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In today’s busy world with hectic schedules we often don’t make time to relax and practise self-care, doing something we love.  Hobbies Hobbies Hobbies are the key to achieving that harmonious balance between physical and emotional wellbeing.

Did you know that there are several hobbies that you can do which is scientifically proven to assist with reducing your stress levels?

By just picking up on a hobby every now and again can help you with feeling relaxed and less stressed about peripheral life issues that we have no control over.

5 Self-Care Hobbies that can Benefit Your Everyday Life

Do you have a  hobby? Here are 5 hobbies you can try out that can improve your quality of life.   #hobbieshobbieshobbies #selfcare #stressrelief1.       Reading

There’s nothing better than curling up in bed and digging into a good book.  Sometimes it’s necessary to escape your own reality even if it’s just for a bit.

Practising just 6 minutes of reading can reduce your stress levels by two-thirds. Reading can physiologically assist with reducing muscle tension as well as slowing your heart rate.

2.       Dancing

Whether you fancy taking up a tango class or just doing freestyle dancing in your living room to your favourite tunes, dancing is an excellent way of diminishing stress and releasing some tension.

Dancing is a cardiovascular activity that instantly enhances endorphins plus it is a social activity that can help you express your emotions in a wholesome way.

This quote by Josiane Peluso on Hobby Jam sums it up perfectly: “When I dance, I forget everything else, problems, stress, deadlines, whatever is in my head. I just have fun, express myself and enjoy the moment.

You can read the entire interview with Josiane Peluso on Hobby Jam.

3.   Gardening

Gardening is a perfect tool for inducing positive feelings reducing the stress hormone cortisol, therefore promoting positive feelings.

There is something magical about putting the effort in and watching those seeds bloom to life. Not only are you getting in some fresh air, getting involved in physical activity but it can also be therapeutic.

4.   Yoga

Yoga is one of the most popular activities when you’re looking to alleviate stress.

Not only are you boosting your strength and flexibility, studies have revealed that it can also assist with reducing the body’s physiological stress reaction. It is also recommended for lowering symptoms of anxiety and depression.

5.   Painting

You don’t have to be the next Picasso to take up painting as a hobby. Painting is an excellent way of unlocking your creative side and getting rid of tension associated with stress.  It’s self-care at it’s best because you can completely lose yourself in your Art.

Painting is the perfect outlet for expressing yourself and you’ll be experiencing a brilliant sense of accomplishment whenever you’ve completed a new piece.

When you’re painting on canvas, your mind is engaged in something else than your daily difficulties. Your painting doesn’t have to be exceptional since the idea is to do something laidback to improve your emotional wellbeing.


Hobbies are an excellent way of making time in your busy schedule and engage in an activity which is free of work or responsibility. This can be especially advantageous for people who are feeling overwhelmed and need a bit of time for self-care, relaxation and recharging their batteries.

What are your favourite hobbies and do they relax and rejuvenate you?  Do you have an interesting or unusual hobby? If so, we’d love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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