Rejuvenate | 8 Weeks to a Younger Livelier YOU!

Are You Ready to Rejuvenate?

Hello and welcome, I’m Lauren Kinghorn.  I’m a 50-year-old Wife, Mom, Transformation Coach and Energy Healer.  I help women who may be going through a Midlife Awakening to see it as a Mindful Metamorphosis.

My Mom and I get asked by friends and acquaintances all the time how we get to look so young.

And it’s not just that we look young, we feel young as well.

And the short answer is from my side that I get it all from my mother.

My Mom says it’s because she is always eager to try out new things, as you’ll see on her own blog,

Her favourite sayings lately, is “I’m too busy to die!” 

My Mom also sees the positive, no matter what the circumstances. In this video, she calls it “get up, dress up and show up”.

“You are never too old to become younger!” ― Mae West

As mentioned in the video, for the first time ever, we’ve decided to collaborate on a coaching program for women called REJUVENATE! where we will share how we look and feel as young as we do.

“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”
― Franz Kafka


We’ve mapped out eight modules, where we’ll share tips, tools and techniques on

  • mindset
  • how to raise your self esteem and build your self confidence
  • overcome fear and limiting beliefs
  • develop a healthy lifestyle
  • create an empowering morning routine

We’ll even share which anti-aging products we use.

These are the results we’d LOVE to see you get if you play full out in our program.


“Stay youthful while navigating adulthood. The older you’ll get, the younger you’ll feel.” ― Robin S. Baker


Why Join Rejuvenate?

If you’re tired of feeling tired, sad, bored or depressed.

If you’re sick of talking about aches, pains and how many pills you take.

If you looked at yourself in the mirror lately and thought you’re looking old and weary.

If you’d like to change all that and get a bounce back in your step again!

You’d love to be excited about life and living.

“Your youth is certainly finished and old age has definitely arrived if you feel that you are losing enthusiasm, excitement and energy towards your dreams and goals.” ― Amit Kalantri

REJUVENATE Program Details

Where?  Coaching Calls will be online via ZOOM

When? Wednesdays at 10am CAT/CET

“Youth is not what you think,
Youth is not a matter of numericity.
Youth is the celebration of life,
Youth is the spirit of discovery.”
― Abhijit Naskar

How to Register for Rejuvenate

It all starts with a conversation.

Let’s get to know each other over a Zoom call so you can decide whether Rejuvenate is for you.

Book a free 30-minute meet and greet with me via this link or on the calendar below.

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