Meditation to Remember Who You Really Are

This 8-minute Meditation to Remember Who You Really Are is the first meditation I offered on the first day of my 5-day Longevity Challenge to Boost Lifespan, Healthspan, Mindspan, and Joyspan I led last week.

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8-Minute Meditation to Remember Who You Really Are

Video – Meditation to Remember Who You Really Are

Podcast – Meditation to Remember Who You Really Are

Transcript – Meditation to Remember Who You Really Are

We’re going to do a short meditation just to come into the present moment and just be here.

Get Comfortable

Make sure your feet are on the floor, and you’re sitting up straight, if you can.  Get as comfortable as you can wherever you’re seated and just slowly drop into that space inside your head that is right behind the eyes.

Just come into the space behind the eyes, as you’re doing so you can breathe.

Drop into the Stillness

Take a few deep breaths in and out and now drop back a little bit into the middle of the head, to that very still point, in almost the middle of the brain, slightly further back, until you feel this stillness.

Get Grounded

Descending in your body and let’s get grounded. Imagine roots growing down from your root chakra or the perineum down into the ground, going deep down into the ground.

Feel yourself rooted and bring back some of the wonderful nutrients from Mother Earth. Groundwater, all of the nutrients that are the blessings that Mother Earth can give us at this time and feel yourself becoming more grounded as you do so, giving your energy to the Earth.

And taking the loving grounding earth energy from the earth.

Breathing that in.

Connecting to the Divine

And now connect up, right up through the body, through all the chakras. All the way up, right up into the heavens. Feel like you’re connecting to the Divine, to the Creator.

Connecting from the crown chakra, and from all the chakras, and bringing in the light into your body.

Bringing light and unconditional love into every cell of your body.

Lighting up each chakra, crown chakra, brow chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, the solar plexus, the navel hara, and the root chakra.

Dropping All Your Barriers and Expanding Your Energy

And now dropping all your barriers, dropping every barrier that you have and allowing in all the goodness and expanding out your divine light, your healing light, your heart-loving energy.

Expanding that right out from every direction of your body. Into your room, into the garden, into this beautiful city that we’re in.

Further out, going further out into this beautiful country, and sending out those loving vibes into the rest of the world.

Expanding your energy, expanding, expanding your energy right out into the whole world.

Sending out your love, connecting with your love and sending it out, radiating it out to everyone on the planet, especially anyone you know who needs healing, anyone you know who needs love, light, peace and joy at this time.

Radiating your love out and now further out, leave the planet and radiate that loving energy out to the entire universe and all the universes out there through the Milky Way and out to all the other whatever Ways they’re called.

Meditation to Remember Who You Really Are_ Podcast

Expanding Further Than You’ve Ever Expanded Before

Further out, beyond, beyond. Further than you’ve ever expanded your energy before.

And notice.

Notice that your energy does not stop here in this physical body.

Notice that everything we’re going to talk about today (on the Longevity Challenge).

Notice that this whole conversation of longevity has been answered already.

We do live forever. Our soul, our spirit, our very being lives forever.

It’s only the physical body that is here for a short time.

This 8-minute Meditation to Remember Who You Really Are is from the first day of my 5-day Longevity Challenge to Boost Lifespan, Healthspan, Mindspan, and Joyspan. In this post, you'll find the video, podcast and transcript of the meditation.Connect with the Part of You that Lives on Forever

Connect with that energy of you, the beingness of you, the spirit and soul that is yours forever, for all eternity, that always was here and always will be here.

Even if you don’t understand it, even if it doesn’t make sense to you, notice that we are part of the Mind of God, part of His creation, that our love has always been and will always be, that there is an essence of us that lives on forever.

Take a few deep breaths in, breathing in the light.

Remember Who You Really Are

Bring that soul energy now into your body, remembering who you really are.

Remembering how expanded you really are.

How great you really are.

How big your energy really is, how far it can reach across time and space.

And bringing that energy of you, that soul into the cells of your body to heal anything that needs to be healed right now.

Whether it’s mind, body, or spirit, thoughts or emotions or physical aches and pains.

Coming Back into the Room

Starting to connect with your body again, maybe touching your fingers or flicking out your fingers, maybe giving yourselves a hug.

Opening your eyes when you’re ready, just coming into the body and into the present moment.

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