Meet Carla Trigo | Biographical Counsellor | Art Therapist | Naturopath

On Tuesday, 10th October 2023, I had the amazing honour of interviewing this beautiful, gentle being of light.  Carla Trigo is a Biographical Counsellor, Art Therapist and Naturopathic Doctor who works with multiple disciplines, including Human Design and Gene Keys to best help her clients.

Meet Carla Trigo | Biographical Counsellor

Video Interview

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Podcast Interview

Transcript of Interview with Carla Trigo

Lauren Kinghorn: Hi, everyone. This is my second interview based on the challenge I was doing with Sarah Anne. And today I’m meeting with a lady named Carla Trigo. Really looking forward to meeting her.

Hi Carla.  We’re on! Hello! Hello.

Carla Trigo:  Yeah, perfect.

Lauren Kinghorn: Hi. Lovely to meet you.

Carla Trigo: Oh, well, the pleasure is mine. So thank you very much for this moment and your time and everything. So I appreciate you.

Awakening Women

Lauren Kinghorn:
Absolute pleasure. So talk to me about you, Carla. I know that I kind of met you on Sarah Ann’s challenge about building your group. So how did that go for you? How’s your group?

Carla Trigo:  Yeah, it’s going well. I was for a break a little from a few months, just resetting and all that. So I met her, Sarah, four or five years ago.

I was one of her first clients a long time ago. And yeah, I love her. I love her enthusiasm and her spirit. So it’s going very well and slowly and connected with the core.

Lauren Kinghorn: And talk to me about your group – AWAKENING WOMEN- (heal from Trauma & create Abundance)

Carla Trigo: Well, my intention with the group really is to help people to connect with the meaning of their life story, while they understand energetics, they understand as well, their own biography and their own, pathways, that is not just ongoing events.

There is more, deep comprehension of the soul contract as well, the incarnation and karma and the laws that are behind every single aspect of us.

And how these will give us another perspective of being in this lifetime. So, the intention for that is to nourish people, understand their needs and offer and be in service, to show what can I do for people in different ways.

Biographical Counsellor, Art Therapist and More

Lauren Kinghorn:  Because you do Human Design, don’t you?

Carla Trigo: Well, I am a Biographical Counsellor and Art Therapist.  And the profession I studied, I’m a Doctor in Natural Medicine, so I’m a Naturopathic Doctor.

And my approach is to unify certain tools to be able to see the human being in the whole perspective, not as a fraction.

I also use Human Design, Gene Keys, and some other tools that are, for me, useful for people to use in their own discovery.

But my core is all about Biographical Counselling, that is understanding the Spiritual Laws and the Physical Laws that are related to the physical body, the astral body, the etheric body and the spiritual body and how they all work in rhythms of seven-year cycles and to unlock their higher potential behind.

Lauren Kinghorn:
That’s amazing. So, I’m on the seventh cycle now, right? I’m 50, so 49, so I’m moving into the eighth cycle. Is that right?

Carla Trigo: Well, you are between 49 and 56, so it’s a huge shift as well, leading towards a quite beautiful change moment that will be on the 56-year-old. Mm hmm.

Lauren Kinghorn: And is that for everybody?  There’s like a… Mm hmm. A sort of universal shift that happens at 56?

Carla Trigo:  Well, there is a law, there is no way that we can escape the law, right? 

There is a Universal Law and there is a Spiritual Law and a Natural Law. 

So the thing is, we don’t know those and no one told us about how this works actually.  We saw life in a linear mode and I shifted completely the perspective on that level.

So, yes, when you’re aware of how those apply and how you can really shift the perspective of each of your cycles then you can comprehend as well the influences of the Zodiac influences about the events and relationships and to heal, to correct.

Because it’s part of the correction of being in this lifetime through the karma and how to interpret that and how to decode it,  for your own future and as well not to be any more in the low frequencies or victimhood, la la la, right?

But yes, to be extremely in alignment with really who you are, but not from the mental perspective.

Meet Carla Trigo, a Biographical Counsellor, Art Therapist and Naturopathic Doctor who also works with Human Design and Gene Keys to best help her clients.How Carla’s Life Story Led Her to Her Work

Lauren Kinghorn:
Okay. Lovely. So how long have you been doing this for Carla?

Carla Trigo:   So 27 years. So 26 years ago, so it has been a very early call.

From all my own experience, but also, looking for those tools and looking for answers and asking great questions about exactly what I’m doing here that led me to find many beautiful ways to understand this lifetime as it is.

Lauren Kinghorn:  And so that’s how you got into it. You started asking the question. What am I doing here?

Carla Trigo:  No, first of all, it’s your own life story. That’s why I’m so focused on the life story, a story to lead you towards the things that you need to correct because we are so programmed and so conditioned, right?

We feel that everything that is around us happens to us, so we are stuck in that victimism and ego situations where we suffer losses. We suffer the situations without comprehending the depth of that.

And, of course, embody, what does it mean to be in pain?

Or what does it mean exactly the stages of life that we have to pass through to become more aware of the sense of what we are living here?

And what is the purpose of the relationships that come to us?

These have a very interesting spiritual meaning to fulfil our life in this physicality.

Yes. So, my own life story led me at a very early age to ask questions and to look for answers. Mm hmm.

Lauren Kinghorn:
Would you like to share specifics about your own life story?

Carla Trigo: Yeah, sure. Well, my life started very well until the age of eight. So the first cycle is from zero to seven, right?

At that moment something happened, the loss of my whole family – I mean, in the way that my parents got divorced.

From having everything, I just started to work in a circus, no family, no food, working hard.

And from there, well, I can tell you many things, but from there is like, okay, why this is happening for me and what am I  looking forward to from that age, right?

So at the age of eight, some kind of questions popped into my head and later, horrible situations came into my life as well from my stepfather and that led me to more questions and to live in the streets for many, many months.

And again, gave me the opportunity to face life from the opportunity. Right?  Not from the suffering.

Of course, there was a lot of pain, there was a lot of abandonment and my father died.

I was like, wow, what can I do here? But my focus was, okay, what can I do with this? 

For me to grow to the next level, right?

So we have to comprehend all the facts that we are experiencing in this life somehow we decided before incarnation. So, when you comprehend that, everything starts to make sense on different levels.

Lauren Kinghorn:  Wow.  So you really sound like a seeker who has found her answers, which is amazing.

Carla Trigo:  Well, yeah, the beginning was looking for who am I and what I’m doing here.

And I was answering a beautiful lady today that actually we have to stop all the time to seek, seek, seek, because actually, the answers are in within us, so, exactly. Yeah.

But, the first ignite point is to ask questions and to be able to make that action through seeking, right, that there is something else that we have to comprehend.

Carla Trigo Podcast Interviewed by Lauren Kinghorn

How It All Unfolded – Carla’s Path

From Naturopathic Doctor to Biographical Counsellor

Lauren Kinghorn:  So did you start with Art Therapy? Was that the first thing that you did?

Carla Trigo:  No, my first thing was becoming a Naturopathic Doctor to comprehend as well, how the body and how the brain works. Through pathologies into when there is emotional stress and when there is emotional trauma, right?

And for me, it was very important to comprehend the union between the body, the physical body, and as well, the impact of certain aspects of our health, on our well-being.

From there, I jump into Medicine, right?

More deeply in Psychology, Spiritual Psychology as well, to comprehend how those impacts are giving incredible reasons and understanding from the spiritual realm.

I use tools all related to natural approaches because nature has incredible remedies for us to balance the physical body and emotional body at first.

I use Art Therapy because the colour has an incredible vibration to provoke healing, not only in the physical but in the emotional as well, the comprehension of what is next for us when everything is surrounded with that sense of unity.

So I use multiple disciplines is like, um, very interesting process here. Yeah.

Lauren Kinghorn: So logistically, how did you even get into Natural Medicine? Because that sounds expensive and you were on your own, were you actually in the circus circus or were you just using that as an analogy? Was it really the circus?

Carla Trigo:  Yeah, well, I have to say that I was in the circus for two years travelling in South America, when I was eight, nine and ten years old. And my curiosity there was also studying.

I didn’t have my father, nor my mother, no one was around.

So I was in between work. I was with books trying to learn something.

And a lot of events happened.  My father died when I was 11 and my stepfather started to be really a monster, abuse, sexual trafficking my sisters and me, and a lot of things going on.

But from there is like, okay, what can I do with this?  That helped me to be very cautious about where I’m heading towards. And, I became very, very good about observing people and behaviours.

And that gave me a lot of tools to start decoding the physical body issues that we have, and pathologies and emotional trauma. And how I can help that.

So natural medicine started in one of the periods where I was very in tune with nature and I lived with the Bedouins in the desert in Israel. And then I started to really understand the unity between the Cosmos and Earth. And yeah.

From Spain to South America to Israel to New York

Lauren Kinghorn:  So how did you even get from South America to living with the Bedouins in Israel, that’s incredible.

Carla Trigo: Well, eight years old, South America, back to Spain. I became seeking, and understanding who am I and all that. So for me, there was a karmic relationship with Israel and Judaism.

So I converted to Judaism and I lived there for a little while. And from there, it’s just ongoing situations that lead me to ask more questions and live with the Bedouins in the desert and from their expansion and, you know, healing as well, because it’s all a part of all about the healing process. Still, it’s ongoing.

Lauren Kinghorn: And you’re Spanish. You’re from Spain?  Wow. So how many languages do you speak as a matter of interest?

Carla Trigo:  So I speak in between four and five, I have to say that four. Of course, Hebrew, Spanish, English, French, and Italian I can really manage, they’re in the back, but I can manage all of it.

Lauren Kinghorn: That is amazing. And so are your clients all over the world?  Are you working on Zoom and then they’re all languages all over the world?

Carla Trigo: Yeah, well I have mostly English speakers. But I have had clients for a while in Europe, in the States, in Canada, South America.  My intention is to really seed some love in people’s lives, let’s say.

Lauren Kinghorn:  And you currently live in America. Am I right?

Carla Trigo:  Correct. Yes. I live in New York. Another part of my biography, the interesting process of growth and understanding the reasons why I’m here right now.  But I’m a wild woman. Like you can give me the backpack and ah, I’m ready.

Lauren Kinghorn:  You go!

Carla Trigo:  Yes, but I’m a mom also and the priority is my kids.

And how old are your children? So Daniel is 19 years old and Noah, she is 16.

Meet Carla Trigo | Biographical Counsellor | Art Therapist | Naturopath | Carla Trigo Interview Lauren Kinghorn

From Traumatic Childhood to Loving Parent

Lauren Kinghorn:  Wow. Amazing. And, your parents, so your stepfather and your mother, do you have any contact with them anymore?

Carla Trigo:  Uh, no my stepfather died, so it was a process of a lot of healing with my mother.

And yes, we do have, a relationship, very compassionate and as well, and my kids have an incredible relationship with her which is phenomenal to see as well.

Lauren Kinghorn:  Oh, that’s fantastic. And what about your sisters? What happened with them? Were they also able to come through all of what was happening when they were younger?  Are they as well as you are

Carla Trigo: Not really. My middle sister, I can say yes, but still very closed emotionally.

My little one is the one that suffered the most and unfortunately, she was doing many years and still in recovery. Now she’s in rehab. She lives in Israel close to where the problem is now bombarding and the situation that is crazy.

So, yes, she suffered the most and she’s still battling with the pain and the craziness of what happened when she was a little girl.

Lauren Kinghorn: And have you tried to help her with all of your therapy that you know, or is she unreachable?

Carla Trigo: Well, it’s difficult.  Not because she’s family, it’s because the human being needs to be ready for it.

I could be the most incredible mentor or coach, but if the person is not ready, I cannot do much.

What I can do is just share love and be compassionate and hold this space for her and just send her the most warm close relationship that a person can have, even though you can not offer the healing still, right?

Every single person needs to find their own pathways and that’s the beauty as well to see the strength of the human being to make these things happen.

Lauren Kinghorn:  Yes, and how long did you live in Israel?

Carla Trigo: I lived there for around 12 years and now I am in the States for 11 years.

Future Travel Plans

Lauren Kinghorn: Wow. Okay. So you’re nearly ready to move on.

Carla Trigo:  I think so.  Maybe in your area. I don’t know.

Lauren Kinghorn: Oh, yay!

Carla Trigo: Yeah. I don’t know but I feel there is coming something.

My vision is to travel again and to help as many people as I can teach and oh my goodness, that ignites, my heart and warms up the intention.

I don’t know where it will be next.

Lauren Kinghorn: That is so exciting to be footless and fancy-free like that. So your son is now 19. So he’s at university or college or…?

Carla Trigo: Yes, he was in the Marines, and he had an issue with the shoulder. So he’s coming back home. And yes, he has the intention to continue college.

And my daughter, well, still two years more to finish her High School, but the relationship with them is phenomenal. And it’s really very open and free. So I told them, guys, I’m ready to just have my backpack ready. Hmm.

Lauren Kinghorn:  Yeah. You’ve got itchy feet now. And is there a husband? Is there a man in your life as well?

Carla Trigo: There is a man in my life. Yes. So far. So far, yes. In the way that as well as a lot of good relationships is when you grow. So, this is the moment as well to balance many things and processes of healing some of the things that we have to, but yes, so far so good.

Lauren Kinghorn: Oh, that’s fantastic. So if you go, you’ll go with him?

Carla Trigo: I don’t know. Yes, probably. Yes, probably. I don’t know. My intention is yes, but, I don’t have the answer to that question because I have the vision, right? But also I need to be respectful of my partner’s decision.

He’s more like a quiet man, he wants just to relax more and the difference in age, he is 10 years older than me, makes a huge difference. I need to do a lot of work in the field and hopefully, we will be on the same path. But don’t have the answer though.

Art Therapy

Lauren Kinghorn: Yes. So now I’m interested in the Art Therapy. The pictures that are behind you, do you paint those, or are they painted by your clients? How does Art Therapy work?

Carla Trigo:  So some of them are through me and some are through my clients. The way that I use art therapy is by comprehending as well, the Spiritual Laws, right?

We understand the impact of colours, what they are in the body, in the tissues, in the organs, in the neurological pole, the rhythm pole and the metabolic pole.

So, when I work with people, it’s very interesting because it’s getting back into the core of who you are through watercolour, because watercolour is really connected with the limbic system as well, and it can really release the trauma that is in the body.

And with different processes, you lead a person from the colour that they are right now to where you want it to lead them. So there are processes of healing, yes, using different tonalities and different aspects of their own nature. And then I can work that one.

For example, I worked with a person that had huge inflammation, and a lot of problems in relationships.

And we started really from just using the basic red, right? Because she was with a lot of anger and frustration and led her to more calming colours.

And that is when the healing is coming because you have to go to the core, you have to touch with the vibration of the colour into it, into that person, or what is needed in that moment.

Yeah. It is very powerful. Yes, it’s absolutely very powerful.

And I can do it in Zoom and also online – offline. This is a very unique technique. And the Biographical Counselling also helps them to understand their own life story. Mm-hmm, and is anchored through colour.

Biographical Counselling

Lauren Kinghorn: So I’ve never heard of Biographical Counselling before, so you need to enlighten me on it.

I would imagine it is related to the birth date and numerology or does it go further back than that? The parents?

Carla Trigo: Ah, well, it’s to comprehend that life is not linear, right?

We are souls and we are incarnated into certain moments. So yes, the date of birth and all that is very important because that’s exactly the way you’re going to land on this earth with a sense of your life past. So it’s very karmic as well. And every seven years of the cycle of the person, things happen.

If the laws are not applied towards the development, for example, of the physical body, then the mental or the neurological pole is not going to be so healthy.

So when you understand your own story, every seven years of the path of the person, then you can comprehend the mirrors and the lacks or the leaks of your own vessel.

And then put into the healing process and awareness of what is going on.

It’s based on Anthroposophy, it’s based on Kabbalah, it’s based on many other stuff that I use as a part of my private consultations. And sometimes I reinforce it with a Zodiac because it’s part of our incarnation.

Yes. And as well, of course, Human Design and Gene keys if it’s needed, but mostly with the influence of the Zodiac and the laws that are in incarnation and karma and how these work through the relationships, which is fascinating.

Meet Carla Trigo, a Biographical Counsellor, Art Therapist and Naturopathic Doctor who also works with Human Design and Gene Keys to best help her clients.Carla’s Passion for Her Work

Lauren Kinghorn:  It sounds it.  It sounds like you’re absolutely passionate about what you do.

Carla Trigo:  I am. Oh my goodness, it’s like oh, people, be with me always and just do the work and connect with that essence and shoo, it’s going to shift completely the perception of your life.

And then the gates are going to open for you.

The right relationships, abundant money, calmness, inner peace, sense of purpose and mission come easily because we are not hustling anymore.

It’s just you are coming home somehow. 

Yeah, I’m passionate. I love it. Incredible.

Carla’s Morning Routine

Lauren Kinghorn: So do you have a morning routine or any kind of rituals that you do on a daily basis to get you in the zone?

Carla Trigo: Yes, of course. Well, I’m an early bird, so I wake up very early, 4:30 in the morning. So at 4:30, I just ask the questions that I need to ask before I walk out.

I go into nature and receive certain messages, I’m very perceptive, so I’m very connected with nature and, through dreams as well.  If something has come to light, I’m trying to have the time to journal very early in the morning and later to go walk in and to be connected with nature.

I do also the rituals on which planet is in transit right now. So I’m doing a really deep-down introspection about where are the planets in transit. Where is the moon, or where is Venus? Because they influence how we are related to our daily successes and our daily routines.

And then around 7 o’clock, I start my work day.

Lauren Kinghorn: Wow. Around seven o’clock.

Carla Trigo:  Yeah. Oh, from 4:30 in the morning until 7:00 is just my time to be in alignment. If I see that something is not in alignment.  It’s to serve people better if you are in the core.

Lauren Kinghorn: That’s incredible. And have you written a book, I would imagine by now you have.

Carla Trigo: I’m in the process, of writing it and hopefully by next year it will be done. So, yes.

Carla Trigo: Message to the World 

Lauren Kinghorn:  Amazing. And what’s your message to the world, Carla? What would you like people to know? If you were to leave something behind, what would you like everybody to know you for?

Carla Trigo: That we all have an incredible inner power of love and love is the gear for everything else outside of us.

That we all have an incredible source within us to be able to fulfil the purpose of our lives.

That the circumstances, events and experiences that we have are part of that soul contract that is needed for us to correct certain things and to be able to unify in that love that is going to help humanity to go to the next level.

And if I can seed some kind of that, ignite a spark in people’s hearts and in people’s behaviours and actions.

Oh, my goodness, all together, we can see some differences and some legacies through our next generations and kids in the way we can communicate and be in this world in a different manner.

That will be my message to people.

How to Work with Carla Trigo

Lauren Kinghorn:  That is beautiful.  Is there anything else you would like to say to anyone watching this interview?

Where can they find you? Are they going to join your group or how do they get hold of you?

Carla Trigo:  So I’m in social media. You can find me at Carla Trigo. You can of course be in my group if you want, it’s called AWAKENING.

And yes, the intention is I love to collaborate and to cooperate and to bring things together.

I think the individuality of the person comes when we are just a few people building something for us and for others, right?

And that’s the way that I wanted to go with the human beings and, and not about one, one, but yes, multiple people in the same direction. So yeah, you can find me on social media very easily. Mm-hmm. Okay. So Carla Trigo.  (Social media Links below).

Lauren Kinghorn:   Do you have a website?

Carla Trigo:  I do, yes. I have⁠

Lauren Kinghorn:
Wonderful. That’s great. And do you only take one one-on-one appointments or do you do group coaching?  How does your coaching work or how do your sessions work?

Carla Trigo:  All right. So I do have one-to-one, which I love because I can perceive, I can see things around like, I can really bring the person into more intimacy.

But the same, I have groups and in the groups also the energy that is there is very unique.

My heart is all put into it. So it doesn’t matter if you’re with me one-on-one or in a group, you’re going to receive all myself into it.

Now, for example, I’m doing some kind of challenges.  And it’s for free as well. So, I just want the person to really be ignited from their own source.

And challenges, I’m going to do twice per month and open doors actually, November, I’m launching a program to lead the person from this last two months of the year, and they start 2024 with some cool stuff around themselves.

So, yeah, that would be my next program launching.

The Healing Challenge

Lauren Kinghorn: That sounds incredible. So what is your challenge called?

Carla Trigo: It’s very simple, the Healing Challenge, and I’m going through the first stages of incarnation and the core wound that everybody has, because we’re incarnating with certain things to correct and our soul contract is very powerful.

So when we understand the laws in that incarnation in that core wound and your birth story, then you can start shifting the perception of certain realities that come to you.

So the challenge is all about connecting with that part of you and it’s extremely powerful.

I mean, I started the Healing Challenge in my group yesterday and there are so many miracles right now that are phenomenal to observe and to be very humble to receive.

So yeah, that will be my challenge, starting with the basic pillars of how I’m landing on the earth and for which reason I’m landing on this earth. Yeah. So it’s very interesting.

Lauren Kinghorn: That is interesting because I saw when I joined your Awakening group, I saw the question was what is your core wound? And I could not think of a core wound. Could it be that I’ve worked through my core wound?

Carla Trigo: Probably yes. But when I do the chart for the people, I’m doing the Astral Natal Charts and the Human Design and the Gene Keys, we can see very well.

And then we start to go deeper into the shadow work there and to bring certain questions that are going to shape the perception of your birth, and the things that you bring from that moment.

Lauren Kinghorn: So you always do find a core wound, whether the person’s worked through it or not, you’re able to ascertain what that was, or is.

Carla Trigo:   Yes, through the charts, yes, and through Biographical Counselling because the Laws are there.

So when I direct the intention to the person, the person will find exactly what is the main issue. And this is related to karma, and this is related to past lifetimes.

So when people work really deeply with me, you can see what is going on in previous lifetimes and how the events are repetitive here to awaken that pathway of correction and be open for more.

Lauren Kinghorn:
Wonderful. Okay. That sounds really exciting. I’m definitely going to join your next challenge.

Carla Trigo: Yeah. Yes.

Lauren Kinghorn: So I’ll look out for that. And then I’ll get all the links from you and I’ll put the details here. (Links Below)

Carla Trigo: That sounds phenomenal.

And I have to, I mean, thank you so much for this opportunity to get to know you as well. You’re very sweet and your job is phenomenal as well because I am very empathetic with what you do. And I appreciate you for this gesture. So thank you again.

Lauren Kinghorn:  Oh, thank YOU.  Absolute pleasure. It was really lovely to meet you and to hear from you and I’m sure that everyone in my group is going to love you and everything you’ve said, you’re going to get lots of appointments.

Carla Trigo: Well, I’m here to serve and I would love to get to know you more. And because I can see your energy and it’s, oh, I want her very close to me.

Lauren Kinghorn:
Well, definitely we must collaborate on something. So, we’ll start talking about what kind of collaboration we can do ’cause I love the idea of collaborating as well.

Carla Trigo:  That sounds amazing. Yes. Thank You so much for your gesture again.

Lauren Kinghorn:
Thank you. Wonderful. Thank you.

Carla Trigo

Where to Find Carla Trigo

Visit Carla’s website⁠

Find Carla on Instagram @carlatrigo

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Join Carla’s Group: AWAKENING WOMEN- (heal from Trauma & create Abundance)

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