4 Useful Tips on How to Sell on Azure

How to Sell on Azure

Microsoft commercial marketplace offers two online stores namely Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace which are both channels that help businesses to market and sell their cloud-based solutions.

Today, we are sharing 4 tips on how to sell on Azure. First, let us tell you a little more about Azure Marketplace.

Azure Marketplace

Azure Marketplace has all the IT resources to solve any issues you might encounter in your online store or business. It is basically like a cloud store or a helpful channel that allows you to effectively market and sell your cloud solutions.

However, only cloud solutions that are certified for running on the Azure Marketplace can be sold here.

Features of Azure Marketplace

When you are using Azure Marketplace, you have access to the following features:

  • Displaying simulated machine images
  • Access to the Azure customer base worldwide
  • Solution templates

There are two ways to start selling on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

  • Publishing your Azure certified cloud solutions to run on the marketplace. All the information for publishing solutions on the marketplace and what the process involves can be found under the publisher guide on the website.
  • Starting your own company or online store for selling products through the platform. You have access to a business guide with information on how to set up your business as well as helpful tips on how to grow your business.

4 Tips on How to Sell on Azure

Before creating your free account on the Azure Marketplace, you have access to free services for twelve months. During this period there are about twenty-five other services that you also benefit from which are also at no cost to you.

You also have the option of upgrading your account to a paid one which will give you access to upgraded features and services.

Azure Marketplace has all the IT resources to solve any issues you might encounter in your online store or business. Here are 4 tips on how to sell on Azure. #howtosellonazure1. Applying For a Listing

The first step that will be required from you is submitting your offer of the products you will be selling or the services you will be providing. Once your company gets listed on the Azure Marketplace, you can begin selling through the platform.

2. Driving More Leads

Once your company is listed on the Azure marketplace, you need to start generating some leads for your prospective customers. Such leads will give customers access to live instances of your business or applications that are currently available on Azure. This can be incredibly useful as it gives customers insight into how your company will be meeting their needs.

3. Promoting Your Services, Products, or Solutions

The next step will be gaining access to Microsoft’s enterprise sellers. Once you have access, you have the benefit of having access to all Microsoft’s customers worldwide (about 100 regions and countries). You can now start promoting your company or cloud solution via Microsoft’s enterprise sellers.

4. Expanding Revenue

You will also need to keep tabs on your transactions which are basically the income and expenses of your company. Any successful company must leverage some productive commerce capabilities. You also need to obtain insights into the performance of your business and whether you are gaining revenue. You must evaluate whether your business is expanding or not.


We hope this information about azure and 4 tips on how to sell on Azure have been of use to you. The Azure Marketplace is a useful resource for starting and building your own business. It gives you access to IT solutions and a platform with customers worldwide where you can promote and sell your services or products and grow revenue.

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Daily Health Tips from Dr Ryan Shelton (Zenith Labs)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how healthy would you say you are right now?

If you rated yourself above an 8, what daily health habits do you have in place to get you to that number?

If you rated yourself below an 8, it might be time to put some daily health habits in place.

It’s often our daily lifestyle habits that determine our health.  This is why we’ve put together a quick list of daily health tips from Dr Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs.

Daily Health Tips from Dr Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs

It's often our daily lifestyle habits that determine our health. This is why we compiled this quick list of daily health tips from Dr Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs.

1. Be Mindful About Your Food Choices

Watch this video below on Dr. Shelton’s personal experience of being on a vegan diet for a year.

Dr. Shelton said that at that stage of his life, it was difficult to maintain a vegan diet because he found it difficult in a social setting.  All his friends would go out and eat burgers and he felt like an outsider.

Dr. Shelton cautions you to be mindful about your food choices if you follow any kind of restrictive diet, like veganism, because you might find yourself deficient in certain nutrients.

For example, if you go vegan, make sure you eat:

  • fruit, nuts and seeds
  • veggies especially green leafy vegetables
  • beans
  • legumes
  • sprouts
  • whole grains

Even if you go wholefood plant-based vegan, you may still need to supplement with certain nutrients such as Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D.

If you follow my blog regularly, it may not surprise you that I agree with Dr. Shelton’s advice in this video. Because I’ve been through a similar learning curve. I’ve been following a plant-based diet for a while (since October 2020).  

At first, I focused on eliminating the foods I shouldn’t eat:

  • Processed and Refined Foods
  • Meat, Chicken and Fish
  • Dairy Products

However, I didn’t pay enough attention to introducing new foods that I wasn’t used to eating, like beans, whole grains, legumes, and seeds.  I added the basics (fruit and veggies), but that wasn’t enough to get the full benefit of going plant-based.

Dr. Neal Barnard’s 21-Day Vegan Kickstart has been a great resource for trying out some new recipes and incorporating more beans and whole grains into my diet.

Whether you’re vegan, plant-based, or following a different diet, it’s important to be mindful of your food choices.

  • Notice which foods make you feel sluggish or uncomfortable and avoid them.
  • Notice which foods make you feel energised and vibrant and eat more of them.
  • Notice when you eat and when you tend to overeat.
  • Notice when you’re thirsty and which drinks actually quench your thirst.

2. Focus on Your Happiness

Dr Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs on HappinessDr. Shelton believes it’s as important to take care of your mental and emotional health as it is to take care of your physical health.

To be truly happy and fulfilled, it’s important to focus on these 4 aspects of life.

ONE: Your Relationships

How often do you laugh and goof around with your family and friends?

TWO:  Exercise

How often do you move? Do you have a physical activity you enjoy doing daily?

THREE: Spirituality 

Do you spend time in prayer or thanks?

Are you a giver?

Do you forgive easily?

FOUR: Meditation

Do you take time to breathe deeply or meditate each day?

Watch this video on Keys to Happiness – Doctor’s Advice

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3. Be Well Rested

Most of us know that we need to do our best to get 6 to 8 hours a night of sleep to feel well-rested in the morning.

It’s not always easy to get to sleep though. Many people can’t switch off their minds when they go to bed and lie awake at night tossing and turning.  This can lead to much distress at night and can make you feel groggy in the morning.

Here are Dr. Shelton’s top tips for getting quality sleep and, if you’re up for it and are feeling brave, you can try his bonus master tip at the end.

  1. Get in some vigorous exercise during the day
  2. Switch off all technology (TV, tablet, laptop, mobile) a little while before going to bed
  3. Make sure your bedroom is as dark as possible (get blackout curtains or blinds)
  4. Silence is golden, especially for a good night’s sleep
  5. Make sure your room is a comfortable temperature (use a fan if too hot, heating if it’s too cold)

Bonus Master Tip:  Watch the video below (if you dare).

Try This Tonight And Sleep Like A Baby (MASTER TIP!)

Over to You

What are you doing daily to improve your health and wellbeing?

Which of these daily lifestyle habits had you already nailed before reading this post?

And do you have some of your own daily health tips to share?

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Sales Tax Nexus Guide for Businesses

Sales Tax Nexus Guide

The concept of sales tax nexus has become somewhat complicated, particularly for online sales businesses that sell products in various countries and states.

A nexus refers to the connection between multiple entities and when it comes to tax, it refers to the relationship between a business and the taxing authority.

Simply put, before sales tax can be imposed a nexus must exist.

In this sales tax nexus guide, we will tell you everything about how tax nexus works and the different types.

More About What Tax Nexus Entails

Before sales tax can be imposed a nexus must exist. In this sales tax nexus guide, you will learn how tax nexus works as well as the different types of nexus.When a business has a tax presence in a specific state it is called “nexus”. It is basically the affiliation between the business and the taxing authority that collects sales tax.

There are two clauses of the united states that constitute the derivation of a tax nexus:

  • Due process clause – that requires a relationship
  • Commerce clause – that requires a significant presence

The presence can be outlined differently for various types of taxes. This means that a business is physically present in a state, for instance, employing workers or owning and maintaining property within the jurisdiction. Having a nexus could also define the degree and amount of business dealings that must be present before the business’s income is taxable within that jurisdiction.

The taxpaying business must collect sales taxes and pay it to the tax authority if it has nexus there and the company must also pay income taxes on the sales generated in the jurisdiction.

How Does Tax Nexus Work?

Even though the definition of nexus can be different for various jurisdictions, it typically requires that the business entity must be committed to a particular type of action within the jurisdiction. You might have nexus in a particular region if you:

  • Maintain an office in the area
  • Employ staff
  • Store inventory or products in a warehouse

In such a case, you will need to establish a sales tax rate for the location and collect it from customers in the area that buys from you. You will most likely pay income tax for the state as well.

Different Types of Tax Nexuses

Income Tax Nexus

Nexus is generally generated for income tax reasons if the business:

  • Has fixed income from sources in the state
  • Leases or owns property in the state
  • Employs staff members in the state that conduct activities that merely exceed a solicitation
  • Has property or capital assets located in the state

Sales Tax Nexus

Sales tax nexus is defined more loosely. A company may have sales tax nexus in the state if:

  • It conducts business at a physical location within the state
  • It employs resident staff members that work in the state
  • It has a staff member who frequently conducts business there, like a sales representative
  • It owns property in the state (including intangible property)

Types of Online Sales Nexuses

States have created various methods to assess a nexus for online sales.

  • Click-through nexus – a direct link between the seller and the buyer. This can happen when the company in the state is paid a commission for referring transactions to out-of-state sellers via links on websites.
  • Affiliate nexus – refers to affiliates which are independent companies that sell through affiliate businesses. For instance, the Amazon affiliates program is an excellent example. The affiliate does not work as an independent contractor or staff member but is actively linked with the business. This type of nexus usually requires a commission paid to the affiliate for referrals.
  • Economic nexus – is the most basic way of assessing a sales tax nexus. It involves sales. The company may have economic nexus in the state if it has sales over a specified amount of threshold.  For example, Idaho has a threshold of $100 000 in sales annually as the minimum threshold for establishing sales tax nexus.

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I hope this sales tax nexus guide has given you some insight into the world of sales tax and that it has given you the answers you needed going forward.

What is Electronic Waste Recycling and Why Do it?

A question on many people’s minds these days is what is electronic waste recycling and why do it?

What is Electronic Waste Recycling?

Electronics Recycling is the process of transforming e-waste and turning it into reusable materials. It is an essential activity that is beneficial to the environment and businesses.

We live in a world where users keep upgrading or changing their electronic devices and invest in faster and more effective products. This means more waste is produced that is not biodegradable.

Massive amounts of electronic appliances, phones and other electronic waste (e-waste) are ending up at landfills every day, despite most of them being recyclable.

E-waste involves anything that you can plug into an electrical outlet that you no longer have a use for. This includes refrigerators, cell phones, old televisions, lights, and even hearing devices.

Every electronics recycling effort at home or at the workplace makes a difference, and this is why.

5 Benefits of Electronic Recycling

Benefits of Electronic Recycling

1. Protecting The Environment

Electronics Recycling keeps an array of toxic materials out of the environment. Lighting such as lamps and fluorescent tubes contain harmful mercury that can seep into waterways when it is discarded at landfills.

However, when lighting equipment is recycled, the mercury is salvaged and safely utilized to produce products such as dental amalgam. The same applies to batteries, where cadmium, lead, and mercury is retrieved.

For instance, when you recycle a lead-acid battery, both the toxic lead-acid and the plastic casing is recycled, while the sulphuric acid inside is neutralised and transformed into sodium sulphate for making detergent and fertilizer.

Massive amounts of electronic waste (e-waste) are ending up at landfills every day, despite most of them being recyclable. Here's what needs to be done about it and why.2. Lowering Business Expenses

E-waste recycling is not just beneficial for the environment, but it could have a positive impact on your business finances too. Most governments are banning dumping or charging exorbitant prices for dumping. Your business can also benefit from non-tangible dividends by reducing future costs of non-renewable materials and uplifting staff morale and retention.

3. Supporting Non-Renewable Recycling

The ever-growing demand for electronics means an increased demand for metals and nonrenewable resources that must be mined and processed. But, electronic devices like appliances, cell phones and other e-waste can be salvaged and reused.

These resources include aluminium, gold, steel, and copper, not to mention the substantial amounts of plastic that can be used for making new products.

E-waste recycling means these materials can be re-used, providing more resources to manufacture your next TV or laptop.

4. Showing the World Your Business is Environmentally Friendly

Staff members increasingly prefer to work for companies that support the community and care about what happens to the environment.

Recycling is an easy and tangible way to show your business’s commitment to environmental and social values, and reinforcing these principles to your staff members.

More and more companies nowadays are playing their part by promoting green and sustainable practices.

5. It has Never Been This Easy to Recycle E-Waste

Recycling electronic waste doesn’t take a lot of effort but it reaps tremendous rewards. There are many places and waste companies that are more than willing to accept your old printers, TV’s, laptops, phones, or unwanted gadgets that you no longer have a use for.


I hope that this post has been useful and that it has convinced you to consider electronic waste recycling as a way to create a better world and doing your bit to save the planet. 

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6 Affordable Bathroom Remodel Ideas When You are on a Budget

Affordable Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Any home improvement project can be a pricey affair, but it is a worthy expense to increase the value of your home. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are among the most expensive home improvement endeavours. Yet it’s often bathrooms and kitchens that sell a home, so if you’re looking at adding value, this is usually the first place to start.

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Here are 6 affordable bathroom remodel ideas that could bring down some of the costs significantly when you are on a budget.

6 Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

1. Limiting Your Tiles

Tiles are expensive, particularly when you are hiring a contractor to install them for you. To save on costs, you can limit the number of tiles used and only emphasize high-impact areas such as the floor.

You can also consider adding one horizontal strip on the wall and painting the remaining areas. If you want to add pricey artistic tiles, you can use them as accent pieces alongside cheaper tiles.

2. Redoing, Instead of Purchasing New

Replacing an old shower or tub can be quite expensive. Why not consider having it professionally inclined which is a cheaper option.

Avoid using this option for shower fixtures and the sink since it will be more expensive to refinish them rather than simply replacing them. Refinishing such fixtures is pricey because few individuals consider this unless they have vintage or old pieces. Contractors that offer this service often ask exorbitant prices.

Replacing your tub surround is an excellent way of enhancing the look of your whole bathroom, and it is much more affordable than completing a complete bathroom upgrade. Nowadays, you get durable and attractive virgin acrylic tub surrounds which are mildew and mould resistant. They are also available in various styles and colour choices.

Bathrooms and kitchens often sell a home. Here are 6 affordable bathroom remodel ideas that could bring down costs and increase the market value of your home.  #affordablebathroomremodelideas3. Saving on Counter Tops

A well-liked trend for bathroom upgrades is splurging on granite countertops. Since a bathroom counter is small, the costs are very low as opposed to adding kitchen counters, for instance. You can save on countertops by first looking at the colour. Neutral colours such as brown, light beige, and tan are the most popular which means they will be pricier.

To save some money, you need to look at a broader swath of colours. Another viable way of saving on granite countertops is by purchasing slabs that contain imperfections. The more noticeable the imperfection, the lower the price will be. Bear in mind that the sink basin will take up surface area, therefore if the imperfection is situated where the faucets or sink will be, then you will not even notice the imperfection anyway.

4. Painting

If you have a limited budget, then repainting is the most cost-effective, and perhaps most efficient way of sprucing up the appearance of your bathroom. Be careful though, it might be a more time-consuming project. Even though the bathroom is the smallest room in the home, it needs to be painted slowly around the shower, window, mirror, tub, sink, switch plates, wall corners, toilet, and the floor. This involves patience and time, so consider this when you’re planning your bathroom remodel.

You also need to think about moisture. Since mildew and mould develop quite easily in bathrooms due to frequent temperature and humidity changes, it is worth spending more cash on high-quality paint that has a satin finish. You might also need to paint the ceiling with special paint that is mould resilient.

5. Upgrading Fixtures

The smaller details make all the difference. You can upgrade sink faucets, light fixtures, drawer pulls, and towel racks at a relatively small price. These items might seem trivial, but upgrading them can make a huge impact on your bathroom’s appearance.

6. Freshening Grout and Caulk

Another frequently overlooked, yet essential detail is caulk and grout. When it gets grimy it looks unsightly. By merely cleaning the grout and adding clean, straight lines of caulk around the sink and tub, you can add sparkle by spending a few more dollars.


I hope this post about 6 affordable bathroom remodel ideas can assist you with giving your bathroom a makeover but at a lower cost. Happy renovating.

How Real Estate Investing Can Boost Your Income

How Real Estate Investing Can Boost Your Income

When you opt for real estate investing, the idea is to put your money to work now so that you have consistent income in the future.

The return or profit you make on investments should be enough to cover the risk you are taking, and the taxes paid.  There are other expenses linked to owning property, like maintenance, utilities, and insurance. Real estate investing can be easy if you understand the basic factors of economics, investment, and risk.

Here are 4 ways real estate investing can increase your portfolio.

4 Ways Real Estate Investing Can Boost Your Income

The idea with real estate investing is to put money to work for you now for returns in the future. Here are 4 ways real estate investing can boost your income.  #realestateinvesting 1. Real Estate Appreciation

This is when property value rises due to a fluctuation in the real estate market. For example, the land surrounding your property becomes more popular and sought after. This can happen if a large shopping centre was to open up in the vicinity.

Or maybe you have made certain home improvements that make the property more attractive to prospective buyers. Real estate appreciation is a complicated issue because of its unpredictability. This means that it is a riskier form of investment than cash flow income.

2. Income Related to Real Estate

This income is commonplace for experts in the real estate industry, like David Ebrahimzadeh. This involves making money from commissions on the properties they have assisted a client in buying or selling. Read more about David’s professional real estate investment services if you are seriously thinking about investing in property.

Real estate management agencies get to retain a portion of monthly rents in exchange for managing and running day-to-day operations. For instance, a hotel management agency might retain fifteen percent of the hotel’s sales for handling day-to-day operations. They usually take care of tasks such as hiring cleaners, front desk staff, gardeners, and laundry staff.

3. Cash Flow Income

This form of real estate investment emphasizes purchasing a real estate property, for instance, an apartment building, and managing it. You then collect monthly rental income from tenants. Cash flow income can also originate from other forms of real estate other than apartment buildings. It could also include office or retail buildings, storage units, and rental homes.

4. Ancillary Real Estate Investment Revenue

For some investors, this could be a significant source of profit. This type of real estate investment income entails things like vending machines in laundry rooms, hotels, or apartment buildings. In effect, they are like mini businesses within a larger real estate investment. This option allows you to collect revenue from a semi-captive collection of clientele.

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 Advantages and Disadvantages of Real Estate Investing

Boost Income with Real Estate


  • Fewer risk and volatility in comparison to the stock market
  • It could offer a steady source of cash flow
  • You can benefit from loads of tax deductions
  • Properties offer a solid long-term return on investment


  • Real estate investment does not offer as much potential for aggressive return
  • It involves a lot of cash
  • Dealing with building issues and tenants can be a pain
  • Poor liquidity

In conclusion

There are many benefits linked to real estate investment, but you need to know what you’re doing. When done correctly, you can ensure a steady flow of cash flow and a solid long-term return on your investment.

I hope this post about how real estate investing can boost your income has been useful. Be sure to use it as a reference the next time you are considering real estate investment as an added source of income.


Top Ways to Empower Women in Business

Ways to Empower Women in Business

When you think of ways to empower women in business, it’s pretty hard not to think of the opposite, the people or circumstances that disempower women.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking of women as victims, sidelined or overlooked by men in power, marginalised, underpaid and more prone to hitting that glass ceiling.

Yet, if you’re a woman, empowering women starts with empowering yourself.

How to Empower Yourself

How to Empower Yourself

Empowering yourself starts with breaking out of that victim mentality and believing in yourself.

It’s not about the system, we know it’s broken, but we also know there are many, many women who rise to the top.

It’s not about them.  It was never about them.  It’s about you, who you are, what you want and what you’re prepared to do to achieve success.

When you believe in yourself, you will have the faith that opportunities will come your way and be ready for them when they do.

When you believe in yourself, you will get educated.  You will find a business mentor and accept their mentorship.

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You will create a vision for your future, figure out your goals and put an action plan in place to achieve them.

You will commit to the hours and the weeks and the months it will take to see your vision become a reality.

And once you’re empowered and take on a leadership role in your business, you’re in the best place to empower other women.  Because empowered women empower women.

Now, YOU can become a business mentor. Now YOU can make a difference.

Why Focus on Women Empowerment in the Workplace?

The primary motivation to prioritize women empowerment in your business is, in many cases, varied organizations are often more successful. This is because women leverage many different perspectives, are innovative and offer deeper insights into their customers.

In our article below, we share 4 top ways to empower women in your business.

4 Top Ways to Empower Women in Your Business

Top Ways to Empower Women in Your Business

1. Connect Female Employees with Female Mentors

An efficient way of changing the way women think and provoking action is by introducing them to strong female role models within the industry and your company.

For instance, if a female employee is just starting her career, introducing her to more experienced female employees like entrepreneurs or women in leadership roles can be advantageous in assisting her with defining her career path.

A strong mentor-employee connection could also help with building trust among female workers in the company and their own ability to thrive in their profession.

This is especially true in a workplace that is predominantly male-dominated. Introducing them to women in senior roles can give them the confidence boost they need to work hard towards landing influential positions going forward.

Women leaders like Nancy Etz are all about giving women the tools to empower themselves by mentoring young women as well as by offering various scholarships.

2. Remind Female Employees They are Valuable

When you think of ways to empower women in business, it's pretty hard not to think of the opposite, the people or circumstances that disempower women. Read on. #howto #empowerwomen #waystoempowerwomen #empoweryourself #empoweredwomenempowerwomenWomen in workplaces that are mainly male-dominated often feel intimidated to voice their viewpoints, for fear of being dismissed or viewed as being too outspoken.

It is essential to remind women that their opinions matter and that they are valuable team members. There are various ways that your company can incorporate values.

The first step is bias awareness and training since you will not know what you are doing wrong until your actions are addressed head-on.

You can also promote a safer work environment where everyone feels confident to voice their concerns or challenges. Promote an open-door policy where female employees can turn for assistance.

3. Accommodate the Personal Needs of All Employees

Everyone has lives outside of the business. It is essential to encourage them to pursue their interest and needs, irrespective of their gender.

For instance, permit parents to knock off early when necessary, support an overall work-life balance of fellow employees, provide competitive parental leave, and be flexible wherever it is possible.

When employees flourish in their personal lives, they are more grateful to work for a company which in turn boosts productivity and loyalty. Don’t just encourage it, but be proactive about it. Organize family days and team-building exercises.

4. Vote for Female-Related Initiatives

It is essential to empower the women in your company by striving towards gender equality and enhancing the future of the work culture in your business.

Women are significantly under-represented in various sectors of the working environment. Hiring an equal gender workforce is a sure way to make a positive difference in your business, showing that both women and men employees are equal and valued team members.


I hope you enjoyed these 4 top ways to empower women in your business. I encourage you to start implementing them to create a better workplace for everyone.  Just remember to start with yourself.

This post was sponsored by Nancy Etz. All opinions are my own.

How to Help Someone with Mental Health Issues Facing Criminal Charges

How to Help Someone with Mental Health Issues

If you know one of your loved ones has severe mental health issues involving substance abuse, you’d ideally want to step in to help them before they are facing criminal charges.

The best way you can help a friend or family who is addicted to drugs or alcohol is to encourage them to get expert, professional help. You can recommend they do one of the following:

  • Call a Hotline
  • Go to a Psychologist or Psychiatrist for 1-on-1 Counselling
  • Attend Group Counselling Sessions
  • Follow a 12-Step Program
  • Check into a Treatment Centre or Rehab

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Unfortunately, sometimes, people with mental health issues land up facing criminal charges and need to go to court.

How to Help Someone Facing Criminal Charges

How to Help Someone Facing Criminal Charges

The best way to help a loved one who is facing criminal charges due to their mental health issues is to hire a reputable, experienced criminal defense attorney.  

You and your loved one are not alone in this. 

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can assist in representing your case and help get the best possible outcome.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

A criminal defense law firm can assist your loved one in determining whether the case in question is eligible for a drug court diversion program, or if the person is fit to stand trial.

In the case of a drug diversion program, the requirements can be demanding, however, the benefits for those completing them are substantial.

How to Help Someone with Mental Health Issues Facing Criminal ChargesWhat Happens Next?

The attorney will enter a plea if the person is charged with a crime and needs to go to court. This means pleading guilty or not guilty.

If the person’s mental issues mean he or she doesn’t understand the charges brought in against him or her, the court might decide that the person is unfit to plead.

Before the trial, it will be decided by the court whether the person is permitted to stay. Contingent on the situation, he or she might be able to go home on bail, kept in jail on remand, or sent to a hospital for a report on his or her mental state.

What Happens in Court?

If the person has a trial, the prosecution will need to prove that the person is guilty, whereas the criminal defense attorney will try to prove the person’s innocence.

However, there might be certain exceptions to this. The court has several options of what the outcome may be if the person is found guilty. His or her mental state must be taken into account when the decision is made.

The defense attorney can also appeal the decision if he does not agree with it.

Be Aware of Some The Essential Sections of Mental Health Act

  • Section 37 – An order that sends the person to a hospital rather than prison.
  • Section 37/41 – An order that sends the person to hospital as opposed to prison, but with restrictions attached. Some restrictions might be added if the person poses a serious risk to members of the public.
  • Section 47 – If the person is in prison, he or she can be transferred from prison to hospital to get treatment under section 47.
  • Section 47/49 – Transferring a person from jail to hospital with restrictions. Section 49 restrictions might be added if appropriate.
  • Section 48/49 – The person can be sent to prison under section 48 when they are in prison on remand or in an immigration removal centre. Special restrictions will usually be added to the transfer under section 49. That’s why it’s called section 48/49.

A Positive Outcome

Upon successful completion, the charges against the person can be dismissed and they might qualify for having their record expunged or sealed.

A criminal defense attorney can represent the accused and help them understand what is happening and how they can achieve the best possible outcome.

Most importantly, the person can receive much-needed assessment and treatment and if they suffer from addiction, they can develop the skills needed to cope with addiction.

This post was sponsored by Mike G Law.  All opinions are my own.

What’s PKI and Do I Need PKI Certificates in My Business?

What’s PKI? 

PKI is Public Key Infrastructure.  Gulp… I know, quite a mouthful, right? Yet it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

PKI was introduced for businesses to facilitate protected data transfer between two points.  X.509 Electronic certificates use public-key encryption which are known as PKI certificates.

I know this may sound a bit technical but the truth is, you probably have PKI certificates and you don’t know you have them. If you have a website, you’re likely to have a PKI certificate, better known as an SSL certificate because that’s what secures your site.  It transforms your website from an HTTP to an HTTPS.  Find out how I get my SSL certs free through Wealthy Affiliate.

So, do you need PKI certificates for your business?  Almost certainly, yes.   Do you need to know all the technical details of public key infrastructure?  Nope.  All you need to know is in this short article.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

What is The Role of PKI Certificates?

Public key infrastructure certificates are basically data files that communicate particular information about their distinct certificate requesters and are utilized to confer encryption strictures.

Generally, they use formulas to:

  • Confirm the identity of websites, servers, email clients, browsers, publishers, and software developers.
  • Encrypt and decrypt resting data such as files and emails that are resting on servers.
  • Ensure safe transporting of data via the web, including e-commerce transactions.
  • Affix electronic signatures to documents, emails, and software.

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Various Kinds of PKI Certificates

The most commonplace PKI certificates are:

What's PKI? Public Key Infrastructure. Gulp. Bit of a mouthful, but it's not as complicated as it sounds. Do you need PKI certificates for your business? Almost certainly, yes. Find out exactly what PKI is and why you might need it in this short article. #whatspki #doineedpkicertificates #publickeyinfrastructure1. TLS/SSL Certificate

An SSL/TLS certificate is useful for safeguarding data transfer between user browsers and website browsers. The website owner purchases and installs SSL certs on their server from where the website is hosted.

SSL/TLS certificates differ in terms of:

  • Functionality – depending on the data they are securing, for instance, multi-domains, single domains and wildcards.
  • Validation – OV (organizational validation), EV (extended validation), and DV (domain validation).

2. Personal Authentication Certificates

Also referred to as email signing certificates, personal authentication certificates and S/MIME certificates ensure email communication is secured by adding electronic signatures and making use of hashing functionality. They can also be useful for authenticating client information.

3. Document Signing Certificates

These certificates are utilized for keeping documents that you’re sharing over the net secure by adding electronic signatures as well as hashing functionality.

4. Code Signing Certificates

Code signing certificates are ideal for protecting your downloadable drivers, executables, and software. They are mainly used by publishers and software developers. They are also available in individual validation, organizational validation and extended validation format and assist software developers with avoiding security warnings.

More About PKI

PKI is a set of policies, procedures, technologies, and frameworks that embodies and supports public key authentication and encryption. Public key infrastructure was founded in the 1960s by the Government Communications Headquarters and entails using mathematically connected key pairs called a private key and a public key.

These keys are created and assigned for verifying the identities of endpoints. They are also useful for encryption and decryption of data.

Do I Need PKI Certificates in My Business?

People often have uninformed misconstructions about cybersecurity. For instance, start-ups and small businesses are secure online and do not need PKI Certificates or other forms of online protection to protect their data. However, cybercrime statistics tell a different story.

Irrespective of the size of your company, you could be at risk. Being cybersecurity attentive is something that keeps expanding since cybercriminals become more creative and smarter by the day with their cyberattacks.

PKI technology is essential when it comes to cybersecurity and digital communication. Installing a KPI certificate on your server could protect not only you, but your customers from different kinds of cyberattacks like phishing attacks, middle man attacks, DDoS attacks, session hijacking, email spoofing, and more.

One cyberattack could lead to a company losing its reputation and millions of dollars in noncompliance penalties and lawsuits.

Did you know that you were using PKI certificates in your business?

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Investing in Gold? Here are the Best Bars to Buy

Investing in Gold? 

Gold has long been the foundation of global wealth and in troubled times such as these, many private investors are looking to move their wealth to a less risky commodity, which is invariably gold.

In this article, we will offer you some advice regarding purchasing gold bullion to ensure a safe and smooth acquisition.

Here are the Best Gold Bars to Buy

Investing in Gold Bars

Online SolutionsConsidering investing in gold? Gold has long been the foundation of global wealth and is still performing well. Follow this advice on the best gold bars to buy.

Rather than searching for a gold dealer and sending them your money, you should first carry out some online research into the gold bullion dealer; when seasoned investors buy gold bars, they always use a reputable company, one that has been in the business for many years.

Once you’ve made a connection, pay their offices a visit, where you can decide how much gold to buy, then you take physical possession of the gold bars and store them somewhere safe.

Spot Price

This is the actual price (per troy ounce) at any given time and the spot price of gold is determined by a London-based group, which happens a couple of times per day. When you are a regular customer, you simply log in and you can instantly see the spot price of gold in all formats and all it takes to find a reputable gold bullion dealer that offers the best price of gold bullion in Brisbane or in the city you’re living in is a Google search.

Gold Formats

From one ounce to one kilogram, gold can be purchased in a wide range of size bars and ingots, while there are also gold coins, such as the American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf, which many investors prefer. You should do some online research regarding gold coins; you may find out that many investors collect gold coins as a hobby as well as an investment.

Storing Your Gold

As mentioned before, we recommend taking physical possession of your gold, which you can store in a concealed safe at home or in a safe deposit box at a local bank. If you are thinking of burying your wealth, this is not a good idea, as you are the only person who knows of its existence and should anything happen to you, your wealth is lost forever.

Diversifying your Wealth

Diversifying your Wealth

It is never a good idea to invest all of your wealth in a single commodity and most private investors have some gold in their portfolio. Gold is safe and with global markets showing volatility, the alluring yellow metal is a very attractive proposition. Start by making a connection with a reputable gold bullion dealer with offices nearby and then you can be sure of the best prices and gold of the highest standard.

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The Internet has made life very easy and when you wish to invest in gold, or any other precious metal, search with Google for a leading gold bullion dealer and forge a relationship with them.

Gold has performed very well in the past few years and it doesn’t look like that is going to change and with online solutions, you can always keep abreast of the spot price and buy or sell safely and quickly.

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