Call Upon a Sexual Offence Solicitor When You Need it Most

Guarding Your Legal Rights

If you or someone close to you has been accused, charged or called in for questioning regarding a sexual offence, then you must call upon a trusted sexual offence solicitor as quickly as possible.

In doing so, you can ensure that there will be an experienced and professional legal team of solicitors on your side.  They will do everything they can to make sure a favourable outcome can be achieved. Plus, they can ensure your legal rights are upheld and protected throughout all stages of the case.

sexual-offence-solicitorWhat Constitutes a Sexual Offence?

Sexual offences cover a wide variety of criminal acts, and given the severity of most sexual offence allegations, there is a high likelihood of the case being taken before the High Court.  This means a custodial prison sentence will be pursued.

Because there are so many instances and varieties of sexual offences, it is imperative that you get proper legal support from a solicitor. You must hire one that is experienced in the particulars of the offence you are being charged or accused of.

In the UK, sexual offences are governed by the Sexual Offence Act 2003, which sets out the specific offences that you may be charged with. These include, but are not limited to, offences such as:

  • Rape
  • Sexual assault by penetration
  • Sexual assault by touching
  • Child sex offences
  • Grooming
  • Abuse of a position of trust
  • Indecent exposure.
  • Prostitution-related offences

Proactive Steps to Improve Your Situation

Being accused or charged with any type of sexual offence can be an exceptionally traumatic experience, and even worse if the accused is not proactive in taking the appropriate steps. Very often, people that are accused of sexual offences have never had any previous run-ins with the police. This could leave them vulnerable to making poor decisions or buckling under pressure if they are not careful.

Anyone who is being asked or called into a police station for questioning about a sexual offence has a right to legal representation when interrogated by the police.

The sooner you get a proper legal team on your side, the higher your chances of a favourable outcome. Ideally, before the allegation itself has the chance to leave a lasting mark on your reputation or social standing.

What Will a Solicitor Do?

In a sexual offence case, a good solicitor will try pushing the court on their client’s behalf to have the case dropped if possible. Alongside this, he will also offer support to the client and their family. Solicitors conduct extensive research and examine all evidence that is being presented against you. They will also interview witnesses and cross-examine any testimonies that have been made against you to establish whether or not key details are being deliberately omitted.

Another key role that a solicitor plays is collating and reviewing communication that has taken place between the accused and their accuser. Should there be such communication, the solicitor will try to establish the details of the relationship.


If you or anyone you know are in trouble with the law and need help with proving your innocence, it is essential to hire an experienced sexual offence solicitor as quickly as possible to represent you or them in court. Going through something like this can be overwhelming and stressful, that is why you need a legal team that is dealing with cases like these on a regular basis. They can ensure the best possible outcome.

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