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What Does Virtual Assistant Do?

A Virtual Assistant could do any myriad of things.  These are generally all online tasks such as Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing.

Essentially, a Virtual Assistant is a Personal Assistant working online or remotely. So your VA could be your PA in another country or State.

Or… she could be like my VA, just working from home like I do, but not from my home – from her own, in the same town, helping me build my blogging business.

Introducing My New Virtual Assistant

Introducing my New Virtual Assistant - Jill Alexa du Preez laurenkinghorn.com

I am paying my Mom in Spa Treatments (for now).

My Beautiful Mom, Jill Alexa du Preez, aka Gorgeous Granny joined me last week as my Virtual Assistant.

With this change my blogging business is moving from:

  • A one-woman-band to a two-women band.
  • From work-at-home Mom to a mother-and-daughter team
  • From Solo Mompreneur to Mompreneur-Granpreneur Duo
  • From Sole Proprietor to Small Family Business

I am no longer in this alone. And it feels grrreat!  Bring on 2018.

Why I Reached Out for Help

I try to work mornings only when my four-year-old is at School and this was becoming increasingly difficult.

Once I started getting in regular work (Paid Guest Posting), I was thrilled to be finally earning but it presented a few challenges:

  • Posts often arrive in my inbox, in the afternoon or evening when I like to be focusing on my little one.
  • I am very particular about how I publish paid posts and so they take me longer than required.
  • This left me with less and less time for other important tasks, such as:
  • completing my online courses
  • writing my own blog posts
  • social media posting and engagement
  • giving and receiving site comments

The result: Many more posts up on my site but not seeing much of an increase in traffic.

So I realised I needed someone who can attend to the tasks that will help me grow my audience.

Having help will also free me up to do 3 important things that I haven’t found time for yet:

These are on my radar for 2018:

  1. Become a Super Affiliate ( Complete Wealthy Affiliate’s Super Affiliate Challenge)
  2. Create my own ebooks and training courses
  3. Learn how to do podcasts and webinars

Why My Mom is the Perfect Candidate

  • I trust her (with my life).  Here’s a shining example of this.  As I started training my Mom, I actioned my cellphone upgrade and received a new handset. I promptly handed her my old handset which is already logged into all my website, email and social media accounts.  This gives her instant and full access to everything she needs to do her job. Who would you be comfortable entrusting this to?
  • My Mom is the most creative person I know.  This isn’t the only new creative challenge she’s taking on at the moment. She is also learning to paint in watercolours right now.  Have a look at her interesting Pinterest account.
  • My Mom knows me really well.
  • My Mom is my biggest fan and my biggest supporter.
  • My Mom wants my blogs to succeed as much as I do. She has always taken an active interest in all my endeavours.
  • My Mom has never been afraid of hard work. She is both willing and able to put in the hours. And, at the moment, she has a few more hours a day available than I do as she has no other commitments.  She suddenly finds herself free (with my Dad in Frail Care) and with empty nest syndrome at the age of 73.
  • My Mom loves to learn new skills.
  • My Mom has had a number of her own small businesses in her lifetime. She is an Entrepreneur and has an Entrepreneurial mindset. She brings her life experience to the party.
  • My Mom is excited about this new challenge!

What Does My Virtual Assistant Do?

The idea is that my Mom will do anything and everything to grow my presence on the net.

She has started on Project Instagram.

When I started out on Instagram I built my Inspiring Mompreneurs account to 1000 followers in 20 Days.

However, it took a huge amount of time and engagement to grow that fast. Since then growth has slowed down somewhat.  I just couldn’t keep up the pace (without other aspects of my blog suffering).

Plus I joined Twitter and Facebook since then and had to get to work on growing those accounts too.

And so 11 months down the line when you’d expect me to have 11,000+ followers, I haven’t even gained another 1000 followers yet.

I have always been loath to go the automated route, as I like my social media engagement to be personal.

I was on 1710 followers when my Mom started personally engaging with the accounts I follow.  In a couple of days, she has increased this number to 1731 and I’m seeing a lot more engagement on my posts too. Woohoo!

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have someone helping me who cares about the growth of my blogs as much as I do.

Instagram Inspiring Mompreneurs January 2018

Each week my Mom will be learning and growing a new aspect of my business.

This week she will be focusing on Site Comments (when she is not engaging on Instagram).

Where to Reach My Virtual Assistant

You can find my VA hanging out on:

Please join me in welcoming my Mom to my business.

Update: 4 April 2018

My Mom is waaay too creative to remain only my Virtual Assistant. In February she created her own beautiful website.  You can now find her on: JillAlexa.com