What are Orthodontics and How do they Work?

Orthodontics in Navan is a useful treatment that can be used by patients for all ages who have the common goal of making teeth straighter.

This treatment has been used for many years and as a result, has been developed to the point where it is advanced and comfortable for the user.

This treatment has been designed to push or force the teeth gently into their correct position. This is done in many different ways, depending on which type of brace is used.

This treatment is very useful for patients who wish that they had straighter teeth. Straighter teeth not only look good but also can aid in other areas, such as cutting up food in a more precise manner and being easier to clean.

If the teeth are in a better position then they can be cleaned better, which can reduce the risk of issues such as gum disease.What Orthodontics_pin

What are the different types?

Orthodontics in Navan come in a variety of different forms. These different forms allow individual work to be done on each mouth.

One such brace is the Inman aligner, this is a brace that can help straighten specifically the front portion of the teeth. This treatment is done quickly within 6-18 weeks, depending on the severity of the movement needed.

This treatment is both quick, efficient and safe. Clear braces are smooth and up to date, they are used to correct the position of the teeth.

These specific kinds of braces have received lots of media attention in previous years as they are effective and not always visible to other people so patients do not have to worry about how their teeth look during treatment.

Another type of brace that is available is the Six Month Smile, this treatment is specially designed to fit into a patient’s lifestyle, they move teeth into the correct position quickly and safely. Patients also benefit from a teeth whitening process at the end of their treatment to make their new smile shiny and clean.

I am not sure if this treatment is for me

This treatment is one that is considered by many but people are wary of how it could be painful or how it could make their mouths look whilst they are undergoing the treatments. This does not need to be an issue with advancements in the technology that make it as comfortable as possible to undergo this treatment.

Dentists understand that patients could be considered with aesthetics when they have their treatment, this is why some braces are now clear or tooth coloured to ensure that the patient is as comfortable and confident  as possible during their treatment episode.

If a patient is sick of hiding behind their hand whenever they laugh or covering their smile in photos then maybe braces could be for them.

No one should have to suffer with a smile that could be easily fixed by one of the many braces that are now available to patients. If a patient thinks that this treatment could be for them, they should have a look at the website so they can make an informed choice about what steps to take moving forward.

Now that you have a clear idea of what orthodontics is, will you go ahead and have braces fitted?  Which kind will you choose?

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