Dos and Don’ts of Promoting Your Law Firm Online

The online realm can be a useful place for those looking to get the name of their legal firms in front of the right demographic. However, before you launch into promoting, marketing and advertising your business online, be sure you know what you are doing. A subject that the do’s and don’ts post below covers in detail.

Do position your firm as the leading experts

While other forms of advertising and promotion can be useful, the most effective choice is to use content marketing. This is because by sharing content specialized to your business’s niche, you can establish yourselves and experts in your field.

This being something that will inspire faith and trust in your customers, as well as spread the word regarding your business’s name.

One way to go about content marketing for your business is to be involved in creating written posts for your firm’s own blog, or other credible sites online.

Additionally, if you can get other experts in the field to refer to your business, you can further raise your credibility.

Luckily, the latter is simple to do as all you need to get into contact with an agency like that can facilitate a connection with the relevant professionals. Something that can help you to make sure your content marketing works as hard for you online as possible.

The online realm can be a useful place for legal firms to gain exposure. Do read these do's and don'ts before you start promoting your law firm online. #promotingyourlawfirmonline #legal #marketing

Don’t give away your skills or services for free

In the quest to prompt your legal firm online, you mustn’t end up giving away your skills or services for free. Especially when it comes to advice forums and marketing content.

In fact, not only is this a bad plan economically, but it can also land your business in a lot of trouble. After all, legal advice tends to have a marked impact on the one receiving it, and this could leave your firm vulnerable to come back if things do go the way the client wants. With that in mind, be sure you don’t offer specific or personal advice online.

Do humanize your firm (and show you treat your clients like individuals)

Being in a confusing legal situation is stressful, even for the most robust of us. With that in mind, humanizing your legal firm can be very reassuring, as well as being a smart way to promote your business online. To that end, be sure to show images of your team on your website and on social media. You can read more about this process at

However, you must be careful when it comes to relating any client details or cases online. In fact, you must always be mindful of the client-attorney privilege, and how the media can impact a case that is in progress.

Do choose the right platforms

Finally, when it comes to promoting your business online remember that some social media platforms are appropriate and some are less so.

For example, LinkedIn, Twitter, and sites like Yelp are a good choice. However, you need to think carefully about setting up an Instagram or Youtube account for your law firm. After all, they are primarily picture and video-based sites, and so not as relevant for hosting your content.

Are you adhering to these do’s and don’ts when promoting your law firm online?

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