Guided Meditation for Reversing Age | Energy Healing Meditation

Here is my guided meditation for reversing age and creating a vibrantly healthy body.  This energy-healing meditation is inspired by one of Jeffrey Allen’s WOW days in his course, Unlocking Transcendence which you can find on Mindvalley.

You can do this meditation as often as you like, as often as it feels good. This is your space. This is your time.

I invite you to sit or lie in whichever way is comfortable for you so that you can relax deeply, and settle into your unconscious mind and superconscious mind or the God-consciousness.

Guided Meditation and Energy Healing for Reversing Age

Video – Guided Meditation for Reversing Age

Be Open to Creating Miracles

Miracles can take place in your body if you can come with an open heart and an open mind.

You can create miracles in your body when you access the Superconscious Mind, your God-Mind, or the Mind of the Creator, the Heart of the Creator.

One thing to remember is I cannot heal you any more than I can digest the lunch that you just had. You are going to digest your own food. You are responsible for your body.

However, I can help facilitate your healing by just helping get you into a very relaxed and receptive state.

We’re working with energy healing when we’re doing this work and energy healing works miraculously and works really differently to the way our cognitive mind works or conscious mind works.

There are so many limitations that we place in the mind in terms of what we can do in our bodies, in our minds, and in our hearts, and we can break through these limitations when we start really opening up to energy healing.

So, this is an energy-healing meditation for reversing your age and making you feel fantastic.

Come with an open heart and an open mind, relax and enjoy.

Podcast – Guided Meditation for Reversing Age

Transcript – Guided Meditation for Reversing Your Age 

Below is part of the transcript for this energy healing and guided meditation for reversing age.

Dropping into the Still Point

Taking in a few deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth, just coming into the body.

This is your time. This is your space. We’re just going to play a little bit energetically. No expectations.

Coming into that quiet space

If you’re ready to close your eyes, you can close your eyes and drop into the space just behind your eyes, and now drop into that still point.

Go to the middle of your head first, the centre, and drop back a little bit until you feel that you have dropped into the still point, where there is absolute peace and quiet.

Once you feel you’re there, just take in a few deep breaths into that peaceful point.

Maybe smile, and you could also add an inner smile.

Smile with your whole being.

Grounding into the Earth

And now let’s start grounding our energy deep into the earth. Imagine that there are roots growing from your sitting bones deep, deep, deep into the earth, right to the earth’s very core.

Perhaps you could wrap those roots around the core of the earth and bring back all the goodness from the earth, all of the nutrients, bringing that into the body as roots would for a tree.

Now imagine a waterfall rushing down into the depths of the earth, and feel what makes you feel more grounded, the roots or the waterfall.

Now imagine you have light beaming down from your sitting bones deep down into the earth and feel whether the light emanating from your body and shooting into the earth, whether that feels more grounded.

Again, you can bring light back from the earth as well into your body, bring water, and nutrients, you can bring anything that’s required to ground you fully into the earth.

Connecting with the Heavens

And now that you’re feeling grounded, imagine that there is a beam of light stretching from your sitting bones right up the centre of the body through every single chakra all the way up either up your spine or up through the centre of the body all the way up and out, up to the heavens.

And connect now with the heavens, connect with the divine.

You’ve connected with Mother Nature and you’ve connected with the creator.

Feeling that connection, feeling the love, the unconditional love of the Creator coming down through that light into your body.

Guided Meditation for Reversing Your Age_ Podcast on Spotify

Connecting to the Heart and Radiating Love Out

And now feel the light really buzzing around your heart area.

Imagine that the light is vibrating and settling in this heart area and now it starts to radiate.

Radiate out from the heart, this loving, loving energy, this beautiful, loving consciousness is radiating out of your heart, out into the room that you’re in, or the garden you’re in, maybe you’re out in nature.

Radiate that heart further out into the suburb you’re in or the town or the village and now into the city, into the state or province you’re in.

Let that radiate out, not just from the front of your heart, but out from every angle, out from the back of you, from the sides of you, diagonally out.

Radiate your heart love, that unconditional love, the love that you feel when you love your baby, your partner, your pets, your best friend, your parents, or your plants, radiate out as far as you can go.

That same unconditional love that you have for your loved ones when you are completely in love with them and in love with life.

And now take that out into your country, into your continent, over the seas, into the other continents, into every city, every village, every river, every mountain, every town, every country of the world, everywhere, radiate that love out.

And then out further into the atmosphere. Radiate your love out into the stratosphere. Radiate your love out into the Milky Way and to all the other universes.

And out, out, out, out, out, as far as you can go.

Radiate Out Your Loving Energy Further Than Ever Before

Radiate out beyond, beyond.  Radiate out further than you can ever imagine.

Feel that energy encompassing the whole world and wrapping the world in your love

And reach out now so far that you touch the heart and mind of the Superconscious.

You reach out into the Heavens, to your Maker, to your Creator.

Receive God’s Love and Healing Light

And now start pulling in all of the Creator’s unconditional love.

Unconditional love into every cell of your being, allow the light and the love of God to infiltrate and go around each cell to be in every tissue of your body, to wash the cells to rush into those cells and now also access the stem cells of your body.

The cells that have been there since you were conceived, since you were only an embryo, the very first stem cell that was there that has been there from the beginning and will be there until you draw your last breath.

Breathe into the stem cells.

Imagine all your adult stem cells being infiltrated with this light, pour this light into those stem cells.

If you can see any disease programs running and coming in at any age along this timeline, take those disease programs out.

Maybe there’s been some mental illness in your past or in your bloodline, let go of that. Maybe there’s been dementia. Maybe there’s been heart disease. Maybe there’s been diabetes. Maybe there has been an autoimmune disease.

Just allow it to go. Unprogram yourselves, deprogram them, depopulate them, remove the programs.

Here is the video, podcast and a summarised transcript of my guided meditation for reversing age and creating a vibrantly healthy body.  #guidedmeditation #energyhealingmeditation #reversingageWhen You Were Your Happiest, Healthiest, Most Vibrant and Most Vital?

Think back to the age when you were your happiest, your healthiest, your most vibrant, your most vital.

And take yourself back to that age, take the cells back to the age where you felt your most vibrant, your most vital, your fittest, your healthiest.

Allow only the programs to be there that allow you to be vital, vibrant, alive, well, and happy.

Bring in light from God and unconditional love from God.

Allow the light and the unconditional love to fill every single cell in your body as well as your stem cells, so that over the next year as all of the cells are replaced, as all of the organs are renewed, you will reverse your age back to the age where you felt your most vibrant, vital, strong, fit and healthy.

And so it is.

Breathe in Love, Breathe out Love

Allow yourself to come back into your body now, gently, gently, gently, to become aware of your breathing again, breathe in love and breathe out, breathe in love and breathe out love.

Smile and allow yourself to smile on the inside as well. Smile at every organ.

Pouring in that unconditional love and the light that comes from the heavens. Allow yourself to bathe in this gentle light.

Come back into your heart, and feel yourself vibrating at a level they haven’t vibrated for in years.

You may hear a song, or some kind of music, or chimes, or you may see colours as you see those cells vibrating, or you may just feel a fluttering inside your body if you are very sensitive.

Drop now again, feel that earthing, connect with the heavens.

Connect inside your body and slowly, slowly, whenever you’re ready, you can open your eyes.

Come back into the room and smile.

May you go away holding this feeling, this expanded feeling of love and light.

And may your age reverse to whichever age you would like to be. Namaste. I see a God in you.

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