How Can I Start an Online Business? (Video)

Are you thinking of starting an online business?

It All Starts with You.Are you thinking of creating your own online empire? Brilliant! Wonderful! Stupendous! Good on You! Here's my best advice. Start with YOU. #HowCanIStartanOnlineBusiness #StartwithYou #ItStartswithYou #DigitalMarketing #DigitalEntrepreneurship

When I started out online, I had no idea of where I was heading. My initial plan of action was to build a website as a platform to launch the book I was writing.

I never finished that book.

I got sucked into the great, big wondrous digital vortex called the internet like a speck of dust into a Roomba.

My website morphed into something far from my original vision and quickly turned into 3 niche websites.

While I was learning new skills and getting to grips with the technical aspects of web building and internet marketing, I was also on a steep learning curve to find my unique place online. To find that special message I could deliver better than anyone and those special someones who craved my message most.

You see, the thing with building an online business that no one ever tells you is that it takes a while to find yourself online.

How long before I start making money online?

Because in the beginning, when you have Dollar signs in your eyes, it’s easy to be dazzled by every opportunity that crosses your path, regardless of whether they suit your skillset or interests.

Let’s be honest… how many of us have tried something borderline scammy, knowing in our heart of hearts that something was off? Yup, me too.

I believe the number one reason we do this is not because we’re bad people. It’s simply because we’re impatient.

We start out with the misconception that we’re going to build an online empire in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

In my experience, that’s simply not true.

If you’re going to create a solid online business that sustains you long-term, you need to treat it like you would any business. You’ve got to be in it for the long haul.

Typically, in the first year of business, most entrepreneurs lose money.

In the second year, you might break even and start making some side income.

And in the third year, you should start turning a profit.

I found this to be pretty spot-on for my online business.

Now, I’m not saying it will take you that long. But I just want you to be aware that it might take you a little longer than expected to find your happy space online. To save you having a desperate moment that leads to a lapse of reason somewhere along the line.

Please don’t be that kid in the back of the car, chanting, “when are we going to get there?” You’ll miss all the fun. The joy is in the journey.

When you start an online business, theres a lot to learn. And so many directions you can go in.

So here’s my best advice. Start with You.

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Your Interests

Get clear on what you’re passionate about. Choose a niche that will hold your interest for a good couple of years. Something that’s close to your heart. Something you can talk about for hours on end with your friends.

When you were little, who did you want to be when you grew up? That might give you a clue to your future as an internet entrepreneur.

Your Skills

Match your online business to your personality, skill-set and experience.

Here’s an example from my own experience. I’m an out-and-out extrovert. I feel energised at events, I thrive on being around people. When I first started out online, I spent most of my time researching and writing.

Two years down the line, I started attending networking events and speaking at some of them. It breathed new life into my business. And I felt alive.

It made me realise I needed to start speaking more. So I’m dabbling in video and podcasts now. And I’m currently planning my first Online Summit.

Your Goals

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where do you see your business in 5 years? What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Do you need to make a ton of money or just enough to supplement your current lifestyle?

Your Audience

Who do you want to serve? Who do you connect with and relate to? Who would benefit the most from what you have to give?

Your Solution

What do you have to offer? What problem do you solve? What’s your message to the world?

Now start looking into your business options online. As I mentioned earlier, there are many, many options to build a sustainable business online.

Any of these roles might take you to the top.

Blogger, Dropshipper, Freelancer, Website Developer, Graphic Designer, Content Writer, Editor, Proofreader, Digital Marketer, Social Media Manager, Course Creator, Online Influencer, YouTuber, Instagrammer, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Trainer, e-Commerce Expert et al.

Let me simplify it for you.

If you want to fast-track your success, here are the four biggest money-spinners online.

Affiliate Marketing

Digital Products

Events and Masterminds

Coaching and Consulting

So get started. Do your soul searching and your research. And recognise right off the bat, that you’re probably going to reinvent yourself many times.

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