HEAL Your Abundance in Dec 2023 | Interview with Joanna Hunter

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It was so exciting to meet Joanna Hunter a couple of days ago for this Zoom interview on her upcoming program, HEAL Your Abundance.

Joanna is a Metaphysical Teacher, Spiritual Business Coach, Author and Host of the Podcast Into The LightWeb®

My Mom and I have both signed up for HEAL Your Abundance, a 4-week program, which starts in a couple of days, on 1st December.

If you’d like to join us to heal YOUR Abundance, I’d be stoked if you used my affiliate link. You can find all the details at that link and Joanna shares juicy details in this interview.

HEAL Your Abundance – Video Interview

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HEAL Your Abundance – Joanna Hunter Podcast Interview

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Transcript of Interview with Joanna Hunter

[00:00:00] Lauren Kinghorn: Welcome, welcome Joanna Hunter. It is so wonderful to be finally talking to you. I feel like I already know you because I’ve read two of your books already, Get Selfish – The Way is Through and My Million Dollar Experiment.

Reading My Million Dollar Experiment (the book) has prompted me to join your 2024 My Million Dollar Experiment (Joanna’s upcoming program starting in January 2024).

And my mom and I have also joined Heal Your Abundance, which is coming up now on the 1st of December. First, I’d love you to go back and tell your beautiful story of how you healed yourself because that is an amazing story.

Early 30’s: Massive Burnout and Multiple Organ Failure

[00:00:31] Joanna Hunter: Thank you so much for having me. I’m really excited to do this and have this chat with you, Lauren. So yeah, so I’ve been on a big old journey and I name my journeys.

The first really, really big spiritual journey that was like a recognizable spiritual journey was in my early 30s hitting multiple organ failure as a result of a massive burnout, huge burnout. And it was a burnout that the doctors had told me that I wouldn’t survive.

So they had said to write my letters to my kids and to prepare my family for my passing. And, I think when faced with something like that it’s very interesting one’s reaction to something like that because I went into this very weird planning mode of like, Okay, I wonder if my mum could continue to run my shops and pay my husband a wage to keep my family going ?

It was really bizarre.

And then I was halfway down that rabbit hole when I caught myself in what I was doing and I was like, Are you planning on dying?

And I thought, No, no, this is not how my story ends.

And I don’t know if I can convey fully the conviction in that true decision. I decided. And I’m here today, still alive, because of a decision that I made.

I decided this is not how my story ends. I was absolutely determined that I was going to survive multiple organ failure. I had no idea how, but I knew that the way would be found.

I knew I wasn’t going to take no for an answer, and I would find that way, even though the hospital was asking me if I wanted a Priest to do my last rites and things like that. So it was pretty intense.

Event Horizon: Courageously Signing Out of Hospital

So the first thing that I needed to do in that journey was get out of hospital. I did something really naughty and I signed myself out, but I knew it was the right thing for me to do.

They were really panicking because none of my soft tissue organs were working properly or at all. They were like, we’re helping you breathe, we’re doing these functions. And we can’t do any of it.

It was just sheer determination of will, and it was the right thing for me to do.

And when I stepped through the doorway of the hospital, kind of hanging on the doorway, staggering out of the hospital, it was, what I call an event horizon.

So an event horizon is when you are stepping through a portal. Many times in our lives, we step through these event horizons.

We get to the threshold of the event horizon as one person. And then, as we take that bold step into the unknown, we exit that same portal as a different person.

And I knew that when I stepped through that hospital door a new version of me would need to be birthed, a new version of me would need to come forward, and I needed to go through a process of naming and defining that.

So, I finally made it home. All throughout the car journey, it was October, in Scotland, so it was quite cold, but I had the window cracked open to get extra oxygen because I didn’t have any oxygen with me (having been on oxygen for over a week at that point).

And then I got my husband to move the couch beside the patio doors, and we cracked open the patio doors, and I lay there just trying to breathe, and focusing on my breathing just to get enough oxygen into my body. I was in and out of consciousness.

When I was lucid, I got my journal, and I wrote in my journal, extreme self-abuse got me here.

It wasn’t that I was into drugs or had a drink problem or anything like that. My drug of choice was working. And I had literally worked myself to the bone.

I realized that if extreme self-abuse had got me here, extreme self-love would be the thing that would unleash everything.

Joanna Hunter’s GET SELFISH Journey

HEAL Your Abundance _Joanna Hunter _ Interview

So that became my Get Selfish Journey, which was probably the most terrifying thing I have ever embarked on in my life, because, I had a very, very selfless mother and I had a very, very selfish father growing up.

So I had the perfect parents to teach me the lessons, of the journey that I went on. But the idea of putting myself first felt really abhorrent to me because of the way that my father had behaved throughout and he was extremely selfish and very narcissistic.

So, behaving in a way where the behaviour that I was now embarking on, of prioritizing myself, putting myself first. It was excruciatingly emotionally painful to do that because I never ever wanted to be anything like my father. And so it was a real journey.

What I discovered as I went through that journey was that my parents had been these perfect avatars for me to show the middle road.

I hopefully have embodied the middle road where I can indulge the generosity of my heart.

But at the same time, I have the power to put myself first as well and be on my own priority list and, you know, up until that point, I hadn’t been on my own priority list.

I didn’t even make the list and that was one of the first things that I began to address.

So I went on this Get Selfish journey. I don’t talk about my multiple organ failure in that book. But what I do talk about is all the seven steps that I took to heal myself, and that was massive. That was huge.

Turning Inward, Turning to SpiritGet Selfish _ The Way is Through _ Joanna Hunter

And so, I literally turned inward. I’ve always been a clairvoyant medium. I’ve had that gift my entire life.

And although I was living very, very much in what I like to refer to as the muggle world. I had run brick-and-mortar businesses.

I had built between the ages of 23 and 26, four separate six-figure and multiple six-figure businesses. So I had been very immersed in the normal world.

And then, in my hour of greatest need, that’s where I turned, I turned back to my spirit, and I began to listen to my inner voice, and I began to listen to my intuition.

It’s a place I used to visit anytime things got difficult in the businesses – which they do frequently in business.

Anyone who’s been in business will know that it’s not all plain sailing in there, right?

Anytime that I felt confused or worried, that would be the one place that I would go. I would get all my candles on, I would sit in meditation. I would get my Oracle and tarot cards. I would get my crystals and I would connect in to Spirit.

Unfortunately, my MO before my multiple organ failure was only to do that when the need was great.

Now I realized that it needed to be something that I lived. And it was something that I had to embody and it was something that had to become the mode of operandum basically going forward.

We consult the spirit first and then we go forward. So going in house to the outer world, so inner to outer.

Before, I used to live my life outer to inner and I would only go inner if the need in the outer world was great, you know. And so making that switch in consciousness was massive.

I was left with a massive aftermath of multiple organ failure. I ended up having five abdominal surgeries. I had multiple different health issues.

I had ended up with two chronic illnesses, I had chronic fatigue and I had chronic unexplained pain syndrome. To be honest, I don’t even know who comes up with these names.

And I had an autoimmune condition that basically to this day remains nameless, but for about six months of my life, I became completely allergic to the world.

I would break out in hives and rashes and blisters and really big allergic reactions if I had water. In Scotland, we can drink the tap water. It’s really, really amazing quality tap water.

But if I had tap water that didn’t come out of my own tap in my house, it would create a massive allergic reaction. I was very ill for quite a long time.

Healing By Listening To Intuition

And now I’ve had no symptoms in about six years.

I’ve completely healed my body and I’ve healed my body by listening to its guidance and responding to that.

And I think the first element, and anybody that’s listening to this that is suffering from chronic illness, my personal opinion on chronic illness, or any illness, is that it’s actually an agent from the universe trying to love you back, into a better frequency.

So what we normally do is divorce ourselves from the illness. What we do is look at the illness and we start to blame the illness for why things are not working in our lives.

I chose through the guidance of spirit to look at illness through a different lens and ask myself what is it helping me to do.

And it uncovered some really uncomfortable patterns of mine.

So the biggest was, yes, I’ll do that for you. Oh my God, why did I just agree to that?

And I think every woman, even every man probably knows what it’s like to agree to something that you don’t really want to do, which means that you’re out of integrity with yourself.

And since you are Source, you’re out of integrity with Source.

And the key there is realizing when you’re out of integrity with you, you’re out of integrity with Source as well.

And so the first energy that I really sought to correct was to move back into wholeness and integration with myself and being in integrity with myself.

That meant I had to get comfortable with a very uncomfortable word, which is the word no. (Thank you).

I had to put boundaries in place.

I had to say, nope, I cannot do that. Thank you very much for thinking of me, but no thank you.

That’s so sweet of you to ask me, but I’m really sorry, I can’t do that.

Variations of that, right?

But it was so hard to begin with because I realized that I had a very, very ferocious people pleaser and I had a really ferocious brand of people pleaser.

[00:12:18] Lauren Kinghorn: I’m loving listening to your story. It’s absolutely amazing.

[00:12:23] Joanna Hunter: Amazing. Amazing. Yeah. The Journey of Get Selfish.

The title of the book is Get Selfish – The Way Is Through because what I didn’t realize was that everything that you’ve ever desired, the way is through you.

It is through you that you manifest and bring forward whatever it is that you desire but the biggest problem that people face is that they’re just simply out of integrity with themselves all the time.

Yes, I’ll do that. Oh God, why did I just agree to that?

Sure I can work late, but I don’t want to.

But we’re still constantly out of integrity with ourselves and therefore we’re out of integrity with Source.

And since we are the conduit by which our reality flows, we’re out of integrity with that conduit. And that’s why it creates such a massive impact.

I truly, truly believe that my illnesses were agents from a divine that loves me so much that it was willing to put this mechanism in place to call me on my crap, basically.

Healing by Moving Back into Integrity

And I realized that what was happening was that when I was out of integrity, quite often my symptoms would flare up.

And it wasn’t until I caught that correlation between the chronic illness and my integrity, that I started having a moment of thinking, Oh, well, you know, but then I had to go and find my courage, right?

Because I had to be the person that was courageous and said, okay. Thank you very much, but no, thank you.

And it is hard and it is difficult because people have expectations of you and people have demands and all different things going on. Right?

And then we have this hardwired thing that we don’t really want to let anyone down.

And before you know it, you’re in hot water with your own energy with your own integrity.

And that’s when the universe steps in and says, here’s an agent for you and this agent is literally, I’m sorry, but it’s going to put you on your butt and it’s going to be hard and it’s going to be difficult.

But if you start caring for yourself at a deeper inner level, your need for this agent will start to disappear. And that’s what happened in my life.

Helping Clients Heal

Now I’ve seen this happen in hundreds of my client’s lives. So many of my clients have healed their bodies, healed their bodies from chronic health conditions, just by moving out of alignment, into alignment with their own self.

It is a personal journey that is incredible.

This is how I healed my body. And it’s not an overnight thing. It happens gradually, increment by increment.

And then the additional thing is that it’s not one-and-done. It’s a way of life, it’s really a lifestyle change that you start to continually monitor:

How am I doing today?

How am I feeling?

Am I in alignment?

Am I out of alignment?

And we’re monitoring that as we’re going along. You’re monitoring that as you’re going by your day-to-day when people are asking you things or connecting with you.

And you’re making sure that you are not giving more than what you actually want to give.

And this is why so many people work with what I call depleted energy fields. Their energy field is depleted of their own energy, which is why they’re so exhausted in life and they’re exhausted by life because they’re overgiving.

How to Be in an Energetic State of Abundant Overflow

The whole premise of Get Selfish is to get into a state of energy where you become in a state of abundant overflow.

When you give from the overflow, you’re never going to run out.

The number one question that I get asked all the time is, how do you manage everything that you do? Because I do a lot and I’m always creating something. I’m always working on something. I’m always creating new things.

Now I have the energy to do that.

And the reason I have the energy to do that is because I was willing to get selfish to start with and it’s actually increased my capacity to give.

One of the things that I discovered in my journey was that I’m actually a naturally generous person and I love to be generous and I love to give people my time.

But I was never giving that time from a good energy base. I was giving that time from a place of:

  • resentment
  • feeling stressed
  • feeling hard done by

because my own cup was not full.

Once my cup became full, it became a pleasure to do all of these things, to give from this place.

And the moment my cup feels slightly depleted, that’s the moment I return to base. I fill myself back up. I do all of the things that I need to fill myself back up. And then I’m good to go again.

The Famous Bathtub Analogy

[00:17:27] Lauren Kinghorn: I loved your story about the bathtub, about filling up the bathtub, but you’ve left the plug out.

So the energy from the universe is coming in. (I think this is how you explained it in the book.) So you’ve got all the energy available to you, it’s coming into the bathtub, but you’re not taking it because the plug is out.

That was brilliant.

[00:17:48] Joanna Hunter: Yeah. And some people I’ve come across, don’t even just have a problem with the plug being out. There’s a big old hole in the bath too.

So that energy is coming in from the universe.

The taps are always on. The universe is always giving.

This is an incredible thing about the world that we live in. The universe is always giving to you. There are always opportunities. There’s always an energy of giving from the universe to you.

The problem with us never receiving fully is because either the plug is out of the bathtub (and the bathtub represents a vessel that is us), or you’ve got a big old hole in your bathtub that you need to patch up and start to self-care a little bit harder.

Be Magic

And once the plug is in, it doesn’t take a genius to see what’s going to happen next.

It’ll keep filling and filling and filling.

And since the universe is always giving, there’s going to come a point where your bathtub is overflowing.

That’s the point where we start giving from.

If you can give from that energy, you are always giving from an abundant energy source.

And that’s when the magic happens.

That is when you become a living embodiment of magic.

This is a big part of my brand in my business, BE Magic. That is the recipe for Be Magic.

How to Be Magic

[00:19:05] Lauren Kinghorn: I love that. So what would you do? Is there something specifically that you do on a daily basis that fills your cup?

[00:19:15] Joanna Hunter: Well, my number one favourite coaching question of all time came from my spirit team Skylar, which is a collective consciousness that I channel.

As I went on this journey, their wisdom started to pour through me and they literally were my guiding light on how to heal myself and heal my body.

And then I began to heal others because I am a naturally giving person. So I started sharing with other people and people started asking me for help and it felt good to give it. So I was in integrity with that.

And so, my favourite coaching question of all time is to:

Close your eyes, place your hands on your heart, and then just simply tune into your inward energy and just say,

What is the most loving thing that I can do for myself today?

When you are in an energy deficit, you will find that the answers that you receive will be of a personal nature. And I’ve had everything from:

  • go and order some Chinese takeaway, to
  • go and have a bath,
  • go for a swim,
  • go walk in the forest,
  • go out into nature.

I’ve had all different things from the personal aspect.

When my cup is really full, it’s amazing to hear that inner voice switch to a more altruistic voice and be like,

  • do that live stream that you wanted to do.
  • Write that book you’ve been wanting to write, spend some time writing today.

It starts to be a giving energy.

You can always tell from the answer to that question where you’re at in terms of energy, whether you’re in an energy deficit or whether you’re in an energy plus.

If you’re in an energy plus, where you have an abundance of energy, you’ll find the what is most loving thing I can do for myself today question will always be about others, what you can give at that point in time.

But when you’re in an energy deficit, it will always be about filling ourselves up.

Have the Courage to Follow Your Inner Voice

And what I would say is: if you have the courage to follow that voice, that voice itself, will heal every aspect of your life.

Because I truly believe that that voice is your higher self, which is Source, which is the Divine.

And so tuning into that energy, you will find that you will start to heal at a really big level and it will give you all the guidance that you need.

And everybody is capable of just taking a few deep breaths, turning their energy from the outward world into the inward world, placing their hands on their heart, simply just breathing into the question and just asking, what is the most loving thing I can do for myself today?

And then finding whatever answer comes through.

And I always get something different. I very rarely get the same thing twice, but I just know that if I have the courage to follow the answer to what I ask.

And sometimes it’s difficult because sometimes the voice will say go and rest. But you’re like, God damn it, I’m busy today. Right? And the last thing you want to do is rest.

But also, you know that that is actually the best course of action. Deep down in your soul, you know that it’s the best course of action.

But you’re human. And this is where we talk in my world, we often talk about human self and soul self.

And human self and soul self aren’t always on the same page, you know.

But the human self will always have the energy to be the fullness of itself if we allow the soul to take the lead and guide us to having the energy that we need.

And so if the soul says rest, then we have got to be in agreement with the human and say, okay, I know right now the to-do list is massive, but we’re going to take some time out.

The fear is that the rest won’t end.

HEAL Your Abundance

[00:23:16] Lauren Kinghorn: So, HEAL Your Abundance, I’ve just signed up for that course. It starts on the 1st of December, right? So exciting. So from what I understand, HEAL Your Abundance is about that. It’s about plugging that hole, right?

[00:23:34] Joanna Hunter: Absolutely.

And it’s about taking a long, hard look at your behaviours, right?

Which behaviours are aligned? And nobody can decide that for you. Let’s just get that either way. I’m not here to lecture anyone on their behaviour.

It is to highlight the energy that may be funky. And then it’s for you to decide whether it’s funky or not. Right? Because our capacity to give is a reflection of our own self.

We use the HEAL framework.

We’ve created this beautiful framework, each letter of the word HEAL actually stands for something.

So the first week we look at H: Honesty and Hindsight.

And so we’re looking at a relationship with abundance, and we’re getting honest, right?

And that for many people is quite difficult, actually, to get honest. It was very difficult for me to start with because I was a mass of coping mechanisms. So there was an element of self-soothing.

I’ll give you an example of self-soothing. It’s where you tell yourself, that you don’t really want the fancy stuff, that you don’t really want the big, big dreams, right? Like, that’s just not for me. That’s not for me.

Okay, there could be an element where that’s the true-true, but also as well, you have to question it.

Is that true?

Or are we just saying that because we can’t ever conceptualize a time when we could have the fancy stuff?

So we say that to let ourselves down gently. Self-soothing.

So we say oh, you know, you don’t want to fly on a private jet, that’s not you.

Like, that will never be you, but, you know, deep down if you had an option to fly in a private jet, I don’t think there are many people that’d be like, no, I’m good, put me in the cargo hold. I’m great, I enjoy having no legroom. And so there’s things like that.

So the honesty and hindsight module is really interesting because we’re looking at really being honest with ourselves and our relationship to abundance and uncovering some uncomfortable truths.

While also starting the journey of honesty of:

What do you truly want from life? What do you truly desire?

And where has your behaviour been in the past? That’s the hindsight part.

Where has your behaviour in the past maybe not been in alignment with that?

Where has the behaviour literally been contradicting what it is that you desire?

How Did You FULLY HEAL from Burnout?

[00:26:11] Lauren Kinghorn: I know how I felt cause I also burnt out in my twenties and after burnout, I didn’t want to work like that again. I didn’t want to work those hours.

I burnt out as a massage therapist and I just did too much, I over-gave, there was nothing left and I was depressed. I had migraines. I also had a healing journey that I had to go through.

And now, I don’t want to go back to my healing practice fully because I’m so afraid of burnout. So that would be one of the things I would imagine I would work through.

But how did you work through that? You were nearly on your deathbed burning out when you were a serial entrepreneur creating all these businesses.

And now you’re a serial entrepreneur again, creating businesses and books and podcasts. That must’ve been a huge thing to overcome.

[00:27:01] Joanna Hunter: Yeah, you don’t overcome it in one day, you overcome it in increments, and it’s just taking like a little nibble and then seeing how you’re calibrating to the energy.

And that’s how I had to do it. I had to just do it increment by increment.

So the funny thing was that when I started this current business I’m in, I had said to myself, complete self-soothing – I don’t want a six-figure business. No, no. I just want a business that does good, but like, I’m not interested in that six-figure malarkey.

No, no, no. But the truth was, that I’d taken the energy of money, and I’d taken the energy of hard work, and I’d mushed the two together. And I didn’t think that they could be mutually exclusive. I thought the two energies must come together.

Hard work is hard work. Making money is making money.

The two do not need to go hand in hand.

There was this idea that hard work and making money went together.

Now, I got that from my conditioning from my parents because my parents were very fond of saying you’ve got to work hard for money. I grew up in a world and all the peer groups and everybody around us, I didn’t get that messaging just from my parents. I got that from my grandparents, my aunt and my uncle like I got that from the community that lived around us because that was the experience of reality for everybody there.

Journey of Radical Self-Honesty

So, as I started going on this journey, I really committed to a journey of radical self-honesty.

I had to be honest with myself.

I talk about squeaky-clean energy.

So squeaky-clean energy is where you have an energy where you have attached nothing to it. So you have the purity of the energy.

And so I sat with myself and I said, well, what is it that you would really, really want?

And I said, well, I would really like to earn 100, 000. I would really like that, but I realized there was a whole laundry list of stuff that I didn’t like, and didn’t want, that I had attached to the idea of 100, 000.

But then I realized that earning 100, 000 is earning 100, 000.

There are people who make hundred thousand dollar deals and deliver something in a week or deliver something, all across the globe. All the time.

It is just because in my mind, I had popped the energy of it’s got to be a hard slog, it’s got to be blood, sweat and tears.

So I realized the first part of my journey was unhooking my expectation of a six-figure year. Unhooking that. So I did that fairly quickly within the first few years of building this business. We had reached six figures a year and I had retired my husband.

We Were Living on Welfare

We completely transformed our lives because at that point in time, after my multiple organ failure, and building many businesses, we actually ended up on the UK benefit system. If you’re in other parts of the world would be known as a welfare system, so we ended up having government handouts and things.

I had gone from having a lot of money moving through my bank accounts, moving through my business and my life to watching every single penny. And that was an extremely humbling situation to be in. And also realizing that I was unemployable because of my chronic illnesses.

It was like, you couldn’t rock up to an interview and be like, Hey, so this week is good, but like next week, all bets are off whether I can work or not. You know, no employer would be like, Great, we’ll hire you.

No, they want a consistent employee. And I just wasn’t able to give that because I had good weeks and bad weeks and good days and bad days.

And it was so random in how that was happening, especially as I was going through the healing. So, there were weeks where I was wiped and then there were weeks where I was, doing good.

And especially with a chronic illness, there was a while there when I was really barely functioning as a human being. I was literally awake maybe two to three hours in a 24-hour period because I was absolutely bedridden at that point in time with the exhaustion of chronic fatigue.

And so, yeah, that was kind of interesting and… character building.

But as I went on this journey and got honest, I was able to retire my husband and in the same year that I retired my husband, our eldest daughter, Ellen began working for us as well.

So she was able to quit her job and come on board and work in the company as well.

So that was really, really exciting.

And then once I made six figures and started to move towards multiple six figures, I had to be honest with myself again.

Did I want a seven-figure business?

And again, the old fears of burnout started to creep in. And again, I looked at the energy, I asked myself, I love the question, why?

Well, why am I feeling like that?

You know, and again, it was all the fears, right? So I started to look and examine my fears because the only thing that is holding a human back from the results that they want is the fear that they carry. That’s it.

And so I looked at my fears again and I realized again that there was what I call mushed energy, two pieces of energy that don’t really belong together – mushed together and that the energy wasn’t squeaky clean.

And again I started to feel the next layer of the remnants of well, if you earn seven figures you have to work harder than if you earn six figures.

Well, that’s a fallacy. I can tell you that that’s a fallacy.

Most of my seven-figure entrepreneurs in my world, and women that I have helped to seven figures, actually work less now.

And I personally work less now than I did when I was earning six figures.

So, that’s a fallacy.

[00:32:59] Lauren Kinghorn: Wow. That is so interesting. I’m loving – you’re giving me such gold here this is so interesting. And that’s when the My Million Dollar experiment was born?

My Million Dollar Experiment

[Joanna Hunter ran her first My Million Dollar Experiment in 2021, with resounding success. My Mom and I have joined her 2nd My Million Dollar Experiment. It starts in January, 2024. Come Join Us!

My Million Dollar Experiment

[00:33:11] Joanna Hunter: In fact, I began writing that book before I wrote Get Selfish.

My Million Dollar Experiment Book by Joanna Hunter

My Million Dollar Experiment 2021 – Results

Many new businesses have been birthed as a result of the million-dollar experiment, which was amazing, but we also had a hand in creating 15 millionaires that year.

  • 1 in every 287 participants hit the million-dollar goal.
  • We had people at half a million.
  • We had people at 300, 000.
  • We had people at 250, 000.
  • We had people at their first six-figure year.

We had so many incredible, incredible results that weren’t the million-dollar results, but equally incredible and amazing.

And then we had some results that nobody expected.

We had one woman who actually messaged me from the hospital car park to say that her consultant had just removed her from the organ transplant list.

She had healed her body to such a degree that she no longer required an organ transplant.

And the doctor couldn’t even believe what had happened. He was just like, I don’t know what to say. But just have a long and prosperous and healthy life and enjoy your life. Basically, you’re healed, your body has healed itself.

And she said to me, I didn’t apply your teachings to money. And I haven’t made a million dollars, but I feel like I got something even better because I applied your teachings to my health and I’ve got something that money couldn’t buy.

And just knowing that I’ve been part of somebody’s journey, and this woman is a mama, and I think she’s actually even a grandmother now, and knowing that family is being touched by that forevermore is just beyond words. It’s beyond words.

It’s my reason for being and my reason for getting up in the morning and doing the work that I do. When you hear results like that.

  • And equally, for some people, the money is life-changing.
  • And for some people, the health is life-changing.
  • And for some people, they told us their relationships healed.

Why We Created HEAL Your Abundance

Out of that experiment, one of the things that we realized was that it’s all very well giving somebody a step-by-step plan for creating a million-dollar year.

And it’s all very well to give them all of this amazing information, but are they fully ready for it?

And what we realized was that so many people had such a funky relationship with money, which is why we created HEAL Your Abundance.

Because it was like, let’s heal that funky relationship with abundance, that skewed relationship with abundance that’s creating distortions in your energy field and making you almost blind to the abundance that’s already in your life, right?

So that you can start to appreciate it because what we appreciate increases.

So that’s why the My Million Dollar Experiment has this month before it with the HEAL Your Abundance because it’s the perfect lead-in.

[And that’s why my Mom and I are also doing HEAL Your Abundance in December. Join us?]

HEAL Your Abundance

How to Ditch the Hustle in Favour of Ease, Joy and Flow

[00:36:20] Lauren Kinghorn: That is so amazing. One of the things that really interested me in one of the podcasts I listened to, was that you interviewed so many people, the 52 millionaires, and you found that there were two kinds of camps.

There were the millionaires who were hustling for it.

And the millionaires who were doing it in ease, joy, and flow.

And you were once the hustler and now you’ve learned how to create the millions in ease, joy, and flow.

So I’m really interested in that aspect as well, because you know, I’m done hustling.

I Was Very Proud of My Hustle

[00:36:55] Joanna Hunter: I love that. I used to be very, very proud of my hustle back in the day when I had my brick-and-mortar businesses, really, really.

And anybody that didn’t hustle, my own judgment of them was very much like, they’re a bit of a loser, this is where it’s at. You got to go and get some.

And it was very masculine energy. Very, very masculine energy, of course, living so out of sync as a woman. And living so out of sync with feminine energy as well.

No wonder I burnt out.

No wonder I burnt my candle at both ends and in the middle and then wondered why there was no energy left.

Hustle is For People Who Don’t Know How to Flow

And so nowadays I have a very different idea of life and I have a saying in my business and in my life, which is hustle is for people who don’t know how to flow.

I don’t think anybody who is really hardcore hustling in life would actually want to do it if they knew how to flow, right? Because flow is the ease, joy, and flow, right? It’s the ease, it’s the joy, and it’s the flow.

And if you can get every result that you have ever wanted in that vibration and that frequency of ease, joy, and flow, who would not want that?

You would have to be insane that you wanted it nose to the grindstone push, push, push, and the minute you took your foot off the gas, everything slowed down.

When you’re in the flow, well, you can be that you can be that leaf on the river, right?

And you can flow to your results.

And so it was very interesting interviewing all of these millionaires because I can smell hustle from 50 paces.

And it’s been actually one of my hardest things inside growing my own business and finding mentors because there are a lot of mentors that present something kind of like flow.

And what I call it is a spiritual spackle. So they’ve got divine masculine energy with a thin layer of feminine energy spackled on top.

But actually, when you get into the main teachings of these people, it’s hustle.

And I had no desire to go back to that way of living that life, just as you have no desire to go back there. You’ve been there, done that, worn the T-shirt, bought the DVD, and probably had to take a big chunk of your life out to recover from it.

We don’t want to go there again.

Lean Deeply Into Divine Feminine Energetics

So for me, it’s about learning how to lean deeply into divine feminine energetics, which is very different, and it’s actually quite a fun thing to explore.

Because if we look at women in business, especially around the eighties, when we started to see the rise of really powerful women in business.

Although there have always been powerful women in business, very powerful women in business began to rise in the eighties, but they were doing it in a very masculine way.

They were even dressing in a very masculine way with the big shoulder pads and everything like that. And they were having to work harder to make it in a man’s world.

So women in business, what does divine feminine business actually look like?

It’s a really juicy question because I feel like so many of us, we’re only just really starting to scratch the surface of what it actually looks and feels like.

And I don’t feel like for women that arena is maybe clearly defined yet, as clearly defined as what it looks like in masculine energy.

The Rise of Conscious Entrepreneurs

But I think in feminine energy, we’re starting to see I see a very much softer entrepreneur, a more community-oriented entrepreneur rising now, which is music to my ears. It’s amazing.

And also, an entrepreneur that is thinking about much more in the bigger picture, like the environment and the wellness of their employees and people and, you know, there’s this bigger kind of picture entrepreneurship going on.

What are the long-term benefits of our products and what is the long-term impact of our products on the environment?

And I think it’s a much more conscious entrepreneur rising now, which I’m really all about and I’m excited for that.

So the divine feminine energy, we can define that as the being. So everybody has masculine and feminine energy. It doesn’t matter how they identify sexually or how they identify in their gender, right?

And so everybody will have an aspect of feminine energy and masculine energy. Even if you identify as non-binary, you’ll still have these aspects within you.

What is Divine Feminine Energy?

So the feminine energy is an inner energy.

The feminine energy is the being, and the masculine energy is an outer energy, and it is the doing.

So, my doing would always dictate my being, which equalled hustle, right?

Now, my feminine energy, my being, dictates my doing. It’s a different vibe.

So, we’re checking inwards first.

  • Am I in integrity?
  • Am I in alignment?
  • Does this feel good?
  • Can I hold the energy?

All of those things. And then that dictates what we’re going to do in our world to move the needle.

[00:42:18] Lauren Kinghorn: So it’s also about the allowing and attracting rather than the going out and hunting.

[00:42:25] Joanna Hunter: Yes, absolutely.

So the masculine energy is about getting. The divine feminine energy is about allowing.

So it’s not that you get abundance, that’s another fallacy.

The fallacy is, well, you can get abundance, but you’re going to be in the hustle energy.

But if you allow abundance, totally different vibe.

And you can feel it in your body how your body will actually shift from those two energies.

Like, I’m going to go and get me some abundance. I’m going to go and get me a million dollars.

You can immediately feel how your energy starts moving out of the way and starts looking and searching, thinking, questioning, all the things.

When you lean in and say, well, I’m going to allow, and allow this being that is me to receive a million dollars.

The energy comes down.

It’s not so, fight or flight. It comes down. You begin to relax. Your body goes, Okay. No pressure to do and then what happens is from that energy you can act on divine inspiration. So when you feel inspired.

Acting on Divine Inspiration – Co-Creating with Spirit

Now what happens when you feel inspired and you’re acting on inspiration instead, is that that action tends to be a million times more potent than you out there hustling, working only from your human energy.

So when you’re working in the divine feminine you’re working really in a co-creative energy. You are the co-creation. You are co-creating with the universe.


And your divine feminine energy is literally dictating what action you’re going to take in the physical, real world. And that makes all the difference. Like ALL the difference.

And that’s how you quit the hustle. That’s how you move beyond the hustle.

Joanna Hunter on SURRENDER

[00:44:22] Lauren Kinghorn: Yeah, this is what it is to surrender, right? When they talk about surrender, when they talk about allowing. It’s just that, just dropping into that feminine.

[00:44:30] Joanna Hunter: Absolutely. And I had the biggest problem with surrender.

Surrender and me were not friends for a very, very long time. I was very much like Winston Churchill. I will fight you on the beaches. I will fight you in the fields.

I was very much like you will not take me alive. I will not surrender.

And so this idea of surrendering, it wasn’t until Skylar said to me,

but what are you surrendering to?

And I’d never asked that question. I was like, what?!

And it’s like, yeah, you’re so resistant to surrender, but have you ever thought what you’re surrendering to?

And I was like, what are you talking about? Cause I was so ready for the fight. You will not take me alive.

And so then when Skylar said, well, what, what are you surrendering to? I realized that it was such a juicy question.

And for me, what I realized was that…

I was surrendering to the larger part of me, which is the universe.

The part of me that is all-knowing and all-seeing.

And literally has the freaking plan.

That’s the part that I’m surrendering to.

That made surrender easy.

I went from being in complete resistance to surrender, to being like,

Oh, snap. Let me just go and get a juice and sip my tush down, and let you just do your thing, universe.

I’m now just going to take a little break while you do the work.

And that was the key.

And so one of the things that really unlocked that for me was another thing that Skylar said, which is, your wanting is the universe’s wanting.

And what that means is the moment you desire something, the moment that you want something for yourself, the universe wants it for you too.

And so you never have to question which direction is the river going in, being that leaf on the river.

My fear of being in the river of life was that that river was going to take me to a bad neighbourhood. It was going to go down a path I didn’t want to go down, I wasn’t wanting to be party of or part of.

Realizing that my wanting is the universe’s wanting.

So the minute that I want something, the minute that I desire something, the universe desires it for me too.

And desires to flow me there.

The only thing that is stopping me from being in the flow is my own resistance.

[00:46:52] Lauren Kinghorn: That is amazing. Wow. You have given such gold. This has been the most amazing interview. Thank you so, so much.

It’s been so amazing talking to you and I really appreciate your time and everything you’ve put out, your books, your experiments, everything.

I can’t wait to do HEAL Your Abundance. It’s starting in a couple of days.

HEAL Your Abundance

[00:47:39] Joanna Hunter: We’re excited about it. We’re excited about it. It’s just such a juicy program.

And I know that even if you’ve done a lot of mindset work. Because I had quite a few people who had done a lot of mindset work, spent thousands and thousands of dollars on mindset work, and then they’ve jumped into HEAL and been like, Oh my God, this was cool. This was amazing.

And they learned something new in it as well, which is great. Had concepts that they’d heard, but hadn’t really quite landed.

And then suddenly in HEAL, they were like, Oh my God, that’s just landed for the first time ever. I knew it, but I didn’t know it, know it, now it’s landed.

There was a whole lot of understanding that went down there the last time we were on the HEAL Your Abundance. And so I know this time it’s going to be amazing for the people who go through with me.

[00:48:28] Lauren Kinghorn: Yes, I know. I had a feeling when you put out HEAL Your Abundance, I just knew that I needed to do that.

Take that step first before the My Million Dollar Experiment, because I was excited about the Million Dollar Experiment. I couldn’t wait for it to start, but there were all these little voices in my head coming up and I knew that I had to deal with that first.

So I’m really excited about doing that because you know, there’s always these two sides, there’s a side that’s like gung ho. Yeah, I’m going to make it. There’s that passion and you love it. And then there’s that other side that I don’t know, the little voice that’s saying, yeah, but why you, why should you, I don’t know.

There’s this… doubt, self-doubt.

[00:49:04] Joanna Hunter: Absolutely. It’s totally normal.

But that other voice is usually the fear talking, right? You’re talking and you’ve got to remember what is fear.

Well, fear is the mechanism that your brain has put in place to keep the organism that is keeping you alive.

Well, fear doesn’t need you to be happy to be alive, right?

It’s not hardwired for your happiness.

Fear is hardwired for your survival.

All it needs for your survival is for your heart to beat and your lungs to work. It will willingly sacrifice limbs, which is why people get frostbite on their toes and their limbs and they can lose toes and limbs because the system is wired for survival.

Well, you can survive without your fingers and out your toes. This is why the last systems to shut down is the heart and the lungs, right?

And so when you understand that, it is that higher thinking, the gung ho part of us that’s like, yes, I desire this. Yes, I want this. That we have to use to override the fear.

And we have to learn different techniques for managing the fear.

Will the fear ever go away? I don’t think so.

I mean, I’m not waiting for it to go away now I just realized it’s just something for me to deal with now as opposed to before, it used to be the thing that stopped me.

[00:50:33] Lauren Kinghorn: Wow. Okay. That’s amazing. I can’t wait to learn all of those tips and tricks and it’s going to be so much fun.

Thank you so much for coming into my world and I’m so glad to be a part of your world now as well.

Is there anything you’d like to leave the guests with?

[00:47:03] Joanna Hunter: If you’ve really enjoyed this conversation, make sure that you give this post or podcast a little like and a follow and I hope to see you on the journey and, you know, click Lauren’s link and bless Lauren with an affiliate payment and come and enjoy the journey and come on the journey with us.

Heal Your Abundance_ Joanna Hunter_ 4 Weeks_ 4 Truths_4 Insights

[00:47:22] Lauren Kinghorn: Thank you. I absolutely love that. Thank you so much.

[00:50:45] Joanna Hunter: Amazing. Amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Heal and in Million Dollar. Let’s do this.

[00:50:53] Lauren Kinghorn: Let’s do this. So exciting. Thank you and have an amazing day. Thanks so much.

[00:50:59] Joanna Hunter: Well, thank you.

Are you ready to create a massive change in your life? Join Us in Our Million Dollar Experiment.

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    Hi Lauren

    This article is very much comprehensive  and very helpful.  It contains sad stories but empowering. For most of us who likes to agree to things even though we don’t really like them, this is a lesson that we are out of integrity with ourselves. Being selfish is not a sin that this world make us to believe.  We must be able to say no if we don’t like to do something. We must put ourselves first. This even reminds me of Robert Kyosaki saying in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad ” Pay yourself first”,  then you can pay others.

    I’m going to buy that book  “Get Selfish- The way is Through’

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    Another beautiful inspiring article and video. Selfishness in fact means being in love with self and we must know and always remember who the self is? Self is divine part of human being is whole energy who creates the worlds who is creator and who is all so caring about self is absolutely is the top thing  to do ,and it is so miss understanded by many many.Thank you again .

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Beautifully said, Ela! Wholeheartedly agree, this is exactly Joanna’s message. 

      Skylar teaches that there is only one problem and one solution. 

      The one problem is believing in the Void (I call it believing we are separate from God). 

      And the one solution is recognizing all is Source, we are Source – infinite beings (I call it remembering who we really are).


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