Call Upon a Sexual Offence Solicitor When You Need it Most

Guarding Your Legal Rights

If you or someone close to you has been accused, charged or called in for questioning regarding a sexual offence, then you must call upon a trusted sexual offence solicitor as quickly as possible.

In doing so, you can ensure that there will be an experienced and professional legal team of solicitors on your side.  They will do everything they can to make sure a favourable outcome can be achieved. Plus, they can ensure your legal rights are upheld and protected throughout all stages of the case.

sexual-offence-solicitorWhat Constitutes a Sexual Offence?

Sexual offences cover a wide variety of criminal acts, and given the severity of most sexual offence allegations, there is a high likelihood of the case being taken before the High Court.  This means a custodial prison sentence will be pursued.

Because there are so many instances and varieties of sexual offences, it is imperative that you get proper legal support from a solicitor. You must hire one that is experienced in the particulars of the offence you are being charged or accused of.

In the UK, sexual offences are governed by the Sexual Offence Act 2003, which sets out the specific offences that you may be charged with. These include, but are not limited to, offences such as:

  • Rape
  • Sexual assault by penetration
  • Sexual assault by touching
  • Child sex offences
  • Grooming
  • Abuse of a position of trust
  • Indecent exposure.
  • Prostitution-related offences

Proactive Steps to Improve Your Situation

Being accused or charged with any type of sexual offence can be an exceptionally traumatic experience, and even worse if the accused is not proactive in taking the appropriate steps. Very often, people that are accused of sexual offences have never had any previous run-ins with the police. This could leave them vulnerable to making poor decisions or buckling under pressure if they are not careful.

Anyone who is being asked or called into a police station for questioning about a sexual offence has a right to legal representation when interrogated by the police.

The sooner you get a proper legal team on your side, the higher your chances of a favourable outcome. Ideally, before the allegation itself has the chance to leave a lasting mark on your reputation or social standing.

What Will a Solicitor Do?

In a sexual offence case, a good solicitor will try pushing the court on their client’s behalf to have the case dropped if possible. Alongside this, he will also offer support to the client and their family. Solicitors conduct extensive research and examine all evidence that is being presented against you. They will also interview witnesses and cross-examine any testimonies that have been made against you to establish whether or not key details are being deliberately omitted.

Another key role that a solicitor plays is collating and reviewing communication that has taken place between the accused and their accuser. Should there be such communication, the solicitor will try to establish the details of the relationship.


If you or anyone you know are in trouble with the law and need help with proving your innocence, it is essential to hire an experienced sexual offence solicitor as quickly as possible to represent you or them in court. Going through something like this can be overwhelming and stressful, that is why you need a legal team that is dealing with cases like these on a regular basis. They can ensure the best possible outcome.

When Family Law and Criminal Law Collide – Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is something that happens all over the world and the nature of family dynamics and their interactions with the law is at best unfortunate. The reality of life is that it is not the case that people seeking legal advice about family law are doing so to sign off on adoption papers. And, unfortunately, there is a substantial crossover between family law and criminal law. This is sometimes centered around a divorce or due to systematic everyday domestic abuse in all its forms.

When Family Matters Become a Legal Issue

Divorce proceedingsdomestic-abuse can become frustrated by legal breaches that occur outside the marriage, particularly in the case of reclaiming the proceeds of crime that may also be disputed as part of the proceedings.

When family matters become legal matters, the underlying theme is complexity. Complexity on behalf of the accused revolves around how they were accused or whether they are being falsely accused.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Family Solicitor

Complexity also involves victims who may normalize the way they are being treated and not even consider it a crime. Hence, the complications that so naturally arise around domestic abuse.

This is where the position of a family solicitor Portsmouth becomes extremely personal, and the primary role of communication is vital.

This means being able to translate the complexity of the situation into the legal round and communicating the dense and sometimes convoluted legal round back to their clients.

A Specialized Skillset & Field of Expertise is Needed

It requires a special skillset to handle legal matters like these. It does not only require a strong grasp of the law but one that has the breadth to encompass both family and criminal law.

The legal representative must have an appreciation of the real-life distress their client is under. This is especially true as domestic abuse-related offences have been recently updated to include controlling and coercive behaviour as an offence. Sentencing guidelines have also been updated to increase the severity of many domestic abuse charges.

When Family Law and Criminal Law Collide – Domestic Abuse | img domestic abuse 2

In the family legal sphere, there have been changes to all the rights of same-sex couples, which have been updated to match those of heterosexual couples. This includes the responsibilities of cohabiting parents or even co-parenting between individuals who are not in a relationship but share parental responsibilities and rights.

Greater legal complexity arises for legal teams surrounding family law when the events recalled differ. There are also added complications if there is an unseen balance of power in a family dynamic and, of course, if there are children involved.

This is quite different to the burden of proof that is used during criminal proceedings where things have to be shown beyond a reasonable doubt. When a case involves both family and criminal elements, it can result in mixed rulings. Therefore it could be enough for a judge to make a ruling about child custody but not enough to justify a custodial sentence.

When Family Law and Criminal Law Collide – Domestic Abuse | 85c852e21af3877cd6fa182b6b773f53 cropped optimized

If you do require this kind of legal support around family law, many law firms will happily arrange meetings very discreetly in their office or third party locations like workplaces. They can arrange to communicate with you via emails, telephone messages or encrypted phone apps rather than any letters to the house. If you are in immediate danger, you should contact the police or charities that can help with fleeing abusive relationships.


If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, there is a way out. Break the silence and seek legal assistance, especially where children are involved. We hope this article has been helpful and has answered some of the questions you might have had.

Divorce, What is it And What Does it Entail?

Divorce, what is it? A divorce is a legal term used to describe the process by which the legal partnership of two parties (or ‘marriage’) is dissolved. The purpose of this process is to terminate the marriage and ensure both parties come out of the legal journey with a fair division of custody (if applicable) and financial assets.

In order to dissolve the marriage, both parties and the court must decide how to handle questions surrounding custody and placement of the children (in addition to the allocation of property and debts).

divorce, what is itExploring the role of divorce solicitors in Guildford

Divorce lawyers offer a wealth of experience within their respective fields and understand how stressful and emotionally taxing this time can be for their clients.

Divorce solicitors not only offer an experienced and professional approach towards every case they work with. They also adopt a personable and compassionate approach for their clients.

This perspective strives to guide individuals through the divorce to ensure the process is as simple, cost effective, and hassle-free as possible for both parties.

What to expect from the legal process

Balancing your personal commitments with the divorce can seem overwhelming for many, which is where a divorce lawyer can help!

Their professional and compassionate attitude allows them to understand how stressful this time can be. They strive to guide you throughout the process in order to make it as simple and hassle-free as possible.


The real cost of divorce

Within the field of law, the lines surrounding the cost of divorce are often blurred. This can make many individuals reluctant to seek the legal assistance of a divorce solicitor. Despite this confusion, however, the answer to ‘how much does a divorce cost’ actually warrants a simple answer.

Did you know?

For those individuals who are looking to complete all of the legal paperwork themselves (and therefore without seeking legal advice), they can expect to pay just one court fee of £550. Despite this, however, unfortunately, many individuals may be finding it hard to agree on the division of custody, finances, and property with their partners.

Divorce, What is it And What Does it Entail? | img divorce

I need legal assistance, how much is it going to cost?

For many clients, balancing their work and family lives with paperwork concerns can feel overwhelming. In these cases, divorce lawyers can help. For those who do not wish to complete this paperwork alone, most firms are likely to offer a fixed fee divorce.

What is a fixed fee divorce, and how much is it?

A fixed fee divorce costs £900 (although it is important to remember that this cost may differ depending on the firm, and the individual case) in addition to the cost of VAT, and the court fee of £550.

So… Where does the confusion occur?

Where the confusion often occurs is that these fees themselves simply cover the divorce papers and the divorce papers only. They do not, therefore, cover the cost of sorting financial matters (or potentially child care arrangements, if applicable). When individuals do speak of the ‘high cost of divorce’ it is the legal disputes concerning these issues they are referring to.


Are you and your partner separated, or in the process of getting a divorce? Divorce, what is it? I hope we have cleared up some of the questions you may have had? Be sure to hire an experienced divorce attorney to help you navigate through the legalities of getting divorced and that can guide you through the entire process.

Top 4 Tips for Hiring a Wrongful Death Lawyer

Losing a loved one is painful. Losing a loved one by someone else’s negligence is even worse. Families must now consider heavy burial costs and learn to carry on without their loved one’s support.

During moments like these, hiring a wrongful death lawyer is an option. Wrongful death lawyers can give justice and find financial compensation for grieving families.

What is a wrongful death law case?

Before finding a lawyer, one must understand what makes up a wrongful death law case.

A wrongful death occurs when a person’s negligence results in the death of another person. Common examples include car or pedestrian accidents, nursing home abuse, or medical malpractice.

In a wrongful death lawsuit, the family members of the deceased appoint an attorney, otherwise known as a “trustee.” The trustee would act on behalf of the deceased’s loved ones, or anyone affected by the person’s death.

Finding the best wrongful death lawyer with the experience you need is a must.

Top 4 Tips for Hiring a Wrongful Death Lawyer

Hiring a Wrongful Death Lawyer

Image Credit: Ekaterina Bolo at

Here are the top 4 tips for hiring a wrongful death lawyer.

1. Prioritize experience

In a wrongful death law case, chances are the defendant (the negligent party) will be a company or manufacturer. Organizations like these are often equipped with their own powerful legal team.

Look for a lawyer with an experienced track record. This may seem like a no-brainer, but a licensed lawyer with a credible record guarantees they are an equal competitor to the defendant’s legal team. Pay attention to how many cases they’ve covered and how many were wrongful death law cases. Were they successful?

Also, pay attention to your lawyer’s skills and connections. Not only must they know how to operate as legal advisers, but also as doctors or private investigators. If they have a reliable network of professionals, like doctors or detectives, even better!

Top 4 Tips for Hiring a Wrongful Death Lawyer | Wrongful Death Lawyer pin2. Ask Questions

When picking the right attorney, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions allow clients to discover their lawyer’s strengths, as well as uncover if their interests align with your own. Consider the following questions for the best results:

  • How often do you represent wrongful death cases?
  • How many wrongful deaths cases do you handle each year?
  • What is your track record in terms of settlements and verdicts?
  • How many years have you been serving in the area?

These questions, and more, help uncover strong candidates from others.

3. Analyze the Details

Each law firm charges their first consultation for free. Plaintiffs are open to share their law cases during their first consultation. Once you’ve discussed the details, make sure to ask for the lawyer’s opinion.

Pay attention to their response. What is their assessment of your case? What are the cases’ pros and cons, according to them? Would they plan to go to trial? What kind of financial settlement can they realistically expect? How long would they expect your case to take?

Realistically, because of their unpredictable nature, wrongful death lawsuits tend to take a long time. Beware of lawyers who promise a fixed timeline; these kinds of lawyers are often rookies. Experienced lawyers are likely to offer estimates from past experiences rather than fixed timelines.

4. Consider Reviews 

When in doubt, look for other people’s reviews. Reviews give a more rounded picture of how a lawyer operates. You can ask a lawyer for their references or read their reviews on websites like Facebook, Google, or FindLaw.

Look for any clients who shared a case similar to yours. What was their experience like? References always offer unbiased perspectives.

In conclusion

Look for a wrongful death lawyer with your best interest in mind. Good attorneys are experienced and can promise justice. These 4 tips will help you find a lawyer who can help win your case.

How to Help Someone with Mental Health Issues Facing Criminal Charges

How to Help Someone with Mental Health Issues

If you know one of your loved ones has severe mental health issues involving substance abuse, you’d ideally want to step in to help them before they are facing criminal charges.

The best way you can help a friend or family who is addicted to drugs or alcohol is to encourage them to get expert, professional help. You can recommend they do one of the following:

  • Call a Hotline
  • Go to a Psychologist or Psychiatrist for 1-on-1 Counselling
  • Attend Group Counselling Sessions
  • Follow a 12-Step Program
  • Check into a Treatment Centre or Rehab

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Unfortunately, sometimes, people with mental health issues land up facing criminal charges and need to go to court.

How to Help Someone Facing Criminal Charges

How to Help Someone Facing Criminal Charges

The best way to help a loved one who is facing criminal charges due to their mental health issues is to hire a reputable, experienced criminal defense attorney.  

You and your loved one are not alone in this. 

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can assist in representing your case and help get the best possible outcome.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

A criminal defense law firm can assist your loved one in determining whether the case in question is eligible for a drug court diversion program, or if the person is fit to stand trial.

In the case of a drug diversion program, the requirements can be demanding, however, the benefits for those completing them are substantial.

How to Help Someone with Mental Health Issues Facing Criminal ChargesWhat Happens Next?

The attorney will enter a plea if the person is charged with a crime and needs to go to court. This means pleading guilty or not guilty.

If the person’s mental issues mean he or she doesn’t understand the charges brought in against him or her, the court might decide that the person is unfit to plead.

Before the trial, it will be decided by the court whether the person is permitted to stay. Contingent on the situation, he or she might be able to go home on bail, kept in jail on remand, or sent to a hospital for a report on his or her mental state.

What Happens in Court?

If the person has a trial, the prosecution will need to prove that the person is guilty, whereas the criminal defense attorney will try to prove the person’s innocence.

However, there might be certain exceptions to this. The court has several options of what the outcome may be if the person is found guilty. His or her mental state must be taken into account when the decision is made.

The defense attorney can also appeal the decision if he does not agree with it.

Be Aware of Some The Essential Sections of Mental Health Act

  • Section 37 – An order that sends the person to a hospital rather than prison.
  • Section 37/41 – An order that sends the person to hospital as opposed to prison, but with restrictions attached. Some restrictions might be added if the person poses a serious risk to members of the public.
  • Section 47 – If the person is in prison, he or she can be transferred from prison to hospital to get treatment under section 47.
  • Section 47/49 – Transferring a person from jail to hospital with restrictions. Section 49 restrictions might be added if appropriate.
  • Section 48/49 – The person can be sent to prison under section 48 when they are in prison on remand or in an immigration removal centre. Special restrictions will usually be added to the transfer under section 49. That’s why it’s called section 48/49.

A Positive Outcome

Upon successful completion, the charges against the person can be dismissed and they might qualify for having their record expunged or sealed.

A criminal defense attorney can represent the accused and help them understand what is happening and how they can achieve the best possible outcome.

Most importantly, the person can receive much-needed assessment and treatment and if they suffer from addiction, they can develop the skills needed to cope with addiction.

This post was sponsored by Mike G Law.  All opinions are my own.

Dos and Don’ts of Promoting Your Law Firm Online

The online realm can be a useful place for those looking to get the name of their legal firms in front of the right demographic. However, before you launch into promoting, marketing and advertising your business online, be sure you know what you are doing. A subject that the do’s and don’ts post below covers in detail.

Do position your firm as the leading experts

While other forms of advertising and promotion can be useful, the most effective choice is to use content marketing. This is because by sharing content specialized to your business’s niche, you can establish yourselves and experts in your field.

This being something that will inspire faith and trust in your customers, as well as spread the word regarding your business’s name.

One way to go about content marketing for your business is to be involved in creating written posts for your firm’s own blog, or other credible sites online.

Additionally, if you can get other experts in the field to refer to your business, you can further raise your credibility.

Luckily, the latter is simple to do as all you need to get into contact with an agency like that can facilitate a connection with the relevant professionals. Something that can help you to make sure your content marketing works as hard for you online as possible.

The online realm can be a useful place for legal firms to gain exposure. Do read these do's and don'ts before you start promoting your law firm online. #promotingyourlawfirmonline #legal #marketing

Don’t give away your skills or services for free

In the quest to prompt your legal firm online, you mustn’t end up giving away your skills or services for free. Especially when it comes to advice forums and marketing content.

In fact, not only is this a bad plan economically, but it can also land your business in a lot of trouble. After all, legal advice tends to have a marked impact on the one receiving it, and this could leave your firm vulnerable to come back if things do go the way the client wants. With that in mind, be sure you don’t offer specific or personal advice online.

Do humanize your firm (and show you treat your clients like individuals)

Being in a confusing legal situation is stressful, even for the most robust of us. With that in mind, humanizing your legal firm can be very reassuring, as well as being a smart way to promote your business online. To that end, be sure to show images of your team on your website and on social media. You can read more about this process at

However, you must be careful when it comes to relating any client details or cases online. In fact, you must always be mindful of the client-attorney privilege, and how the media can impact a case that is in progress.

Do choose the right platforms

Finally, when it comes to promoting your business online remember that some social media platforms are appropriate and some are less so.

For example, LinkedIn, Twitter, and sites like Yelp are a good choice. However, you need to think carefully about setting up an Instagram or Youtube account for your law firm. After all, they are primarily picture and video-based sites, and so not as relevant for hosting your content.

Are you adhering to these do’s and don’ts when promoting your law firm online?

Image Credit: Pixabay – License CC0

Taking the Stress out of Selling Online and Sales Tax

I’m busy setting up my dropshipping store at the moment. Having such fun choosing products to sell. One thing that never crossed my mind until today, though, was Sales Tax.

Actually, I’ve been selling online for a while and it never occurred to me to charge Sales Tax on the products and services I sell in my shop. Not until I was asked to write this sponsored post on Sales Tax Compliance, which sent me into deep research mode.

Well, let’s be honest… at first, it sent me into a flat panic.   Eek!

Then I did the research and figured out that I don’t have to stress about this, at least not yet –  not when I’m just starting out with an online store (and dropshipping on a small scale).

It’s not that I mind paying tax, it’s just that it’s so much work figuring out how much to pay, which is why I outsource this kind of stuff to a good Accounting firm.

So I guess this would be a good time to add a disclaimer:

I’m not an Accountant or a Tax Consultant, I’m a Digital Entrepreneur. All the information below is from my perspective as an online business owner who’s about to become a drop shipper.

If, after reading this post, you are still in doubt about whether you are liable to pay Sales Tax or not, I recommend you get a sales tax audit.

Here’s what I uncovered in my research.

Let’s start by drawing a line between Income Tax and Sales Tax.

What is Income Tax?

Income tax is the money you pay to the government on your taxable income.

We all know (as business owners or employees) that we have to pay income tax and, of course, I’ve been doing that.

The way income tax works is you pay tax to the government of the country you live in, no matter where your customers are in the world or where your income is derived from.

Do I have to pay Income Tax as an Online Seller?

Generally, the answer is yes – especially if you have an online business.

Most countries have a tax threshold, which means that you only have to register to pay income tax once you earn a certain amount annually.   However, earning foreign income may have different tax implications.

South African Income Tax

So in my case, I live in South Africa, I’m a Sole Proprietor and am registered as a Provisional Tax Payer.

I pay provisional tax here in South Africa on the profit I make as a business owner, even though most of my income comes from the USA, UK and Australia.

I convert all my income into Dollars (USD) before I transfer it from Paypal and then it’s converted into Rands (our currency) when I transfer it in my South African bank account. Then I work out my income tax based on the Rand value of my business earnings less my business deductions.

Twice a year I submit Provisional Tax and once a year I submit an income tax return (so far there’s been no money to pay out on the income tax return because it’s been covered already in Provisional Tax).

Who is liable to pay income tax in South Africa?

In South Africa, the income tax threshold for 2020 is R 79,000 a year for people under the age of 65 and R 136,760 for people over the age of 65.  If you earn less than R 500,000 a year (from one employer), you don’t have to submit an income tax return.

However, there are a couple of important considerations.

1. If you receive income from many sources (not just one employer) you have to register to pay tax.

2. If you receive income from outside the country (remuneration for foreign services rendered), you have to submit a tax return (even if you’ve earned less than R 500,000).

So in my case, I’m liable to pay income tax on both counts.  I earn from multiple sources and I earn foreign income.

What are the Tax Laws in my Country?

It’s really important that you research the tax laws in your own country of residence because tax laws differ from country to country.

In America, for example, the tax laws even differ from State to State.  US residents pay Federal Income Tax to the US Government as well as State taxes in some States.

Do you have to pay sales tax as an online seller or dropshipper? The short answer, not when you're first starting out. The longer answer in this post. #sellingonlineandsalestax #dropshipping #ecommerce #salestaxcompliance

What is Sales Tax?

Sales Tax is the tax placed by a Government or a State on certain goods sold.

If you’re selling products or services, some governments and some States in the USA request.

In the UK and South Africa, it’s called VAT (Value Added Tax), in New Zealand and Australia, it’s called GST (General Sales Tax).

Some States in the USA are Sales Tax Havens.

Do I have to pay Sales Tax as an Online Seller?

Most dropshippers don’t have to pay sales tax when they purchase goods from a manufacturer, wholesaler or dropshipping supplier.

in the States, when you buy something for resale, you qualify for a sales tax exemption but to take advantage of this, you need to apply for an official exemption license (or resale certificate).

Do I have to charge Sales Tax as an Online Seller?

Here’s where things get a little complicated, but let me just say, right off the bat, that in most cases you will not have to charge sales tax when you’re first starting out as a Dropshipper.

If, however, you build a very successful online store, you’ll probably be liable for sales tax (just as any other store owner).

Sales Tax Regulations

Again, sales tax regulations differ country by country but I’m going to focus on the USA (as that’s where most of my audience is) and South Africa, as that’s where I live.

Do I have to collect and pay Sales Tax in the USA?

Before June 21, 2018, when the Wayfair Act was passed, you only had to collect tax from your customers in the United States if you had Nexus in a State that levied sales taxes.

What is Nexus?

Nexus is a legal term meaning you have a sufficiently large physical presence in a State that requires you to pay sales tax.  For example, if you live in the State or have an office property in the State.

So for dropshippers who don’t live in the USA, like me here in South Africa, or someone in the UK, Australia, Europe or anywhere else in the world, this means we were not required to collect sales tax from US customers or pay sales tax in the US.

What is Wayfair Nexus?

However, there was a new Supreme Court ruling on 21st June 2018 known as the Wayfair Ruling.

The new law says that Sales Tax Nexus can be applied if you don’t have a physical presence in a state but are making $100,000 in Sales or making 200 Sales in a State.

Which means that any US State can now require that remote retailers collect and pay sales tax. Fortunately, most States have not passed this legislature.

For now, if you’re new to dropshipping, sales tax will not apply as this bill was aimed mainly at large online retailers.

Mostly, you’ll only have Nexus if you live in a State or have property in it and the law is not going to affect you until you start making lots of money.

If you’re confused by any of this, I found a brilliant video on YouTube by Sarah of Wholesale Ted.

Do I have to collect and pay Sales Tax in South Africa?

So my next question, of course, do I have to register as a VAT vendor and start charging VAT?

Yes and No.

If you own an online store, and South Africans buy products from your store, you have to charge 15% VAT on all VAT-able products.   However, you don’t have to charge VAT if your customers buy from anywhere else in the world.

Yet again, the answer for me is no, for now, because I don’t have to register as a VAT Vendor until I’m doing over R 1 million in sales a year.  I’m guessing that’s going to take a while.

So what I discovered in my research is that I’m in the clear when it comes to Sales Tax, for now.

Phew! One thing less to worry about.

And by the time I’m selling that many goodies in my dropshipping store, I will happily be able to afford a brilliant Accountant to handle all my tax submissions for me.

Hope when you do your research on your countries tax laws, you find happy news too.

Let’s do a quick poll.  In the comments below, let me know which country you come from and whether you have to collect and pay Sales Tax to your government on the goods you sell online.

*This post was sponsored by Tax Connex, who take the headache out of Sales Tax in the United States. Writing sponsored posts is just one of the ways I earn income from my blogs. All opinions are my own.

A divorce solicitor will take the time to understand each individual situation

Divorce Solicitor London

Every marriage has its own unique story behind it and as a result, every divorce will have its own reasons and complications.

A divorce solicitor always understands that every family situation is different. They have many years of experience in dealing with a whole host of different scenarios and complications.

Whether a client is seeking assistance in reaching an amicable financial settlement or arranging some agreement that is suitable for the children, a divorce solicitor aims to leave every party involved feeling at peace with the situation, for the sake of everyone’s health and well-being.

Are you considering a divorce?  Have you found a solicitor who has taken the time to understand your unique situation?  #divorcesolicitorlondon Children and Divorce

When children are involved, divorce solicitors put their needs above all else. It is important that every child feels safe, understood and respected throughout these proceedings so that they are not at a disadvantage through no fault of their own.

It is important that the parents do not feel guilty about the choices that they have made in their lives, but are able to behave in a mature way for their children’s sake.

All divorce solicitors adhere to a Code of Practice which aims to resolve issues in a non-confrontational and constructive manner. This has proven to be beneficial for all parties financially and emotionally.

Settling out of Court

If it is possible, a divorce solicitor will aim to keep negotiations out of the courtroom and around the table. This is quicker, more cost-effective and usually ends in a more peaceful way.

By simplifying the divorce process as much as possible for their clients, divorce solicitors make sure they take the time to listen to their clients’ needs, so they know how best to help them.

The less conflict and stress that occurs during the proceedings, the easier it is for everyone to move on with their lives.

Finding the right team member

When a client finds the right divorce solicitor; one who can understand them, is compassionate yet professional, and able to alleviate any anxiety that they may have, it makes a huge difference in how the process is approached.

It is completely natural to be overwhelmed and apprehensive about the ending of a marriage with a lot of emotion and confusion during this time in a person’s life.

Since divorce solicitors have dealt with such a wide variety of cases over the years, clients can be confident that their voice is heard and that it is likely their divorce solicitor has seen a similar situation in the past.

By using this experience in an advantageous way, divorce solicitors can create a personalised process for their clients to be able to follow. A structured approach will allow them to skip over unnecessary details in order to focus on the bigger issues at hand. Only experienced and knowledgeable divorce solicitors can do this with ease, making the entire process seamless.

A lot of the administration and negotiations can be handled by a divorce solicitor, leaving their clients time to process the changes that are going on in their lives. By being kept informed on progress, clients can contribute relevant information where necessary.

Are you considering a divorce?  Have you found a solicitor who has taken the time to understand your unique situation?

5 Things to Do after Suffering a Traumatic Car Accident

In November 1995, I wrote off my car in a nasty accident.  Even though this was nearly 25 years ago, I remember the day as if it were yesterday.

I remember dropping a glass at home and hearing the sound of it shattering on the floor before I dashed out of the house to race off to a client and that same awful sound of shattered glass upon impact a few minutes later.

I remember how angry the other driver looked for that split second before he saw what shape I was in.

I remember how I felt every bump in the road on the way to the hospital in the ambulance and wondered afterwards why they have speed bumps on the way to the ER.

I remember how I cried with pain while I was being X-rayed and how abrupt and unkind the nurses were to me, in stark contrast to how wonderfully compassionate the Doctor on duty was that day.

According to this 2015 article in, there’s only a 1 in 77 chance of dying in a car crash, meaning the risk of dying of heart disease or diabetes is much higher.  But every day there are more cars on the road and the likelihood of accidents increases. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, global crash statistics are so alarming it’s becoming a public health concern.

While we all hope and pray we will never be one of those statistics, accidents can happen and do happen. Every day. And when they do, you’re probably going to need both medical and legal assistance.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind should you ever suffer a traumatic car accident.

Do you know what steps to take should you ever suffer a traumatic car accident? I learned the hard way. You can learn from my experience. #todoaftersufferingatraumaticcaraccident  #caraccidentlegal #autoaccident1.  Call for Immediate Medical Assistance

This is assuming you’re able to make a call.  I was winded after my car accident. Because I couldn’t breathe and thought I was dying, I was not capable of calling for help myself.  Fortunately, passers-by made the call and it felt like seconds before the ambulance was there and others were taking care of me.

2. Call your Insurance Company

It’s a really good idea to have all your car insurance details on your cellphone so you or someone close to you knows what to do and who to call in the case of an accident.

The first person on the scene just happened to know my boyfriend at the time and so he got there about the same time as the ambulance and was able to handle the rest of the details on my behalf.

Some insurance companies send you a letter or email with all these details. Keep a copy of it in your glove compartment. If they send you a card with emergency numbers, keep it in your wallet. If they send you a sticker, make sure you stick it on your car. Be prepared.

3. Get Immediate Emotional Support

Talk to your friends and family about the accident.  Talking through what happened with loved ones who care about you and your wellbeing, really helps you work through your emotions.

4. Seek Counselling if Necessary

If you suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) a few weeks or months down the line, seek Trauma Counselling. I found Kinesiology and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) provided the best relief for me.  This would be especially important if someone close to you was injured or killed in the car accident or you believe you were the cause of someone’s death or severe injury.

5. Seek Legal Assistance if Necessary

If your case is more complicated than usual, you will need to seek legal assistance as well. There’s a chance your medical insurance and vehicle insurance may not cover all your expenses, especially if you sustain injuries that will affect you long term.  A good legal firm is your best chance of getting full compensation. Learn More

You will also need legal help if you were deemed to have caused the accident and others were injured or, heaven forbid, killed. I pray this never happens to you.

Have you ever been in a traumatic car accident? Are you over the physical and emotional effects?

Why Hire Immigration Lawyers?

Why Hire Immigration Lawyers?

Guest Post by Anna Wrench

Has the thought of becoming a citizen of another nation ever struck you? Have you ever wondered how you could get the task done easily? Well, hiring an immigration lawyer is a good move. Not only do they make it easy for you to get the immigration, but their work goes beyond that.  In this blog, we will reveal the work of immigration lawyers and the reasons why you should hire them.

As mentioned above, the work of an immigration lawyer is more than you would have thought. They help you represent your immigration case and also help you get the citizenship of new countries. They also help citizens in case of deportation.

With so many of my friends moving abroad, I was delighted to receive this guest post by Anna Wrench. #whyhireimmigrationlawyersWhen Do You Need An Immigration Lawyer’s Help?

Well, I have already mentioned that these lawyers have more work than just to provide legal assistance in getting an immigration visa. Some of the other areas where you need to seek their assistance include the following:

  • Immigration lawyers provide legal advice on whether a person can get a work visa for another country for a specific time period.
  • They also help a student who is planning to study abroad. These lawyers let the student know about the right visa processing.
  • An immigration attorney will also assist you in getting citizenship of another nation. For example, sometimes applicants need to pass an English and Civil test to get citizenship through naturalization.

Since these lawyers will be taking on the charge of so much work and most of it being legal, it becomes imperative to choose one who is qualified and knowledgeable in their job.

Here are certain parameters that you need to consider before hiring immigration lawyers:


One of the key aspects that you should consider while hiring an immigration attorney is to see if they are well-versed with the immigration laws of your target nation.

Make sure that you thoroughly inspect about them and choose the one who is competent enough to carry forward all the legal proceedings without any bottlenecks.

To confirm the qualification of the lawyer, you can also contact the local state bar, or there are websites which have complete information about registered lawyers. You can check these out to get authentic information.


If you want to go another way, you can seek references from your peers or colleagues who have previously applied for an immigration visa.

This step would save you from the unnecessary hassle of finding and researching about the lawyer from the scratch.

Sticks To The Deadlines

When you are dealing with the immigration proceedings, it is very important that you choose a lawyer who is able to meet all deadlines, whether it is the submission of documents or presenting the case, everything has to be done on time and without any error. Thus, hiring a professional lawyer becomes mandatory.

Affordable Fees

If you are hiring an immigration lawyer from a reputed firm, it will come at a cost. Don’t go by their words, rather look at the previous cases handled by them. You can also check the reputation of the firm online on various portals.

If you are worried about encountering a fake company or fake immigration lawyers, then you should ask them these questions:

1. How long have you been taking care of such cases?

2. Can you provide me with some references?

3. Are you associated with any lawyers’ associations? etc.


The above-mentioned points are the basics of choosing qualified immigration lawyers. If the immigration lawyers are able to build trust and rapport with you and fulfil the above parameters positively, then, by all means, go ahead and hire them to assist you with this exciting new phase of your life.

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