to be an instant success (which is why I asked for 6 months to pay the money back).

The Business Blueprints I bought are TRAINING COURSES. It’s going to take some time to work through the training and implement what I’m learning.

And what I have behind me, working for me, and with me, is the whole might of Legendary Marketer.

Here’s what Legendary Marketer does that I’ve never seen before in the online marketing industry.

Here’s what gives me the confidence that I will succeed, with their guidance.


Every week, I’m coached on a live call by my Advisor, Eliane Carbajal Kalinowski.

Every single member of Legendary Marketer feels it — how much Dave Sharpe cares for all of us. He genuinely wants to see us all succeed and he’s in the trenches with us every day, encouraging, supporting, motivating and coaching.

Dave has also trained an amazing team of Coaches, Advisors and Trainers to assist him.

Every week (or as often as I can squeeze it in), I’m coached on a live call by my Advisor, Eliane Carbajal Kalinowski.

I cannot even begin to describe how amazing Eliane is. Eliane has the biggest, warmest, softest heart. She exudes love, compassion and caring. She affirms me constantly yet she’s also firm and clear about what I need to do to move my business forward.

Her coaching has been phenomenal. If I had no access to the Business Blueprints and only Eliane’s Coaching, I would already feel I was getting my money’s worth.

And every Pro Affiliate in Legendary has this privilege. We all have Advisors assigned to us. It’s part of the package. And they are all incredible (yes, I’ve also read and watched reviews posted by other Legendary affiliates).

Online Challenges

I’m currently doing my second Legendary Marketer Challenge. As you already heard earlier, I thrived on the

15-Day Online Business Challenge

I learned to stop arguing for my limitations and instead, to start arguing for my abilities, possibilities, my goals and dreams.
Have you heard of Legendary Marketer? It's a training company serving Affiliate Marketers and Digital Entrepreneurs. Here's why I joined and why you may want to too. #ShouldIJoinLegendaryMarketer #LegendaryMarketerReview #HighTicketAffiliateMarketing #DigitalEntrepreneurship

I learned about

  • The Value Ladder
  • Sales Funnels
  • Lead Generation
  • How to do Affiliate Marketing the right way
  • Why High Ticket Affiliate Market Products are Better
  • Why it’s so important to build an email list
  • Money Mindset
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
  • Jay Abraham’s 3 Pillars of Revenue
  • How to Use Haters to Fuel Your Business
  • Why Patience is the Key to Success
  • High-Income Skills and Why You Need Them
  • Why Failure is Vital to Success

And so much more. The Mindset Coaching on the Challenge was second to none.

And crikey, let’s not forget that I created my very first Sales Funnel on the Challenge.

Dave’s motivational pep talks were awesome and then he’d break to introduce a surprise guest, who would drill important points home. The likes of Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Russell Brunson.

I still have Robert Kiyosaki’s voice playing in my head, saying,

My Poor Dad said, “I can’t afford it. Think I’m made of money? I can’t do that. I don’t have time.”

My Rich Dad said, “How can I afford it? What can I do to make this happen? What would it take?”

And Anthony Robbins’ passionate speech, even more passionate than usual, Tony was practically shouting out,

“You don’t lack resources. What you lack is resourcefulness.”

Shoo, powerful stuff! That was the 15-Day Challenge. And now, I’m 5 days into the 30-Day Challenge,

Free Traffic Bootcamp

And it’s just as brilliant as the first Challenge I did. Especially as we’re using what we learned on the 15-Day Challenge for the Content we create every day for Free Traffic Bootcamp.

So I’m getting to relive the Challenge all over again, in a different way than I did before.

Such a clever concept. Smart move, Dave Sharpe!


Let’s also discuss the product I paid for, The Business Blueprints, the free bonuses, The Traffic Rolodex.

On that very first exciting day, when I put down my money and became a Pro Affiliate, I couldn’t wait to jump right into the training.

Matt Heltzel’s Get Started Training on how to set up the Legendary Bridge Funnel was thorough and detailed. I had no problem following it and I’m not very techy.

His training on setting up AWeber was just as helpful. It left me feeling such a great sense of accomplishment.

Once I had my sales funnel set up, the next thing I needed to learn was how to promote it.

So I delved into the Traffic Rolodex and tested out the world of Paid Advertising.

I did the Course on Facebook Advertising and set up my first Facebook Ad.

I then used what I’d learned in the Facebook training to set up an Advertising Account on LinkedIn as well and ran my first Ad on LinkedIn.

I did NOT ENJOY paying for Ads. It freaked me out because I invested very little money and for a very short time. So although I could see some stats, I wasn’t seeing results.

Only 1 new email subscriber and I couldn’t tell whether it was from the Ad or not.

To me, it felt like going to a Casino and gambling money away. And that’s not my scene.

So I switched tack and started working through my 4 Business Blueprints, starting with the Digital Products Business Blueprint by Mark Harbert, which was fabulous.

And then Free Traffic Bootcamp came around and I took the gap to learn how to promote my sales funnel using FREE strategies.

And the rest, as they say, is history. (Only kidding, we’re only 5 days in. I’m just picturing the wondrous things that are going to transpire this month).

Sales Calls

One of the things that really impressed me about the company, right up front was the sales calls. Would you call them sales calls? Because they’re not what I expected at all.

In the first few days, when you’re just getting started, you get prompted to book a call with an Advisor, to unlock your bonuses. I really thought, after watching the video on the Value Ladder, that this was going to be a high-pressure sales call and I’d get off the phone (well Zoom, really) with that awful feeling in my stomach, having just committed to something I didn’t really want but felt pressured into buying.

Especially because Dave explained in his training that very few people will make a big purchase online, for over $1000, without speaking to someone first.

That’s not what happened on the call AT ALL. It really just was a friendly, helpful call to see how I was doing, where I was at in my business and what would benefit me most, moving forward.

It’s very comforting to know that when someone moves through my Sales Funnel and books that call, they’ll get the same treatment.

What’s amazing about the way everyone at Legendary Marketer operates, from Dave Sharpe to all his Advisors, Trainers and Coaches, is that everyone you come in contact with has been in the same position you’re in at some point and therefore knows what you’ll be thinking and feeling.

They also know what you need to help you make the next decision and can sensitively coach you through it. With kindness and understanding.

Dave really has an outstanding team.

Legendary Marketer is the real deal and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone and everyone.

Are you still deliberating?

Should I Join Legendary Marketer? (Video Review) | Legendary Marketer Review by Lauren Kinghorn Video

Should I Join Legendary Marketer?

If you would like to set up a profitable online business, I’d say YES.

But don’t take my word for it. The best way to find out whether it’s for YOU is to test the waters.

Do the 15-Day Challenge. It’s training and coaching worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, but it’s only going to set you back 7. It’s by far the best 7 bucks I ever spent online.

Give it a whirl and let me know whether you feel the same way I do.

How to Join the 15-Day Challenge

As mentioned I paid $7 to do the 15-Day Challenge but Dave Sharpe has recently introduced a couple of new ways to get access FOR LESS.  You can save yourself 5 or 6 Dollars.

Here are your 3 options:

  1. Cough up the $7 like I did – join my mailing list and watch an intro video by Dave Sharpe.
  2. For only $1.99 you can get The Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing e-book by Dave Sharpe.
  3. For just $1 you can get The Copywriter’s PlayBook by Dave Sharpe.

**Please note that these are affiliate links.  I will earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) should you click on any of the above links and decide to purchase any of the products at Legendary Marketer. 

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What’s the Value Ladder? A Brilliant Way to WOW Your Prospects (Video)

I recently did an Online Challenge to learn how to take my business to the next level.

On Day 1, I learned information that completely revolutionised the way I run my online business.

If you’ve never heard of the Value Ladder and you’re not using a sales funnel in your business, read on.

What’s the Value Ladder?

The Purpose of a Value Ladder is to gently steer your prospects to your best offers by providing value — every step of the way. It’s how you build trust, how you foster long-lasting relationships with your customers or clients. And it’s also how you sell your high ticket products or services.

How to WOW Your Customers into Buying from You again and again

  • The more value you offer in your free gift (lead magnet or content upgrade), the more likely a prospect will turn into a customer.
  • The more value you offer in your initial offer (entry-level product), the more likely a customer will buy your premium offer.
  • The more value you offer in your premium offer, the more likely your premium customer will become an exclusive customer.
  • If you keep providing value to your customers, you’ll gain customers for life.

The point is that for a Value Ladder to work effectively in your online business, you need to deliver so much value that they can’t wait to take the next step.

Here’s an example of a Value Ladder.

Wow your Customers into buying your products again and again by understanding the Value Ladder and creating a Sales Funnel. Learn More... #whatsavalueladder #salesfunnel #digitalmarketingstrategy #onlinemarketingstrategy

Image Credit: Template on Canva Pro

I never understood what a Sales Funnel was until I understood the Value Ladder. So let’s apply this knowledge to your online business.

You have a website and you have products, services, digital products or online courses you’d like to sell.

Here’s an example of simple sales funnel you can set up.

Sales Funnel Page 1: Email Capture Form

Offer a Free Gift in exchange for an Email Address

The first thing you’ll want to do is entice your readers to join your email list.

Because once your website visitors become one of your subscribers you can contact them directly, keeping them updated on your latest posts and special offers. This keeps your website top of mind.

Otherwise, you’ll just have new people visiting your site every time you publish a new post. Your goal is to develop relationships with your visitors and keep them coming back to your site again and again.

This is your first step in turning a visitor into a raving fan and that’s why it’s really important to make a great impression.

So, create something really special for your visitors and offer it as a free gift.

Wow your Customers into buying your products again and again by understanding the Value Ladder and creating a Sales Funnel. Learn More... #whatsavalueladder #salesfunnel #digitalmarketingstrategy #onlinemarketingstrategyImage Credit: Pinterest Pin Created on Canva Pro

Free Gift Ideas for You…

  • eBook — turn one or more of your most popular posts into an eBook
  • Content Upgrade — create a checklist, worksheet or PDF summary of a post and add the email capture form in the post
  • A free trial or free sample — e.g. if you’re an author, you could offer to send the first chapter of your book
  • Video tutorial — position yourself as an expert by creating video training
  • Mini email course — Create a few shorter videos as a mini email course, send 1 video a day
  • Offer expert advice — solve a problem you know your audience is dealing with or offer a 10-minute call
  • Online Challenge — create a 5-day challenge that will help your visitor make a breakthrough
  • Competition or giveaway
  • Quiz or Survey

Sales Funnel Page 2: Product Sales Page

Offer a Product in Exchange for a Small Fee

On your next page, you’ll offer a very low-priced product that gives your visitors a taste of what you have to offer.

Again, you can use any of the ideas above, but be sure to give even more value than you did the first time.

For example, if you gave away a free eBook or the first chapter of your book, you could offer your complete, published book at a discounted price. If you offered a short Online Challenge, you might want to offer a longer Challenge or a more difficult Challenge. And so on.

Sales Funnel Page 3: Thank You Page

On this page, you’ll simply Thank your customers for joining your list or buying your product and tell them what to do next.

You can deliver the product automatically or tell them to look out for an email with their login details.


Can you see how you’re building a relationship with your customers, building their trust by giving VALUE?

Even if you have the most incredible $1000 product in the world, no one’s going to buy it unless they know and trust you.

Even if you have the most brilliant copywriter writing the most amazing sales copy for you, nothing can take the place of someone actually trying out your products or services and experiencing the benefits for themselves.

Use The Value Ladder to WOW Your Customers into Buying from You again and again.

Want to see a Real Live Example?

The best Value Ladder I’ve ever seen was for Legendary Marketer. I learned so much in their 15-Day Online Business Challenge that I created my first Sales Funnel to market it.

Check out my Legendary Marketer here.

Next up: What’s a Sales Funnel? (Free Traffic Bootcamp Day 4)

Find all the content I created for the entire 30-Day Challenge here.

* If you purchase anything through a link in this article, you should assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that I’ll be compensated in some small way at no extra cost to you.

Wow your Customers into buying your products again and again by understanding the Value Ladder and creating a Sales Funnel. Learn More... #whatsavalueladder #salesfunnel #digitalmarketingstrategy #onlinemarketingstrategy

How Can I Start an Online Business? (Video)

Are you thinking of starting an online business?

It All Starts with You.Are you thinking of creating your own online empire? Brilliant! Wonderful! Stupendous! Good on You! Here's my best advice. Start with YOU. #HowCanIStartanOnlineBusiness #StartwithYou #ItStartswithYou #DigitalMarketing #DigitalEntrepreneurship

When I started out online, I had no idea of where I was heading. My initial plan of action was to build a website as a platform to launch the book I was writing.

I never finished that book.

I got sucked into the great, big wondrous digital vortex called the internet like a speck of dust into a Roomba.

My website morphed into something far from my original vision and quickly turned into 3 niche websites.

While I was learning new skills and getting to grips with the technical aspects of web building and internet marketing, I was also on a steep learning curve to find my unique place online. To find that special message I could deliver better than anyone and those special someones who craved my message most.

You see, the thing with building an online business that no one ever tells you is that it takes a while to find yourself online.

How long before I start making money online?

Because in the beginning, when you have Dollar signs in your eyes, it’s easy to be dazzled by every opportunity that crosses your path, regardless of whether they suit your skillset or interests.

Let’s be honest… how many of us have tried something borderline scammy, knowing in our heart of hearts that something was off? Yup, me too.

I believe the number one reason we do this is not because we’re bad people. It’s simply because we’re impatient.

We start out with the misconception that we’re going to build an online empire in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

In my experience, that’s simply not true.

If you’re going to create a solid online business that sustains you long-term, you need to treat it like you would any business. You’ve got to be in it for the long haul.

Typically, in the first year of business, most entrepreneurs lose money.

In the second year, you might break even and start making some side income.

And in the third year, you should start turning a profit.

I found this to be pretty spot-on for my online business.

Now, I’m not saying it will take you that long. But I just want you to be aware that it might take you a little longer than expected to find your happy space online. To save you having a desperate moment that leads to a lapse of reason somewhere along the line.

Please don’t be that kid in the back of the car, chanting, “when are we going to get there?” You’ll miss all the fun. The joy is in the journey.

When you start an online business, theres a lot to learn. And so many directions you can go in.

So here’s my best advice. Start with You.

Image Credit: Free on Canva Pro

Your Interests

Get clear on what you’re passionate about. Choose a niche that will hold your interest for a good couple of years. Something that’s close to your heart. Something you can talk about for hours on end with your friends.

When you were little, who did you want to be when you grew up? That might give you a clue to your future as an internet entrepreneur.

Your Skills

Match your online business to your personality, skill-set and experience.

Here’s an example from my own experience. I’m an out-and-out extrovert. I feel energised at events, I thrive on being around people. When I first started out online, I spent most of my time researching and writing.

Two years down the line, I started attending networking events and speaking at some of them. It breathed new life into my business. And I felt alive.

It made me realise I needed to start speaking more. So I’m dabbling in video and podcasts now. And I’m currently planning my first Online Summit.

Your Goals

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where do you see your business in 5 years? What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Do you need to make a ton of money or just enough to supplement your current lifestyle?

Your Audience

Who do you want to serve? Who do you connect with and relate to? Who would benefit the most from what you have to give?

Your Solution

What do you have to offer? What problem do you solve? What’s your message to the world?

Now start looking into your business options online. As I mentioned earlier, there are many, many options to build a sustainable business online.

Any of these roles might take you to the top.

Blogger, Dropshipper, Freelancer, Website Developer, Graphic Designer, Content Writer, Editor, Proofreader, Digital Marketer, Social Media Manager, Course Creator, Online Influencer, YouTuber, Instagrammer, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Trainer, e-Commerce Expert et al.

Let me simplify it for you.

If you want to fast-track your success, here are the four biggest money-spinners online.

Affiliate Marketing

Digital Products

Events and Masterminds

Coaching and Consulting

So get started. Do your soul searching and your research. And recognise right off the bat, that you’re probably going to reinvent yourself many times.

Next Up: What’s a Value Ladder? A Way to WOW Your Customers  (Free Traffic Bootcamp Day 3)

Find all the content I created for the entire 30-Day Challenge here.

* If you purchase anything through a link in this article, you should assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that I’ll be compensated in some small way at no extra cost to you.

How To Digital Entrepreneur – Plus 5 Awesome Benefits

How To Digital Entrepreneur

This post is for anyone who is interested in Digital Entrepreneurship.  I originally wrote it for the lovely ladies who participated in our Twitter Chat. You can find it by logging into Twitter and typing the hashtag #XWBizChat in the search bar.

A million THANKS again to Gwen Serrotti and Erika Kruger of Xtraordinary Women for hosting a Twitter Chat and inviting me to be their guest Twitter Chatterer or Guest Twit? Hehe.

I learned so much from Gwen Serrotti, Founder of Xtraordinary Women through this amazing experience. Gwen is super organized and a fountain of helpful tips and advice.  She explained exactly how to participate in a Twitter Chat and which Free Online Tools to use to Schedule Chats and keep abreast of the Chats as they are happening.

It inspired me to make this video for my fellow members at Wealthy Affiliate:

Click the link below for my video Tutorial ↓

How to Schedule Tweets Free of Charge

How to Schedule Tweets FREE

Let’s get back on topic. You’re here to learn about Digital Entrepreneurship, right?

There’s only so much you can put in a Tweet, so I’ll flesh out a few of the concepts we chatted about today.

Today this is a post.  But that’s just the beginning.  I’m also planning to:

And that, in a nutshell, is the path to Digital World Domination. That’s how you become a Digital Entrepreneur.  Well, kinda.

Let’s get into a few more nitty-gritty details.

What is a Digital Entrepreneur?

What is a Digital Entrepreneur?

There are many, varied definitions of Digital Entrepreneurship but in my mind, it’s simply this:

A Digital Entrepreneur is anyone who’s making a living online.

This means you may already be a Digital Entrepreneur and just not know it yet.

  • Are you involved in E-commerce?  Do you buy and/or sell products or services online?
  • Are you a blogger or Influencer creating digital content like Sponsored Posts?
  • Do you create content online like Reviews to promote products or earn Affiliate Income?
  • Do you create your own Digital Products, such as eBooks or email Courses and eBooks?
  • Are you an Author selling books on Amazon Kindle or directly from your website?
  • Are you a Freelancer offering editing, website design, graphic design, logos, Virtual Assistance, etc?
  • Do you own a Digital Marketing Agency?
  • Are you a Digital Marketer?
  • Are you a YouTuber creating Videos and earning from Advertising or Sponsored Posts?
  • Do you sell your craft products on Etsy?
  • Do you buy and sell products on eBay?
  • Do you have an Events company and market your services online?
  • Are you a Social Media Manager?

If you said YES to any of these, you’re a Digital Entrepreneur. If you have any kind of internet business, if you’re transacting online, you’re a Digital Entrepreneur.What are the Benefits of Digital Entrepreneurship?

What are the Benefits of Digital Entrepreneurship?

There are endless benefits of being a Digital Entrepreneur. Here are my top 5.

1. Low Investment

For starters,  there are virtually no barriers to entry. Compared to starting a brick-and-mortar business, the startup costs are very low.  You also have very few overheads.

2. Work from Anywhere

You can work from home or work from anywhere, as many travel bloggers do. In the beginning, you’ll probably burn the midnight oil but once you’ve built some Authority online there’s a good chance you can earn Passive Income – where you do the work once and get paid for it over and over again. Like selling an eBook or Online Course or creating a brilliant Evergreen post that generates Affiliate Income or Ad Revenue for years to come.

3. Sweet Freedom!

In a nutshell, Digital Entrepreneurship is your best shot at Financial Freedom and Time Freedom. You get to fire your boss (not immediately, get yourself set up first please) and choose your own hours.  You get to write your own cheque every month.  Okay, not at first, but once the ball gets rolling. As a Mom, it affords me the opportunity to fetch my son from school every afternoon and enjoy free play with him.

4. Own Your Work

Authors now have the opportunity to own their work, whereas before, their Publishers did.  Oh, and their Publishers and Book Store Owners earned more profit from their books than the Authors did themselves – before the Internet. Now Authors can market their books from their own websites and social media pages.

5. Tax Benefits

As a Business Owner, you can write off all your business expenses as Tax deductions. Even though there aren’t as many expenses as in a traditional business, this is still a win. In short, you have the benefits of owning your own business, minus many of the frustrations and overheads.

What are the Drawbacks of Digital Entrepreneurship?

What are the Drawbacks of Digital Entrepreneurship?

Like all Entrepreneurship, when you start out, you need to learn every aspect of your business and BE everything. You’re the Owner, Marketer, Bookkeeper, PR, HR, etc.

It can be overwhelming, all-consuming, and lonely.

It’s terribly easy to fall into the trap of working all the time, especially as your business is literally at your fingertips – either on your smartphone or keyboard.

How Do You Get Started as a Digital Entrepreneur?

How Do You Get Started as a Digital Entrepreneur?

  • Find a Pain or Frustration in your life & the world. Solve it.
  • Then figure out how to get your message out to those in need.
  • Immerse yourself in your niche.
  • Get help and coaching from Authorities in your niche.
  • In time you become an expert.
  • You become the solution.

Wealthy Affiliate

This is where I got started on my journey to become a Digital Entrepreneur and I don’t think it’s a community I will ever leave Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle and Carson, the Owners are constantly enhancing and upgrading their Platform to be on Trend and give their members more bang for their buck.

They know Affiliate Marketing and the Online Industry better than many as they’ve been building businesses online for years.

You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review here.  And I’ll be adding a video soon.

Their Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is the perfect place to start your journey as a Digital Entrepreneur. And you can do Level 1 free of charge and then decide whether you want to go further with the Course.

How Do You Scale Your Business as a Digital Entrepreneur?

How to Scale Your Business as an Entrepreneur?

This is something that I always struggle to do when I set up a new business. When I built my massage practice in my 20’s, I never learned how to scale and burnt out as a result. I’m very mindful that I may be heading out for burnout soon if I don’t start outsourcing some of my work soon.

Here are some tips if you think you’re ready to start scaling your business.

  • Don’t try to scale too soon. Make sure you have a predictable income that covers all your expenses first.
  • Then create a system that allows you to scale by leveraging your time & efforts.
  • Think BIG.
  • Outsource to other Online Entrepreneurs who Freelance or work remotely.
  • Hire or Partner with people with opposite skills to yours.

There are so many ways to generate passive income when you become a Digital Entrepreneur. But most of them require quite a bit of set-up first.

First, you have to put in the work, to establish your business and to establish yourself as an authority online. It’s also important to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie, so you know what you’re comfortable holding onto and what you’d like to outsource.

Over time, you put systems in place and create content or courses or digital products and marketing funnels that generate income while you sleep.  It’s a process.

Are you ready to begin this journey? Join me at Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll catch you in the membership forum, or leave a comment below.

Affiliate Disclaimer:  If you purchase anything through a link in this post, please assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that I’ll be compensated in some small way at no extra cost to you.

How to Become a Video Blogger aka VLOGGER

I’ve known for ages that it’s time to start adding videos to my blogs.  If I never add videos to my blogs my audience will never to get to know and like me. You and I won’t connect and forge a friendship.

But when I’ve attempted to record videos of myself at home I’m wooden and boring. I know from past experience that I’m much better presenting in front of a live audience. I light up, I come alive and I connect in a deeper way.

This was one of the many reasons I’ve always felt my job as Head of Network Marketing at Nutrihealth as the best job I ever had.  I loved teaching, coaching, training and mentoring my sales team and sales staff.  Delivering Presentations on Health and Wellness and giving motivational talks was some of the best fun I’ve ever had in business.

So when an opportunity to present to a live audience cropped up this year, I grabbed it with both hands.  Thank You Thank You, Xtraordinary Women.

And it was such fun! I loved the preparation and I loved giving the talk itself. I felt I was back doing what I was born to do.

My good friend, Susanne Hobbach, kindly captured it on video for me – two videos, actually because her video camera went down during the talk and she had to reboot.

I uploaded them both to YouTube.

Does this instantly turn me into a video blogger? 

Probably not. I suspect I need to learn a lot more about vlogging and create a lot more videos before I’m seen as a video blogger.

But at least it’s a start.  And it’s given me an idea for this year.

My big plan for the year is to create online courses.  What if the video component of my courses were taken live, while I’m giving a workshop?

It’s not how the bloggers I follow are doing it.  Have a look at the amazing Gillian Perkins.

It’s not how the Pros are doing it either.  Have a look at what creative video companies like Diamond View are doing.

I’m open to the possibility that my idea might bom and I’ll be learning from their tried and tested ideas if it does.

Yet… I want to give it a shot.  Because I know my personality type (Sanguine Choleric, ENFJ, ultra extrovert) and I just know I’m better in front of a crowd.

But I digress. I promised you a post on…

Have you started creating videos for your blog posts yet? What's stopping you? Let's get started. #HowtoBecomeaVideoBlogger #Vlogging #YouTubeHow to Become a Video Blogger

So here’s my 2 cents worth, as a starter Video Blogger.  For more advanced help, follow top YouTubers, like Gillian Perkins.

Step 1:  Just Start. 

Get your first video up on YouTube.  Whether it’s slick and professional… or not.

Step 2: Add Tags and Keywords

Don’t know what tags and keywords to insert?  I use a great Keyword Tool called Jaaxy. You can find my Jaaxy review here.

Or you can just wing it. Think of what will draw people to your video and add those words or phrases.

Step 3: Embed your video in your posts

And share them on social media. Get them out there.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat

Create loads of videos and upload all of them to YouTube.  Some YouTuber’s post daily, others weekly. The trick is to publish videos consistently so your viewers get to know you and connect with you.

Hmm…  this is why I need to learn how to do them on my own phone in the comfort of my own home like Gillian does. With no live audience.

Practice makes perfect, right?

Who’s game?  Are you going to join me on this video blogging journey?

Post Update (2021)

I really got the consistency down-pat when I published a lesson a day from A Course in Miracles for an entire year.

I started out publishing these lessons on YouTube and went on to create a podcast as well.

Here’s my most popular lesson to date.

How are you doing on your vlogging journey?

How to Build a Successful Blogging Business

One of the highlights of my 3 years as a blogger was the moment Robyn Lambrick’s email popped into my inbox on 7th January inviting me to give a 30-minute talk for Xtraordinary Women on

How to Build a Successful Blogging Business

I have created this resource for you to accompany my Presentation just in case you missed the live talk.  My friend, Susanne Hobbach also videoed the talk live. You’ll find the videos at the end of the post.

You can find the Powerpoint Presentation on Slideshare at the following link:


I have built 3 niche websites over the last 3 years and achieved some successes (and failures) along the way. I’ve had moments, glimpses into the future as a successful blogger and I’ve learned what it takes to succeed in this business.  (Hint: Inspiration. Work. Time.)

Read on for all the nitty-gritty details.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I make a commission for purchases made through links in this post.

Let’s start with the advice I learned years ago in Dr Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.

Are you keen to set up a blog and turn it into a business? Here's how. #HowtoBuildaSuccessfulBloggingBusiness #MakeMoneyBlogging #BloggingforBusinessStart with the end in mind 

Okay, I did a quick fact check and I see he said Begin with the end in mind, but anyhoo.. you get the idea.

If you can answer the question below, you’re ready to get cracking.

Why do you want to start a blog?

To get those grey cells working, sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and jot down the answers to the questions below:

  • What’s your ultimate goal? 
  • Are you blogging as a creative outlet or hobby?
  • Do you have an existing business you want to promote online?
  • Or do you want to start an online business by creating a blog?
  • Do you want to create an e-commerce site?
  • Sell your own products online?
  • Sell digital products?
  • Or sell other people’s products or services online?

Set an Intention

Getting clear on your goals upfront can really fast-track your success.

But if you’re like most of us, you’ll probably flail around for the first 3 years, throwing everything at your proverbial blog wall and seeing what sticks.

It can take a while to find your groove.  And that’s okay. Everything you learn along the way will serve you.

Follow Your Passion

As with any grand entrepreneurial endeavour, blogging starts with PASSION.

For some, that’s really easy. They know what they’re into and can’t wait to get the words out.

For others, there are so many things they’re interested in, they just don’t know what to choose.

And for others, it takes a lot of thought to come up with an idea.

It’s a good idea to come up with a narrow niche.

  • This is a b r o a d niche:  Moms
  • This a narrower niche:  Mom Bloggers
  • This is a very narrow niche:  Mom Bloggers who Homeschool their children

Here are a few prompts to help you get some clarity.

How to Find Your Niche

Choose something that…

  • You can write about it for years to come
  • Makes your heart sing
  • You know a lot about
  • Or want to learn about

A nice little technique to help get your creative juices flowing is to think back to when you were little.

Cast your mind back to what you wanted to become when you grew up and then weave your lifelong passions into your blogging business. #HowtoBuildaSuccessfulBloggingBusiness #MakeMoneyBlogging #BloggingforBusinessWho did you want to be?

I notice for my 5-year-old, it’s been different things at different stages of his life.

A Ballerina at 2 (before he knew men are called ballet dancers), an Enduro Biker at 3, a Superhero or Ninja at 4 and a Scientist at 5. (Because they make cool explosions and stuff).

As a little girl, I dreamt of fame and fortune as a movie star, balanced by my dream of becoming a Playschool Teacher and years later I settled on Bestselling Author (still working on that one).

I secretly still hope some version of fame is in the picture. Oops, now the secret’s out.

Which childhood dream would you like to fulfil in your blogging career? 

This is your chance.

You have a clean canvas.

But don’t sweat it.  Don’t waste too much time over this step.

Your first site probably won’t be your last.

If you have no idea what your niche is and what you’re going to do with your website, I recommend you buy a domain in your own name and just


And understand it will take time.

How Do Bloggers Earn Money?

So if you’re thinking about blogging as a BUSINESS, I’m sure you want to know where the money comes from.

When most people ask me this question, they almost automatically end their sentence with, “through Advertising, right?”

Well… yes and no.  That’s definitely not the only way and it’s not a way I choose to monetize my sites.

To simplify, I’ve broken this down into 3 main earning categories and then listed 3 ideas below each. (Does this simplify things or confuse you?)

1. Marketing

If you’re into marketing and sales, you’ll probably be attracted to the marketing side of blogging.  Many moons ago I was a Copywriter and I find my copywriting, some would say salesy style often creeps into my posts.


Let’s start with the elephant in the room, Adverts.  You need loads of traffic on your site before Ads generate any meaningful revenue and I find them annoying and distracting. Who’s with me?

How it works:

You set yourself up with an Advertising Network.  Initially, you can start out with Google Adsense but as your traffic grows, you can move to AdThrive, Mediavine, Media.Net, Viglink or Skimlinks etc. You then place ads wherever you’d like visitors to see them on your site and earn revenue per visitor or per click.

The good thing about advertising is it’s pretty passive income. You set up your ads and carry on blogging as normal and money pops into your account each month. Or trickles if your audience is still small.

Affiliate Marketing 

If you’re googling to find a specific product or service or compare products and services, you’ll probably happen on an Affiliate Marketing site. Affiliate Marketers publish reviews for a living.

How it works:

Bloggers align themselves with companies that serve the same audience they do. These companies then pay them an affiliate commission for using or testing out their products or services and then writing a review, recommending their products or services.

Affiliate Marketing can be hugely lucrative (some companies pay handsome commissions) and can also provide a form a passive income. Write a brilliant review once and get paid for it over and over.

If you want to learn how to build niche websites and monetize them using Affiliate Marketing, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.  I’ve taken their first Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and have started on their Affiliate Bootcamp.

Those who have completed Affiliate Bootcamp are making the big bucks. Have a look at how Grace, aka Little Mama, is doing… 2018 Year in Review: $40K Thank You Wealthy Affiliate!

Join us at Wealthy Affiliate.

Starter Membership is FREE


Anything that is sold on the internet is considered e-commerce (electronic commerce). So you could essentially be doing e-commerce if you’re selling on eBay.

How it works:  

There are many ways you can conduct e-commerce from your website, here are a couple of common examples.  You could set up a Shopify store on your site and market tons of different products. Or you could set up a WooCommerce store and sell your own products and services and Amazon products.

2. Creation

If you like creating new things. If you’re a good writer, speaker or come across well on audio, you’ll do very well by creating. Bloggers make their money mostly by creating.


Otherwise known as Blog Posts.  They can refine their skills by creating rich Content or SEO Content, which simply means they’ve done their keyword research and included keywords in their content writing and meta descriptions.


If you have something to teach, online courses are definitely a way to go.  The Course Creators I follow have made literally millions of Dollars selling their knowledge and experience.


eBooks are another clever way of repackaging and repurposing your content. You can sell your books on Amazon Kindle or directly from your site or give them away free on your website to build your following or list of email subscribers.

3. Influence

Another way bloggers earn money is through Influencer Marketing.  Some of the ways, bloggers build their authority online is via:

  • Social Media
  • Link Building
  • Creating a membership site
  • Public Speaking (e.g. Ted Talk)
  • Creating Courses and Webinars
  • Publishing Books on Amazon Kindle
  • Vlogging

How it works:

As your authority grows online, companies start reaching out to you to offer you products or services to review and promote.

Here are 3 common ways to earn as an Influencer.

Sponsored Posts

Lynne Huysamen of Kaboutjie is one of the best online influencers I know.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that Lynne has been one of my mentors and I am eternally grateful to her for teaching me how to turn my blog into a business.  She has also given me incredible business referrals.

Lynne and I met online at Wealthy Affiliate but she lives in Saldanha Bay, about 150kms from Cape Town. I was so honoured that she accepted the invitation to my talk and made the journey.

Lynne and I make most of our blog income from Sponsored Posts, Lynne just makes a whole lot more than I do. 🙂

Thanks to Sponsored Posts…

  • Lynne has a brand new LG washing machine and microwave.
  • She’s been flown up to Durban to spend a night on a cruise liner.
  • And so much more.

Instagram Influencers

If you’ve been on Instagram for any length of time, you’ll have seen Instagram Influencers posting pictures of themselves enjoying life.  It’s an amazing way to get famous online.

Instagrammers sell amazing lifestyles. They are often beautiful or highly sophisticated and you’ll find them flitting around the world to exotic places. They have massive followings and huge clout.

Instagram Influencers build themselves as a brand and in turn, brands sponsor them to do posts.

(Lynne is also an Instagram Influencer by the way).


YouTubers are very similar to Instagrammers except their focus is on creating amazing videos.

Lynne Huysamen is also a YouTuber by the way.

That’s the thing, most successful bloggers don’t just choose one route to wealth. They choose many or even all of the above.

Oh my goodness, I see my blog post is turning into an ebook…

It’s showtime…

Huge Thanks to Susanne Hobbach for taking these live videos:


5 Lucrative Online Business Ideas to try in 2019

5 Lucrative Online Business Ideas to try in 2019

It’s never been as easy to become a successful entrepreneur as it is now.  There are countless benefits of taking your business online but I’ll name just a few:

  • You can work from anywhere – a cafe, your couch, a deck chair on the beach in the Bahamas
  • You can work on multiple devices and access all your documents via the cloud
  • You can hire Virtual Assistants on opposite parts of the globe to help you get your work done will you sleep

Success Leaves Clues

But how do you know if your online business is going to succeed?   Well, the easiest way to find out is to check out what others are earning in your field or the field you want to venture into and then emulate them.

And here’s a bonus: many online business owners share their income reports as well as their strategies.

Here are some of the online businesses I’ve investigated that have proven to be VERY lucrative.

Looking for ways to make money online? Here are my top 5 proven ways to make your fortune. #lucrativeonlinebusinessideas #onlinebusinessideas20191. Freelancing

Top Online Freelancers earn in excess of $100,000 a year.   You can start out on a Freelancer site like Upwork or Fiverr, offering a niche service like creating a stunning consulting logo or writing SEO content and next thing you know, you have a thriving business.

One caution for freelancers though: You are still trading hours for dollars which means you may find your income is capped when you run out of hours in the day.  If you can outsource your work to others and build a brand, you’re in business.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers are making an absolute killing online, over a Million Dollars a year.   I mention some of the top affiliate marketers I follow in this post as well as where you can go to get affiliate marketing training.

3. Online Course Creation

I’ve also been following some amazing ladies who have designed a living by creating and launching online courses.  Melyssa Griffin, for example, makes about $250,000 a launch.  (Oh, and she’s an affiliate marketer too). seems to be the no.1 breeding ground for successful online course creators and I’m sure it’s the platform I’ll be using when I launch mine.

4. Network Marketing

When most of us think of network marketing, we think of how it’s been done the traditional way. Face-to-face selling and recruiting.  Home meetings.  Maybe the Avon lady going from door-to-door.

However, many savvy network marketers today are building their teams and making their fortunes online, using social media to promote themselves, communicate with their prospects and leaders and train their teams.

Is network marketing going to make you rich?  Like anything in life, only if you work for it.  The Direct Selling industry often gets a bad rap because so many people join multi-level marketing companies simply to get the products at a discounted price and therefore never make any money.

Yet network marketers make astounding salaries.  The top 200+ network marketers in the world are multi-millionaires earning $110,000 to $1,2 MILLION dollars per MONTH.

5. E-Commerce

Then, of course, you can sell just about anything you like online.

Amazon has proven that. And it’s not too difficult to set up an online store on your own website.  If I can do it, you can too.

There are a number of Digital Marketers making Millions of Dollars a month and Internet Entrepreneurs who have become Billionaires.

Most online business owners combine some or all of these skills we’ve discussed.  One thing’s for certain, becoming skilled at online marketing will always be an asset.

Feeling inspired?  If your business is not online yet, it’s time.

What Makes Virtual Reception Services Compatible With Any Business?

Virtual Reception Services

Virtual Reception Services

Do you run a business that requires virtual reception services?  Or is this a field that interests you perhaps? Either way, you’ll find this post really useful. In today’s world, virtual business is a fantastic option for anyone wanting to work from home or work from anywhere.

What Makes Virtual Reception Services Compatible With Any Business?

Image by Storyblocks

Communication is something that every business demands and a high level of connectivity in this digital world is an absolute must if you want to be successful that is.

Virtual receptionists are professional receptionists that are remotely located and they are fully briefed on their clients’ businesses, ensuring that all calls are handled courteously and professionally.

Every single business needs someone at the end of a phone, should a potential customer call and such is the diversity of the provider’s services, there’s something to suit every business, regardless of size or industry.

Unanswered Business Calls

This is every company’s nightmare and the best way to avoid this occurring is to enlist the help of a call handling provider who can tailor their service to suit.

You might, for example, already have a great receptionist, but what about the times when she is absent, or what about after-hours calls? The virtual receptionist can cover for those times, ensuring that you never have the situation where calls go unanswered.

Tailored to Suit

Whatever your communication needs, a virtual receptionist provider such as has you covered.

If, for example, you have an emergency support number that customers can call when they have a problem with a product, the virtual receptionist is on call 24/7 and can handle any volume of calls on your behalf.

Some businesses have special promotions and their phone lines become very busy at this time, and all it takes is a quick call to your virtual receptionist provider and they will handle any volume of calls for an agreed period.

What Makes Virtual Reception Services Compatible With Any Business? And is this the field for you? Published in Partnership with Mediabuzzer. #virtualreceptionservicesCost Effective

Directly employing staff to answer the phone is an expensive business and using a call handling service is far more cost-effective and as the virtual receptionist is a trained professional, you can be sure of a prompt and courteous response. There are many services on offer, which include the following:

  • Message Taking
  • Call Handling
  • Overflow Call Handling
  • Emergency Response Numbers

They also offer call forwarding, where your calls can be forwarded to any landline or mobile number and this service is available at all hours and for as long as is necessary.

Service Industries

If your company provides a service of any kind, a virtual receptionist service can handle all or just some of your customer calls, depending on how much, or little you need covered.  If you have special out of hours number for customers to call, this can be manned around the clock by a virtual receptionist who will forward the necessary information to the relevant parties.

Sales Enquiries

These are simply calls you cannot afford to miss and with a virtual receptionist provider in your team, every call will be professionally handled and forwarded if necessary to the sales team. More sales enquiries mean more conversions and with so much competition out there, you simply cannot afford to miss even a single call.

Whether you own a small diner or run a domestic repair service, a virtual receptionist provider can really help and with tailored services, you only pay for what you use.

If you would like to know more about this cost-effective call handling service, most reputable providers will give you a free trial and you can see for yourself exactly what they can do for your business.

This article is published in partnership with Mediabuzzer.

Are you ready to employ Virtual Reception Services? Or become a Virtual Receptionist yourself?