Midlife Awakening | Mindful Metamorphosis

Hello beautiful maven, I see how powerful you are.

You’ve got it all handled.

You’re a smart, accomplished, and wildly successful woman in your 40’s or 50’s.

You’ve read all the books and done all the courses.

Some might call you an overachiever.

You do it all and you have it all.

Your life is brilliant because you’re at the helm and you’ve got this.

Except lately, something feels off.

Welcome to Your Midlife Awakening

Midlife Awakening Lauren Kinghorn

You’re going through a life transition and it feels uncomfortable.

Some days it seems a bit more than you can handle.

Maybe it’s because you’ve hit menopause, maybe it’s your own version of a midlife crisis.

Some days it feels like an existential crisis.  This is why I prefer to call it a Midlife Awakening.

You’re questioning who you are and why you’re here and whether it’s all worth it.

  • You don’t have the same energy levels you used to have.
  • You don’t have the same excitement in your career you once had.
  • Goal-setting no longer interests you.
  • Your relationships are not as loving as you would like them to be.
  • You’re carrying some weight and struggling to shift it.
  • You have some niggling health problems that won’t go away.

Something is missing.

Life feels heavy. It has lost some of the lightness and joy you once felt and you can’t put your finger on why.

Your self-talk goes something like this…

There’s got to be more to life than this!

I’m exhausted!

I know I have a greater calling… but what is it?

I’m stressed.

Who am I and what do I bring to this world?

I’m overloaded.

Will I ever really step into my power?

There’s no time for me.

What if I never achieve what I set out to achieve?

I’m too busy for self-care.

Will I make my mark on the world?

I’m not ready to die – I have so much to give.

But I can’t find the time to give to myself.

And you feel alone in these thoughts, with no place to turn.

Because you’re the provider of positivity in your family. 

You’re the one responsible for keeping the household going and your parents, spouse, kids, and pets safe, happy peaceful, healthy, and comfortable.

And some days it all just all feels too much.

>>> This is where I step in.

Not to show you another way.  I don’t have a schedule that will fix everything.

I don’t have a path or a map for you.

I’m not going to teach you how to set SMART goals.

Nope, I have a different role to play in your life.

Welcome to Your Mindful Metamorphosis

Mindful Metamorphosis by Lauren Kinghorn

I show you, YOU. 

You, at your most brilliant, powerful, fun, light, healed, whole, limitless, unstoppable self.

I see you, I hear you.  I accept you for who you are.

Yet I don’t allow you to argue for your limitations.

I help you see your great self, the best version of yourself

I help you get to the core.  Safely.  Without judgment.  Gently.  Without pushing.

Let there be light.

I help you reveal your blindspots, throw light on those shadows so you can see yourself differently, and take your power back.

You start to feel that joy, enthusiasm, and lightness coming back.

You start to feel free.

  • You begin to feel energized and excited about all aspects of your life again.
  • You are living in the moment more, carving out time each day to do what you love most.
  • You start taking better care of yourself and those extra pounds drop off naturally.
  • Those health niggles disappear and you experience vibrant health once again.  You have your energy and vitality back.
  • Your relationships improve as you become more self-loving… and more loving.

You connect with the things that give you meaning and start living your purpose.

And the best part is…

This transformation doesn’t feel like a chore, a process.

It doesn’t feel like work.

It doesn’t feel heavy, stressful, taxing, or difficult.

It feels light, fun, and playful.  We laugh a lot.

We take this one magical step at a time with YOU leading the way, while I shine a light ahead of you.

And miracles start showing up in your life that you never expected.

Are you ready to begin your mindful metamorphosis?

Take the first step.  Join our private community where you can get access to our FREE 30-Day Magic Gratitude Challenge.

Or book a meet and greet with me and let’s get this party started.

10 Replies to “Midlife Awakening | Mindful Metamorphosis”

  1. Vienie McShane

    I am so grateful to you Lauren for the incredible healing work you have done with me.

    You helped me deal with a very traumatic period in my life with your EFT technique.

    You helped me overcome post-natal depression and guided me through a painful trauma that involved my young daughter.

    Your love and support and energy work continued when my father died.

    And it still continues as I recently received two incredible treatments from you where you worked with “access bars.”

    You have an incredible gift. Your gentleness and sensitivity were exactly what I needed to navigate through these difficult periods, yet your strength and dedication were unwavering and steadfast.

    You are an incredible healer and I am so grateful for all the work, time and love you have given me.

    My wish is that you continue to use this gift to support and energize other women.

    I also value your positivity and integrity. Thank you so much!

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Thank You so much for this beautiful message, Vienie.

      It has been an honour and privilege to be there for you when you’ve been going through these traumatic periods in your life.

      Thank You for your grateful heart, support and encouragement. Much appreciated.

  2. Keral Patel

    You are hitting the nail right on its head. There are definitely somedays when its too much to handle. Usually I take some alone time and let it pass. Stress, Exhaustion, Anxiety, Frustration are all part of my daily life. LOL.

    Its good to see that you are covering this topic.


  3. Mandy

    A massive thank you to Lauren for her amazing 5 day challenge. It was beautifully presented and easy to follow. I felt so confident after the challenge and have been wearing shorts and dresses (which I have battled to do in summer thanks to my inner voices.)

    I absolutely loved the e-book it was so much more than I expected ❤️ It is beautiful and full of amazing and helpful knowledge.

    I highly recommend Lauren and her amazing book

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Aw, Mandy, Thank You so much for your awesome comment.

      I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the 5-Day Challenge to Boost Lifespan, Healthspan and Joyspan and I’m delighted to hear that you got the result you came for.

      Thanks a mill for your positive review of my e-book on the 7 Natural Laws of Longevity. Deeply appreciated.


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