What Parents Shouldn’t Be Doing That They May Consider Normal

What Parents Shouldn’t Be Doing?

Well if we go by what our children tell us, what our parents tell us and what the experts tell us,  there’s quite a long list.  Here’s a short list of mistakes we may be making inadvertently.   I’ve added my commentary on each one.  I’m clearly not the model parent I strive to be. Are you breaking any of these parenting rules?

Are you making these mistakes as a parent? I'm making 3 of the 4. Read more at laurenkinghorn.com #WhatParentsShouldn'tBeDoingWhat Parents Shouldn’t Be Doing That They May Consider Normal

When it comes to views on parenting, there are a number of philosophies and ways of doing it. Teachers have a bird’s eye view and whilst they should never overlap the parenting role, they are a crucial part of children’s development.

There are some generally agreed tips that teachers give that parents can go by, however. These tips will help iron out grey areas and things maybe some people don’t feel too sure about.

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In terms of things parents shouldn’t be doing that they perhaps thought were okay, here are some tips.


Make your child the centre of everything

Your child may well be the most important thing in your world but you don’t want to act that way day in day out. In doing so, you inhibit their growth and make the comfortable to stay glued to you and the home environment.

When they see you have a life outside of them, they will continue to flourish and become their own person. This is an imperative part of maturing and becoming a responsible, successful adult.

Oops, guilty!  Am working on this one.

Not picking up on good behaviour

If your kids are acting in positive ways, it’s definitely great to acknowledge it. There is a balanced way of praising your children without boosting up their ego. Instead, you can encourage them and commend them so they know to keep doing what they are doing.

Okay, let’s give credit where credit is due…this is where I excel as a parent. I’m always looking for the positives in my children (and in everyone around me) and I affirm their positives as often as possible.

Avoid yelling when they do something bad

Negative behaviour can often be met with anger and frustration by parents. As they become more and more exasperated, kids become the target of yells, screams and shouts. This is an unproductive way to deal with children’s negative behaviour and will not do a great deal to help their progress.

Staying as calm as possible yet being stern and assertive, you want to state what was done wrong and take away anything that could help trigger the action. Being rational and remaining tranquil is a good way for most kids to learn from their mistakes or negative actions.

Oops, sometimes I yell.  And worse, sometimes my hubby and I yell at each other, another golden rule we should not be breaking as parents.  Definitely working on this one too.

Bend the rules

Once you set rules, it’s important to stick to them and avoid bending them. Children need to know there are costs to acting out and if you let them off, you are doing them no favours in the long run.

Have to admit, I’m terrible at this. Who would have thought that I’d be a bit of a pushover? I thought I would be so much stricter before I was a parent.

This is an important one as many parents love their children so much they feel harsh giving punishments. However, being consistent across the board will benefit the child and prepare them for later life.

You heard it here first! These are some things parents find themselves doing that they would do well to stay away from.

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