Effective Dental Marketing Using Research and Social Media


Effective Dental marketing is essential for the growth and success of your dental practice. Over the last few decades, dental marketing has had a complete shift to digital dental marketing. And to make sure that you do not fall behind and lose potential patients to your competition, it is important that you also invest in … Read more

4 Useful Tips on How to Sell on Azure

4 Useful Tips on How to Sell on Azure

How to Sell on Azure Microsoft commercial marketplace offers two online stores namely Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace which are both channels that help businesses to market and sell their cloud-based solutions. Today, we are sharing 4 tips on how to sell on Azure. First, let us tell you a little more about Azure Marketplace. … Read more

6 Benefits of Hiring a PR Agency For Your New Business

Benefits of Hiring a PR Agency

Many people understand the importance of public relations agencies thanks to TV shows and movies from the 1990s.  These experts are always showcased as professional, glamorous, fearless, and bringing in heaps of money. Public relations play a significant role in business and it is crucial for new business owners to be successful. Many businesses are … Read more

E-Commerce Email Marketing Strategies and Benefits

E-commerce Email Marketing Strategies

When eCommerce email marketing comes to mind, the first thing that pops into most of our heads is those email blasts that advertise new products or promotions. But this is just one email marketing strategy. There are various other strategies that can be implemented that are even more effective. Automated scheduled emails for your small business … Read more

What’s a Sales Presentation? (Video)

What's a Sales Presentation

What’s a Sales Presentation?

Watch this video to find out.

As promised, here’s a link to the 15-Day Online Business Challenge.

You may want to read my review first though – as there are some special offers at the end of the review.

If you’re a digital entrepreneur or would like to become one I’d encourage you to do the Challenge. It’s AMAZING!

On Day 11 you’ll get to see Dave interviewing Kevin Harrington (former Shark) about those 3 steps to the Perfect Pitch I mentioned in the video: Please, Tease and Seize.

* If you purchase anything through a link in this video, you should assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that I’ll be compensated in some small way at no extra cost to you.

Next Up, What to Outsource in Your Online Business

What is Email Marketing About? (Video)

What is Email Marketing About

What is Email Marketing About? Find out in this video. Download the PDF Presentation below What is Email Marketing About? from Lauren Kinghorn Read more in the following posts: What’s an Email List For?  and What’s the Value Ladder Would you like to become a Digital Entrepreneur? Start Here Are you a Fempreneur? I would luuurve … Read more

Legendary Marketer Review (Video)

Should I Join Legendary Marketer? YES - Here's Why

Should I Join Legendary Marketer?  YES – Here’s Why See my full Legendary Marketer review here.  How to Join Legendary Marketer’s 15-Day Challenge As mentioned I paid $7 to do the 15-Day Challenge but Dave Sharpe has recently introduced a couple of new ways to get access FOR LESS.  You can save yourself 5 or … Read more

How to Create a Video for Your Online Business (Video)

How to Create a Video

As a Digital Entrepreneur, you’ll find the time comes when you need to start making your own videos to market yourself and your digital products or affiliate products. There comes a time when you are ready to increase your influence.  That’s why I just shot this quick video for you on how to create a … Read more