Dental Makeovers – Taking Your Makeover to the Next Level!


Today, we will be discussing everything you need to know about dental makeovers and what it involves. Makeovers are all about the integration of your appearance across multiple disciplines; it allows makeup artists, hairdressers and wardrobe designers to come together in order to meet the desired goals of the client. Each of these disciplines by … Read more

How To Fix Your Uneven Wooden Floors

How To Fix Uneven Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are a popular choice for many homes, and when they are installed correctly, they can look fantastic and last for many years.  However, they can sometimes be uneven, especially if they were not installed correctly, and it can get frustrating when you have an uneven and creaking floor. Worry not as you can easily … Read more

How to Step Up and Stand Out with Confidence, Courage and Creativity

How to Step Up and Stand Out Georgia Varjas Style

Georgia Varjas is the bestselling author of The Rule Breakers Guide To Step Up & Stand Out and Rule It! How To Step Up & Stand Out. In our recent interview, she divulges how she developed her 3 C’s – Confidence, Courage and Creativity during her career in showbiz and how you can use them in your … Read more

77 Inspirational Quotes for Healthcare Workers (with Slideshow)

Inspirational Quotes Healthcare Workers

These 77 inspirational quotes are dedicated to all healthcare workers, those brave souls who lay their own lives on the line every day for their patients.  (Scroll to the end for a slideshow presentation of all the quotes.) I’m thinking of those who tend to our physical wellbeing as well as those who help us … Read more

Learn How to Level Up Your Life Fast with Elizabeth Batalla

Level Up Your Life Fast with Elizabeth Batalla

Learn How to Level Up Your Life Fast with Elizabeth Batalla Elizabeth Batalla founded The Institute for Achievement and Excellence. Elizabeth has distilled her 30 years of experience in corporate management and training into her flagship online program, “Achieving Professional Excellence”. The Institute for Achievement and Excellence Course Details and GIVEAWAY Find out more in … Read more

Registering with a New Dentist

Registering with a New Dentist

With renting and moving for work becoming more common than ever, people no longer stick with the same multi-generational family dentist Dublin that they used to. And it’s far too easy when moving into a new area with all the things going on to forget about registering with a local dental surgery. That is until something urgent … Read more