Don’t Let Crooked or Less-than-Perfect Teeth Cause You Embarrassment

Invisible Braces Can Help You Deal with Crooked Teeth Embarrassment

A lot is expected from our smiles today. A pleasing smile helps to create a positive impression and conveys confidence and happiness. It is no wonder then that many patients may feel judged or anxious – at least twenty per cent of adults according to one study conducted – every time they smile.

The good news for adults of any age with wonky teeth is that it is not too late to straighten crooked or overcrowded teeth. Progressive technological developments in the orthodontics field have introduced invisible braces
in Windsor such as Invisalign to reposition misaligned teeth.

All that is required is for a patient to be in good oral health. If there are more pressing dental issues such as gum health and bone loss, these may have to be addressed first before cosmetic orthodontic treatment can be prescribed.

Teeth-straightening Devices Fit Seamlessly into Modern Lifestyles

The introduction of discreet-looking removable retainers such as Invisalign have changed the face of corrective and cosmetic orthodontics. Patients are no longer resigned to wearing fixed devices for years in order to straighten smiles.

Clear dental instruments in the form of aligner trays made from medical-grade plastic can be removed for short periods during the day, lifestyle impact is significantly less than with traditional devices.

For one, eating is made more practical as are pursuing other interests such as playing a musical instrument, for example.

Are your crooked teeth causing you embarrassment? Invisible Braces Can Help. #crookedteethembarrassment #invisiblebraces #dentalcare #teethstraightening·Less Invasive

The plastic aligner trays are custom-made for each patient. A dental practitioner will determine the number of aligners required for treatment as well as how often these need to be changed.

This means that patients do not have to schedule appointments for adjustment as is required for fixed devices. Patients are provided with a set of trays that will need to be changed according to the dental practitioner’s instructions.

·Up to 50% Faster Results

The design of Invisalign trays comprises of SmartTrack material that has been clinically proven to effectively moved teeth into the desired position quicker than other types of treatment. For patients who are able to, (according to a professional dentist’s instructions), change trays every week, this means relatively faster results can be achieved in as little as 3 months. This, of course, does depend on the severity of a patient’s crooked smile.

·Improved Comfort

The SmartTrack material allows for patient comfort to be taken into consideration. These aligner trays fit better on the gum line as they are made to suit each patient’s needs.

Not only do they sit more comfortably on teeth and gums, but the trays are also easy to remove and put back in.

A dental practitioner trained in offering Invisalign treatment will use digital scanning technology to determine how the treatment will move a patient’s teeth and how long this course will take.

A patient will also be shown what the end result will be during the initial consultation.

Book an appointment with a dentist today and find out how Invisalign can transform your smile.

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