Reverse Your Age ~ The Hey Shoo WOW Way

Hello, hello beautiful soul. WELCOME to the wondrous world of Hey Shoo WOW. 

Find out how you can use the magic of hey shoo wow to reverse your age and shine your special light out in the world. 

Reverse Your Age the Hey Shoo WOW Way

Would You Like to REVERSE YOUR AGE?

When we hit middle age as women, most of us are dealing with a LOT – mentally, emotionally, physically, and possibly spiritually too.

By the time you reach your forties, life has dealt you a few blows.  You’ve weathered the storms but they have left you feeling battle-weary. How would you like to turn this all around and reverse your age?

Mid-Life Challenges You Might Be Feeling

Does this sound like your life right now? You could be feeling any or all of these…

  • Overstretched and overwhelmed, dealing with your own life as well as everything that comes with having busy children or grandchildren and ailing parents
  • Irritable and anxious due to menopausal mood swings
  • Frustrated by hot flashes and night sweats
  • Feeling tired from waking up at night and struggling to get back to sleep
  • More sensitive to loud sounds than you used to be making you on-edge
  • Feeling like you and your needs are invisible
  • Feeling unappreciated, you’ve given so much you’re left with a very empty cup
  • Lost and disappointed, sad that all your childhood dreams turned to dust
  • Sad and lonely, due to an empty nest or divorce (or both)
  • Suffering loss or grief due to divorce or the death of loved ones – missing friends and family
  • Struggling to work through trauma that has happened at various stages in your life
  • In pain all the time, with sore knees, shoulders, back, neck or toes making you less mobile and more cranky
  • Suffering from a degenerative or auto-immune illness
  • More stressed and anxious about the future and dying than you used to be
  • Worried about finances
  • Going through an existential crisis, wondering why you’re here and what it’s all for
  • Scared you may die with your song unsung, your dreams unlived

Would You Like to Look and Feel Years Younger?

Look and Feel Years Younger

What would it feel like to fall in love with yourself, your body, and your life once again?

How would you like to feel a sense of peace and calm as you become more self-nurturing?

How awesome would it be to have the energy levels of a 30-year-old again?

How much fun could you have playing with your children, grandchildren, spouse and your friends?

How great would it feel to get a bounce back in your step as your aches and pains subside?

Imagine regaining that youthful glow and turning heads again as you did in your twenties?

How would you like to get out there and dance, swim, cycle or run as you feel more vibrant and alive?

What would it feel like to have your ex’s new young lover feel jealous of you?

How cool would it be to have a whole new lease on life as you get crystal clear on your purpose?

How amazing would it be to leave a legacy to your family by nailing that bucket list or writing that memoir?

Reverse Your Age – The Hey Shoo WOW Way

Hey Shoo WOW

I help women who are going through these mid-life challenges reverse their age so that they can start seeing these kinds of shifts in their thinking, feeling and being.

That’s a big promise, I know but bear with me.  This is where the Hey Shoo WOW part comes in.

What is Hey Shoo WOW?

What is Hey Shoo WOW, I hear you ask?

Hey Shoo WOW is the phrase I like to use for what others might call woo-woo, alternative, spiritual, or New Age.

I also use hey shoo wow as a phrase to describe that which lights us up insidesparks joy, and opens our hearts and minds.

This speaks more to the effects, the benefits of hey shoo wow, how it transforms us.

Roots of Hey Shoo Wow

Hey Shoo Wow is a uniquely Cape Town phrase that may have originated in the 1990’s when the Truly Fully Hey Shoo Wow Band was in full swing.  They were an awesome Jazz band and I got to see them perform live a good few times in venues in Cape Town.

I would imagine their definition of Hey Shoo Wow was something more along the lines of my second definition of the phrase.  Their music was powerful, impactful, yet fun and playful and got the crowd sparking, all lit up.

Expanded Definition of Hey Shoo Wow

In my expanded definition, Hey Shoo Wow is a way of living and being that focuses on the inner journey, the shero or hero’s journey.

It’s a journey of radical responsibility as much as it’s a journey of radical self-love and forgiveness.

A journey that takes you out of the past so you can learn to lean in and live in the present moment, savouring and appreciating the now.

It’s a path or movement that leads to healing wounds of the body, heart and mind, at their deepest, core level rather than merely slapping on a band-aid to treat the symptoms.

Finding and healing the root cause of what’s troubling us or holding us back.

It’s a shift in consciousness.

A shift that moves you out of pain and discomfort and into gratitude, joy, and wonder.

Reverse Your Age in 8 Months

Reverse Your Age ~ The Hey Shoo WOW Way | Reverse Your Age The Hey Shoo WOW Way pinIn this 8-month program, you will develop new habits by developing your Hey Shoo WOW superpowers using a signature process based on all of my 7 Natural Laws of Longevity:

Law 1: Mindset Miracles

Law 2: Nutritional Nourishment

Law 3: Movement Medicine

Law 4: Rest and Rejuvenation

Law 5: Love and Laughter

Law 6: Supportive Surroundings

Law 7: Living Legacy

Of course, it’s not all Hey Shoo WOW, Science is now proving it IS possible to reverse your age.

The Science Says This Is Possible

Recent studies in Epigenetics have proven that genetics has way less to do with how you age than what Scientists thought previously.

Science is now recognising what mystics and energy healers have known for years.

You can reverse your age by making certain mental and emotional changes as well as lifestyle changes.

However, it’s not a one-and-done thing. To do this, you will have to overturn your thinking and leave the life you once led behind you by creating new thinking, beliefs, and healthy habits.

It starts with believing it’s possible – you CAN take control of your life, your health and well-being, and then being willing to do what it takes.

By making these changes – and making them stick – you will live not only longer but more joyfully as well because you’ll feel more vibrant and vital.

You’ll get to enjoy lifespan, healthspan AND joyspan.  As the saying goes, it’s not just about adding more years to your life but more life (and meaning) to your years too.

Lauren Kinghorn _ Hey Shoo WOW

Who am I? Lauren Kinghorn

I have been developing my Hey Shoo WOW powers while also resisting my true hey-shoo-wow nature for decades.  You can read all about my personal journey here.

The short story is, I’m a Transformation Life Coach and Energy Healer helping women look and feel years younger.

As a Transformation Life Coach, I believe that APPLIED knowledge is power.

To create lasting life changes, it is crucial to test each new lifestyle change out for yourself and create new wholesome, helpful habits. And creating each new habit takes at least 21 days.

This is where Transformation Coaching excels and why I’d like to work with you for a full 8 months.

You will need time to absorb new information, and time to integrate everything you’ve learned by taking the necessary action.

I know that all may sound a bit heavy, but you can rest assured, keeping things light, fun and joyful is my superpower.

Reverse Your Age – The Hey Shoo WOW Way

Want to Get To Know Me First?

Lauren Kinghorn _ Profile Pic _ photo credit _ Belle Lumiere FotoA Hey Shoo WOW Private Session

Meet me privately one-on-one to see how I can help you live an inspired, joyful, hey-shoo-wow life, book a call with me.

If you’d like to feel lighter or shine more light in the world, I may be just the coach for you.

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What is Hey Shoo Wow

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