Aligning all 8 Dimensions of Health and Wellness

8 Dimensions Health Wellness

8 Dimensions Health Wellness Health and Wellness have been a big focus in my life.  I started teaching Aerobics when I still in High School and took over my Mom’s gym shortly after I finished school. A couple of years later I also started studying and practising a number of different modalities, including Aromatherapy, Reflexology … Read more

What’s the Next Step in Your Accounting Career? (Infographic)

What's the Next Step in Your Accounting Career?

Becoming an Accountant takes dedication to learn what you need to know, explore the available certifications, and gain the experience that you need. When you’ve been working as an accountant for a while or even if you’re newly qualified, you should think about where you’re taking your career. What’s the next step that you should … Read more

What’s Entrepreneurship About? (Video)

What's Entrepreneurship About?

In this video, I discuss Entrepreneur qualities, a profile test to find out what type of Entrepreneur you are and how to go from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur.

What’s Entrepreneurship About? 

See the video below.

This is the last video in our series on Free Traffic Bootcamp

This was a 30-Day Challenge I did through Legendary Marketer. You can read my full Legendary Marketer Review here.

You can find out more about Roger Hamilton’s 8 Wealth Profiles here.

Make Money Online with these High Income Skills (Video)

Make Money Online with these High Income Skills

When you start a web-based business, it can be extremely easy to fall into the trap of playing around online. I could spend days on Pinterest and Instagram enchanted by the gorgeous images, clicking through to read every post. I could just as easily spend hours a day commenting on Facebook posts and watching inspiring … Read more

How Can I Start an Online Business? (Video)

How Can I Start an Online Business?

Are you thinking of starting an online business? It All Starts with You. When I started out online, I had no idea of where I was heading. My initial plan of action was to build a website as a platform to launch the book I was writing. I never finished that book. I got sucked … Read more

A How to Guide for Influencers

How to for influencers

How-to for Influencers So… you’ve decided to become an Influencer? Great decision. Influencer marketing is on the rise and growing exponentially. According to Adweek, Influencer Marketing, worth only $2 Billion in 2017, is expected to become a $10 billion industry in 2020. An influencers main role is to subtly persuade people to buy products or … Read more

Hobbies Hobbies Hobbies

Hobbies Hobbies Hobbies

Hobbies Hobbies Hobbies – Get Your Game On In today’s busy world with hectic schedules we often don’t make time to relax and practise self-care, doing something we love.  Hobbies Hobbies Hobbies are the key to achieving that harmonious balance between physical and emotional wellbeing. Did you know that there are several hobbies that you can … Read more