The Importance of SEO For Dental Websites

The coupling of strong dental websites and good search engine optimisation or SEO is crucial for effective dental marketing and attracting new patients. In this era of digital technology, everyone searches for their needs online. That is why you need to make sure that you make use of all the available tools at your disposal. You need to take advantage of their potential to boost your business.

Speak to a good digital dental marketing team today to get professional advice and assistance. They can help with setting up and maintaining a bespoke, modern, informative, and functional website. Such a website can help teach potential patients everything they need to know about your practice and the services you have on offer.   This will subsequently help to attract new patients to grow and expand your dental practice.

seo-for-dental-websitesKnowing your competitors

To put together an effective dental website, it is a good idea to first scrutinize competitor websites to see what they look like and the services they offer.

This will give you a good idea of what to include and what you need to do to stand out from the crowd.

Gaining The Upper Hand Over Competitors

You must find out which fields of dentistry the dental practices in your area specialize in, and look for gaps in the market.

With this information, you can put together a website that offers not only what your competitors offer, but also what they do not. This will go a long way in giving your website a competitive edge.

Furthermore, with this information, you can create an attractive and functional website that is informative, educational and puts you ahead of your competitors.

You have to highlight the significance of regular dental check-ups and the detrimental effects of failing to do so. This will encourage patients to book an appointment and address their dental needs.

How Does SEO work?

Once you have an optimized website in place, you should implement a combination of methods and techniques to improve search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. This means carrying out keyword research to find out which dental terms are most commonly searched for in your area. Be sure to use these keywords throughout your website repetitively and strategically. Once you do this, Google will recognize that you have the answers to what potential patients are trying to find out about dental needs.

By regularly carrying out keyword research, you can keep up with the current trends and use this to update and maintain your website. You can also create new content in the form of videos and blogs to upload onto your website. Or you can share on social media channels. The more you can engage with your patients, the more efficient you will be with boosting the success of your dental practice.


We hope this post about the importance of SEO for dental websites has been useful.  Speak to a good dental marketing team today to find out more about the different techniques that can be used to maintain SEO and how they can help attract more patients to your website and your dental practice.

Effective Dental Marketing Using Research and Social Media

Effective Dental marketing is essential for the growth and success of your dental practice. Over the last few decades, dental marketing has had a complete shift to digital dental marketing. And to make sure that you do not fall behind and lose potential patients to your competition, it is important that you also invest in digital dental marketing. This helps to attract new patients and allow your dental practice to continue to grow and flourish amongst the competition.

To do this you can speak to a multi-award-winning, digital dental marketing team who will have the knowledge and expertise to put together an excellent dental marketing system for you. To create a digital dental marketing strategy you need to begin with a modern and bespoke dental website which will be the virtual front door to your dental practice.

By delegating the creation and maintenance of your website to a specialist dental marketing team you will have a website that will be attractive, informative and educational.

However, the website must be individually tailored for your practice to help you stand out from the crowd.

effective-dental-marketingKeyword Research

Once you have an eye-catching dental website in place it is important that you maintain this on a regular basis. Keep adding new content in the form of articles and blogs to help encourage patients, existing and potential.

This could encourage revisits to your website for more information and for further encouragement to address their dental needs.

To make sure that patients are interested in the content that you create, you need an experienced dental marketing team to carry out keyword research. Keyword research is essential for finding out which fields of dentistry are of most interest in your area.

Once you have a list of the key terms that are searched for most frequently in your geographical vicinity you can use them to write new articles regularly and upload them to your website. This shows patients that you have the solutions for their dental needs.

Facebook and Instagram

By creating social media pages you can engage with your patients further.  The most popular social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram. By making sure that you are present on both you will have widened your audience significantly in comparison to having a dental website alone.

These social media platforms attract different demographics of the public and work in different ways. Also, by creating different types of content for each platform you will be giving your dental practice more exposure. More exposure will subsequently help attract new patients to your practice.

Uploading photos and videos of successful treatments and smile makeovers at your dental practice on Instagram, will show your patients the level of dental care that you are able to provide. Picture of the work you perform at your practice will encourage them to share these pictures with their friends and family. Sharing helps potential patients imagine how you can help improve the appearance and health of their teeth.

On Facebook, you may want to write small articles according to your keyword research, which potential patients can read and again share with their friends and family to educate them and help widen your audience at the same time.


Effective dental marketing is a crucial aspect of any dental practice to put your business on the map and attract more visitors to your website and create brand awareness.

How to Step Up and Stand Out with Confidence, Courage and Creativity

Georgia Varjas is the bestselling author of “The Rule Breakers Guide To Step Up & Stand Out” and “Rule It! How To Step Up & Stand Out”.

In our recent interview, she divulges how she developed her 3 C’s – Confidence, Courage and Creativity during her career in showbiz and how you can use them in your life.

How to Step Up and Stand Out Georgia-Varjas-Style

How to Step Up and Stand Out with Courage Confidence Creativity

Georgia:  I think my experiences in showbiz, but particularly in the music business gave me these three very powerful words, which I write about and speak about and are in my books:

  1. Confidence
  2. Courage
  3. Creativity 

I call them the three big C’s. 

Being in the music business, you had to be confident. You’re going to go up on stage and you’re going to play from your heart sometimes from memory, but mostly improvised. 

So you had to have confidence. You had to have courage and you had to be creative with it. 

And so there were very big lessons in life, not just doing my art, my music, but also communicating with people in show business in the music business. Cause it was tough as a woman.  It was very much part of my life to develop these wonderful three big C’s as my skills.

Lauren Kinghorn: Would you like to give us three tips that you would give a young fempreneur, woman entrepreneur, who is just starting out, how to step up and really shine.

Georgia Varjas:  I think one of the most important things is to recognize that we have two fabulous communication tools available our voice and our pen.

Georgia Varjas is the bestselling author of The Rule Breakers Guide To Step Up & Stand Out. In this interview, she gives 3 best tips on how to step up and stand out. #howto #stepup #standout #interview I encourage young women to develop that confidence, the courage and the creativity to use their voice and their pen to:

  • spread their message
  • their point of view
  • their expertise
  • their experience
  • their wisdom
  • their knowledge

Use these powerful tools and learn to redefine confidence for yourself.

Because for women, it is quite different, especially courage. Courage is not about Spider-Man and firemen. It’s about how we as women define our own type of bravery. It’s not about saving lives. It’s a very special thing. And I think women need to really redefine that.

Creativity, yes, we are very creative but we can also think creatively and that is a powerful message for young women.

I think the second tip I would offer is about decision-making. We’re not really taught or encouraged to make big decisions in our life. We make little ones like what we should wear and what we should drink and which road and bus to take.

But the big decisions in life, we often hesitate and turn to other people for expert advice. When we know if we tuned into ourselves and learned to make good decisions for ourselves, had more self-confidence, courage, and creativity, we would make better decisions and stronger decisions and recognize that we have the ability to do that.

And the third thing is very much about self-belief and self-love and bigging yourself up. 

Some cultures frown upon boasting and showing off when you’re talking about yourself, but self-love and self-belief are crucial.

Nature does it all the time, she shows her most beautiful colours. Why shouldn’t we?

And when you’re selling something, you’re going to sell it in its most beautiful and perfect condition. So why shouldn’t we be showing and sharing our talents and skills in the most positive way? 

So confidence, courage, creativity.

You can find the rest of this interview over on Fempreneurs Unite

And more below…

Lauren: What do you do for a living? 

Georgia: I am a Book Writing Coach

Lauren: What is your zone of genius?

Georgia: Helping my clients see their genius and the bigger picture.  My USP is I have experience in many genres.

Lauren: How did you come up with the idea?

Georgia: It was staring me in the face! 

I have been writing plays, poems, short stories, scripts for speakers MC’s and myself and of course, I have published 4 books and contributed to 6 anthologies.

Lauren: What has been the number one highlight of your career? 

Georgia:  So many. 

As a creative person, I have moved from writing and producing plays to spending many years as a professional saxophone player and as a  Spoken Word artist.

I loved the music business, I loved my Spoken Word career and now watching writers turn into satisfied and fulfilled authors is just as exhilarating for me.

Lauren: What has been the greatest challenge for you to overcome in your career?

Georgia:  The glass ceiling


Lauren: Do you have any daily rituals to maintain a work-life balance?

Georgia:  I can’t sit for too long. I have to get up and move my energy.

Either I walk around the garden and snip a few plants, or do some stretches, lunges or downward dogs…dance a little and even do a household chore.

Lauren: Do you have a message you would like the world to hear?

Georgia:  Several! Our voice and our pen are our 2 most powerful tools of communication. Grab your confidence, courage and creativity and use them.

Lauren: Is there a book that has had huge significance or meaning in your life?

Georgia:  I re-read and dip into Danielle LaPorte White Hot Truth 

Because she is discerning and not judgemental, she has humour and experience and shares generously. She talks about the paradoxes of wisdom and I wrote about them a lot myself in my books. Use And instead of But.

She says…Don’t just get what you want, BE what you want.

I like that!

Lauren: What advice would you give someone just starting out as an entrepreneur? 

Georgia Varjas is the bestselling author of The Rule Breakers Guide To Step Up & Stand Out. In this interview, she gives 3 fab tips on how to step up and stand out.Georgia:  Keep learning and listening and turn all your mistakes into future fun stories.

Lauren: Is there anything you wish you knew when you started out as an entrepreneur?

Georgia: Not to be scared of tech stuff!!!

Lauren: What have you gained by becoming an entrepreneur?

Georgia:  I realise that the more I learn, the more I have to learn and that gives me the energy to grow.

And, I believe it is super important for women to be financially independent.

Lauren: Who has been enormously helpful to you? 

Georgia: My VA!

Honestly, all the amazing things she does behind the scenes for me!

I have always loved working in a team, so first credit goes to all team members paid and unpaid.

And people often come into your life just at the time you need more guidance or knowledge.

Lauren: Do you have mentors in business?

Georgia: With all the member groups and networking events online, I have been involved in I have come across some wonderful brainstorming sessions…these people, mostly women are my real mentors.

Lauren: Are there any courses or studies you feel have been essential to your success? 

Georgia:  Having first hand and recent experience as a writer and author has given me essential professional knowledge and wisdom for teaching and training new authors.

Also, the Women’s Writers Circle, which is a group program I run for women writing their first book.

It is absolutely inspirational to me, not just how they support each other but how they offer their best wisdom to each other too! 

Book a Virtual Seat on Georgia’s Women’s Writers Circle

Work with Georgia Varjas

Lauren:  If there was any way I could help you, what it would it be? 

Georgia:  I think you already are Lauren.

When we give generously and share our platforms with each other, you never know who is going to benefit from hearing or reading what you offer.

Lauren: Who is your target market? If I were to give you a referral, who would I be looking for? 

Georgia:  Women (or men)  with a message to share, with expertise, experience and wisdom that could really make a difference to someone else’s life.

And of course a few good stories.

How to Step Up and Stand Out – Working with Georgia Varjas

Georgia has two Coaching packages available for those who are ready to write their books.

    1. The Premium Package, a 12-week one-on-one book writing program
    2. The Women’s Writers Circle- an 8-week group program.

Visit Georgia’s Website

Follow Georgia

Follow Georgia on LinkedIn

Follow Georgia on YouTube

If you’re ready to write your book, schedule a free book planning call with Georgia.

Schedule a Call with Georgia

Enjoyed this interview? 

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4 Useful Tips on How to Sell on Azure

How to Sell on Azure

Microsoft commercial marketplace offers two online stores namely Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace which are both channels that help businesses to market and sell their cloud-based solutions.

Today, we are sharing 4 tips on how to sell on Azure. First, let us tell you a little more about Azure Marketplace.

Azure Marketplace

Azure Marketplace has all the IT resources to solve any issues you might encounter in your online store or business. It is basically like a cloud store or a helpful channel that allows you to effectively market and sell your cloud solutions.

However, only cloud solutions that are certified for running on the Azure Marketplace can be sold here.

Features of Azure Marketplace

When you are using Azure Marketplace, you have access to the following features:

  • Displaying simulated machine images
  • Access to the Azure customer base worldwide
  • Solution templates

There are two ways to start selling on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

  • Publishing your Azure certified cloud solutions to run on the marketplace. All the information for publishing solutions on the marketplace and what the process involves can be found under the publisher guide on the website.
  • Starting your own company or online store for selling products through the platform. You have access to a business guide with information on how to set up your business as well as helpful tips on how to grow your business.

4 Tips on How to Sell on Azure

Before creating your free account on the Azure Marketplace, you have access to free services for twelve months. During this period there are about twenty-five other services that you also benefit from which are also at no cost to you.

You also have the option of upgrading your account to a paid one which will give you access to upgraded features and services.

Azure Marketplace has all the IT resources to solve any issues you might encounter in your online store or business. Here are 4 tips on how to sell on Azure. #howtosellonazure1. Applying For a Listing

The first step that will be required from you is submitting your offer of the products you will be selling or the services you will be providing. Once your company gets listed on the Azure Marketplace, you can begin selling through the platform.

2. Driving More Leads

Once your company is listed on the Azure marketplace, you need to start generating some leads for your prospective customers. Such leads will give customers access to live instances of your business or applications that are currently available on Azure. This can be incredibly useful as it gives customers insight into how your company will be meeting their needs.

3. Promoting Your Services, Products, or Solutions

The next step will be gaining access to Microsoft’s enterprise sellers. Once you have access, you have the benefit of having access to all Microsoft’s customers worldwide (about 100 regions and countries). You can now start promoting your company or cloud solution via Microsoft’s enterprise sellers.

4. Expanding Revenue

You will also need to keep tabs on your transactions which are basically the income and expenses of your company. Any successful company must leverage some productive commerce capabilities. You also need to obtain insights into the performance of your business and whether you are gaining revenue. You must evaluate whether your business is expanding or not.


We hope this information about azure and 4 tips on how to sell on Azure have been of use to you. The Azure Marketplace is a useful resource for starting and building your own business. It gives you access to IT solutions and a platform with customers worldwide where you can promote and sell your services or products and grow revenue.

This was post was sponsored by Tackle.

E-Commerce Email Marketing Strategies and Benefits

When eCommerce email marketing comes to mind, the first thing that pops into most of our heads is those email blasts that advertise new products or promotions. But this is just one email marketing strategy. There are various other strategies that can be implemented that are even more effective.

Automated scheduled emails for your small business are also convenient and takes a lot of the ongoing marketing efforts off your hands.

3 Major E-commerce Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Your E-commerce Business

1. Lifecycle Emails

These are automated emails based on consumer behaviour that are sent out automatically to engage with your customers and help with building a relationship with them.

They include:

  • welcome emails
  • thank you emails
  • cart abandonment emails
  • win-back emails
  • birthday messages, and more.

2. Broadcast Emails

These emails are once-off marketing emails that include:

  • announcements
  • newsletters
  • sales
  • testimonials, etc.

3. Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are personalized, automated messages that are sent out to subscribers to prompt them to make a purchase on your website. They include things like:

  • email confirmations
  • receipts
  • password resets
  • shipping information, etc.

These emails are not marketing-related and do not require customers to opt-in since they are strictly business orientated.

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5 Benefits of E-commerce Email Marketing

E-commerce Email Marketing Benefits

1. It is Incredibly Effective

The idea of marketing emails is to reach your existing customers as well as targeting potential customers. The average opening rate for emails is around thirty percent.

About 24% of visitors that click on a link in an email are bound to make an online purchase. That is twice as much as the visitors that make a purchase from search results on search engines or clicking on links on social media.

2. E-commerce Email Marketing is Affordable

Email marketing is not only effective but relatively cost-effective compared to other marketing strategies. Sending out an email to your marketing list is cost-effective and has the highest return on investment than any other type of marketing.

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How are you marketing your e-commerce business? Here are three major e-commerce email marketing strategies and the five primary benefits of incorporating e-mail marketing into your e-commerce business.3. Customers Prefer Email Marketing

Generally, when customers sign up for your website newsletter it is because they would love to hear from you. More than sixty percent of consumers prefer receiving emails to any other forms of marketing communication.

More than ninety percent of customers prefer promotional emails from businesses with whom they wish to do business.

4. Email Marketing Poses Less Risk

There is always an inherent risk linked to building a following on social media platforms because there are rules that must be followed.

It happens sometimes that Facebook or other social media pages block your profile. And what if the algorithms change and your posts are not reaching your target audience anymore?

Email marketing poses a lesser risk since you have your individual list of subscribers and your email messages go to them directly. This means you retain your ability to engage with customers, no matter what happens with social media, algorithms, etc.

5. It is Incredibly Measurable

This form of marketing is incredibly measurable with statistics that display open rate, conversion rate, click-through rate to evaluate the efficacy of your email marketing campaign.

Statistics such as bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, spam complaint rates, etc, give you a good idea of the condition of your list.

Even statistics like list expansion rate and email sharing rate could give you insight into the popularity of your business. The most significant benefit of being able to keep track of everything is that it gives you valuable insight into where there is room for enhancement.

How are YOU marketing your e-commerce business?

We hope that this post about eCommerce email marketing strategies and benefits has been useful to you and that you will soon reap the benefits from your email marketing campaign.

Which e-commerce email marketing strategies are you currently using to promote your e-commerce business?

This post was sponsored by Common Thread Collective. All opinions are my own.

Dos and Don’ts of Promoting Your Law Firm Online

The online realm can be a useful place for those looking to get the name of their legal firms in front of the right demographic. However, before you launch into promoting, marketing and advertising your business online, be sure you know what you are doing. A subject that the do’s and don’ts post below covers in detail.

Do position your firm as the leading experts

While other forms of advertising and promotion can be useful, the most effective choice is to use content marketing. This is because by sharing content specialized to your business’s niche, you can establish yourselves and experts in your field.

This being something that will inspire faith and trust in your customers, as well as spread the word regarding your business’s name.

One way to go about content marketing for your business is to be involved in creating written posts for your firm’s own blog, or other credible sites online.

Additionally, if you can get other experts in the field to refer to your business, you can further raise your credibility.

Luckily, the latter is simple to do as all you need to get into contact with an agency like that can facilitate a connection with the relevant professionals. Something that can help you to make sure your content marketing works as hard for you online as possible.

The online realm can be a useful place for legal firms to gain exposure. Do read these do's and don'ts before you start promoting your law firm online. #promotingyourlawfirmonline #legal #marketing

Don’t give away your skills or services for free

In the quest to prompt your legal firm online, you mustn’t end up giving away your skills or services for free. Especially when it comes to advice forums and marketing content.

In fact, not only is this a bad plan economically, but it can also land your business in a lot of trouble. After all, legal advice tends to have a marked impact on the one receiving it, and this could leave your firm vulnerable to come back if things do go the way the client wants. With that in mind, be sure you don’t offer specific or personal advice online.

Do humanize your firm (and show you treat your clients like individuals)

Being in a confusing legal situation is stressful, even for the most robust of us. With that in mind, humanizing your legal firm can be very reassuring, as well as being a smart way to promote your business online. To that end, be sure to show images of your team on your website and on social media. You can read more about this process at

However, you must be careful when it comes to relating any client details or cases online. In fact, you must always be mindful of the client-attorney privilege, and how the media can impact a case that is in progress.

Do choose the right platforms

Finally, when it comes to promoting your business online remember that some social media platforms are appropriate and some are less so.

For example, LinkedIn, Twitter, and sites like Yelp are a good choice. However, you need to think carefully about setting up an Instagram or Youtube account for your law firm. After all, they are primarily picture and video-based sites, and so not as relevant for hosting your content.

Are you adhering to these do’s and don’ts when promoting your law firm online?

Image Credit: Pixabay – License CC0

Taking the Stress out of Selling Online and Sales Tax

I’m busy setting up my dropshipping store at the moment. Having such fun choosing products to sell. One thing that never crossed my mind until today, though, was Sales Tax.

Actually, I’ve been selling online for a while and it never occurred to me to charge Sales Tax on the products and services I sell in my shop. Not until I was asked to write this sponsored post on Sales Tax Compliance, which sent me into deep research mode.

Well, let’s be honest… at first, it sent me into a flat panic.   Eek!

Then I did the research and figured out that I don’t have to stress about this, at least not yet –  not when I’m just starting out with an online store (and dropshipping on a small scale).

It’s not that I mind paying tax, it’s just that it’s so much work figuring out how much to pay, which is why I outsource this kind of stuff to a good Accounting firm.

So I guess this would be a good time to add a disclaimer:

I’m not an Accountant or a Tax Consultant, I’m a Digital Entrepreneur. All the information below is from my perspective as an online business owner who’s about to become a drop shipper.

If, after reading this post, you are still in doubt about whether you are liable to pay Sales Tax or not, I recommend you get a sales tax audit.

Here’s what I uncovered in my research.

Let’s start by drawing a line between Income Tax and Sales Tax.

What is Income Tax?

Income tax is the money you pay to the government on your taxable income.

We all know (as business owners or employees) that we have to pay income tax and, of course, I’ve been doing that.

The way income tax works is you pay tax to the government of the country you live in, no matter where your customers are in the world or where your income is derived from.

Do I have to pay Income Tax as an Online Seller?

Generally, the answer is yes – especially if you have an online business.

Most countries have a tax threshold, which means that you only have to register to pay income tax once you earn a certain amount annually.   However, earning foreign income may have different tax implications.

South African Income Tax

So in my case, I live in South Africa, I’m a Sole Proprietor and am registered as a Provisional Tax Payer.

I pay provisional tax here in South Africa on the profit I make as a business owner, even though most of my income comes from the USA, UK and Australia.

I convert all my income into Dollars (USD) before I transfer it from Paypal and then it’s converted into Rands (our currency) when I transfer it in my South African bank account. Then I work out my income tax based on the Rand value of my business earnings less my business deductions.

Twice a year I submit Provisional Tax and once a year I submit an income tax return (so far there’s been no money to pay out on the income tax return because it’s been covered already in Provisional Tax).

Who is liable to pay income tax in South Africa?

In South Africa, the income tax threshold for 2020 is R 79,000 a year for people under the age of 65 and R 136,760 for people over the age of 65.  If you earn less than R 500,000 a year (from one employer), you don’t have to submit an income tax return.

However, there are a couple of important considerations.

1. If you receive income from many sources (not just one employer) you have to register to pay tax.

2. If you receive income from outside the country (remuneration for foreign services rendered), you have to submit a tax return (even if you’ve earned less than R 500,000).

So in my case, I’m liable to pay income tax on both counts.  I earn from multiple sources and I earn foreign income.

What are the Tax Laws in my Country?

It’s really important that you research the tax laws in your own country of residence because tax laws differ from country to country.

In America, for example, the tax laws even differ from State to State.  US residents pay Federal Income Tax to the US Government as well as State taxes in some States.

Do you have to pay sales tax as an online seller or dropshipper? The short answer, not when you're first starting out. The longer answer in this post. #sellingonlineandsalestax #dropshipping #ecommerce #salestaxcompliance

What is Sales Tax?

Sales Tax is the tax placed by a Government or a State on certain goods sold.

If you’re selling products or services, some governments and some States in the USA request.

In the UK and South Africa, it’s called VAT (Value Added Tax), in New Zealand and Australia, it’s called GST (General Sales Tax).

Some States in the USA are Sales Tax Havens.

Do I have to pay Sales Tax as an Online Seller?

Most dropshippers don’t have to pay sales tax when they purchase goods from a manufacturer, wholesaler or dropshipping supplier.

in the States, when you buy something for resale, you qualify for a sales tax exemption but to take advantage of this, you need to apply for an official exemption license (or resale certificate).

Do I have to charge Sales Tax as an Online Seller?

Here’s where things get a little complicated, but let me just say, right off the bat, that in most cases you will not have to charge sales tax when you’re first starting out as a Dropshipper.

If, however, you build a very successful online store, you’ll probably be liable for sales tax (just as any other store owner).

Sales Tax Regulations

Again, sales tax regulations differ country by country but I’m going to focus on the USA (as that’s where most of my audience is) and South Africa, as that’s where I live.

Do I have to collect and pay Sales Tax in the USA?

Before June 21, 2018, when the Wayfair Act was passed, you only had to collect tax from your customers in the United States if you had Nexus in a State that levied sales taxes.

What is Nexus?

Nexus is a legal term meaning you have a sufficiently large physical presence in a State that requires you to pay sales tax.  For example, if you live in the State or have an office property in the State.

So for dropshippers who don’t live in the USA, like me here in South Africa, or someone in the UK, Australia, Europe or anywhere else in the world, this means we were not required to collect sales tax from US customers or pay sales tax in the US.

What is Wayfair Nexus?

However, there was a new Supreme Court ruling on 21st June 2018 known as the Wayfair Ruling.

The new law says that Sales Tax Nexus can be applied if you don’t have a physical presence in a state but are making $100,000 in Sales or making 200 Sales in a State.

Which means that any US State can now require that remote retailers collect and pay sales tax. Fortunately, most States have not passed this legislature.

For now, if you’re new to dropshipping, sales tax will not apply as this bill was aimed mainly at large online retailers.

Mostly, you’ll only have Nexus if you live in a State or have property in it and the law is not going to affect you until you start making lots of money.

If you’re confused by any of this, I found a brilliant video on YouTube by Sarah of Wholesale Ted.

Do I have to collect and pay Sales Tax in South Africa?

So my next question, of course, do I have to register as a VAT vendor and start charging VAT?

Yes and No.

If you own an online store, and South Africans buy products from your store, you have to charge 15% VAT on all VAT-able products.   However, you don’t have to charge VAT if your customers buy from anywhere else in the world.

Yet again, the answer for me is no, for now, because I don’t have to register as a VAT Vendor until I’m doing over R 1 million in sales a year.  I’m guessing that’s going to take a while.

So what I discovered in my research is that I’m in the clear when it comes to Sales Tax, for now.

Phew! One thing less to worry about.

And by the time I’m selling that many goodies in my dropshipping store, I will happily be able to afford a brilliant Accountant to handle all my tax submissions for me.

Hope when you do your research on your countries tax laws, you find happy news too.

Let’s do a quick poll.  In the comments below, let me know which country you come from and whether you have to collect and pay Sales Tax to your government on the goods you sell online.

*This post was sponsored by Tax Connex, who take the headache out of Sales Tax in the United States. Writing sponsored posts is just one of the ways I earn income from my blogs. All opinions are my own.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special About? (Video)

This is the third year in a row that I’m purchasing Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Special.  I save a big whack on Premium Membership fees at Wealthy Affiliate each year by purchasing on Black Friday.  Details are in the video below.


If you're looking to find legitimate ways to earn money online, you'll want to look into Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday special. That's why I shot this quick video. #WealthyAffiliate #BlackFridaySpecial #NicheWebsites #EarnMoneyOnline #AffiliateMarketing #OnlineMarketingTraining #AffiliateMarketingTraining #WhatistheWealthyAffiliateBlackFridaySpecialAboutVery briefly, Wealthy Affiliate is the place where I got all my training, support and tools so that I could create niche websites and earn money online.

It’s a great place to learn about Content marketing, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and so much more –  everything you need to build a profitable online business.

And there’s also a supportive community to keep you motivated every step of the way.

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Here’s where you can sign up for Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Deal*This is an affiliate link.

  • Don’t pay $49 a month for Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • That works out to $588 a year.
  • Get Your Annual Membership on Black Friday and you’ll ONLY pay $299 for the entire year.
  • Saving you $289.
  • That works out to just under $25 a month.
  • It’s also a $60 saving on the usual Annual Membership rate.
  • On any other day of the year, Annual Membership will cost you $359.

Black Friday is coming.  And with it your chance to start a profitable online business for $0.82 a day.

If you’ve ever thought of making money online, this is the perfect place to start. Who’s in?

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