Divorce, What is it And What Does it Entail?

Divorce, what is it? A divorce is a legal term used to describe the process by which the legal partnership of two parties (or ‘marriage’) is dissolved. The purpose of this process is to terminate the marriage and ensure both parties come out of the legal journey with a fair division of custody (if applicable) and financial assets.

In order to dissolve the marriage, both parties and the court must decide how to handle questions surrounding custody and placement of the children (in addition to the allocation of property and debts).

divorce, what is itExploring the role of divorce solicitors in Guildford

Divorce lawyers offer a wealth of experience within their respective fields and understand how stressful and emotionally taxing this time can be for their clients.

Divorce solicitors not only offer an experienced and professional approach towards every case they work with. They also adopt a personable and compassionate approach for their clients.

This perspective strives to guide individuals through the divorce to ensure the process is as simple, cost effective, and hassle-free as possible for both parties.

What to expect from the legal process

Balancing your personal commitments with the divorce can seem overwhelming for many, which is where a divorce lawyer can help!

Their professional and compassionate attitude allows them to understand how stressful this time can be. They strive to guide you throughout the process in order to make it as simple and hassle-free as possible.


The real cost of divorce

Within the field of law, the lines surrounding the cost of divorce are often blurred. This can make many individuals reluctant to seek the legal assistance of a divorce solicitor. Despite this confusion, however, the answer to ‘how much does a divorce cost’ actually warrants a simple answer.

Did you know?

For those individuals who are looking to complete all of the legal paperwork themselves (and therefore without seeking legal advice), they can expect to pay just one court fee of £550. Despite this, however, unfortunately, many individuals may be finding it hard to agree on the division of custody, finances, and property with their partners.

Divorce, What is it And What Does it Entail? | img divorce

I need legal assistance, how much is it going to cost?

For many clients, balancing their work and family lives with paperwork concerns can feel overwhelming. In these cases, divorce lawyers can help. For those who do not wish to complete this paperwork alone, most firms are likely to offer a fixed fee divorce.

What is a fixed fee divorce, and how much is it?

A fixed fee divorce costs £900 (although it is important to remember that this cost may differ depending on the firm, and the individual case) in addition to the cost of VAT, and the court fee of £550.

So… Where does the confusion occur?

Where the confusion often occurs is that these fees themselves simply cover the divorce papers and the divorce papers only. They do not, therefore, cover the cost of sorting financial matters (or potentially child care arrangements, if applicable). When individuals do speak of the ‘high cost of divorce’ it is the legal disputes concerning these issues they are referring to.


Are you and your partner separated, or in the process of getting a divorce? Divorce, what is it? I hope we have cleared up some of the questions you may have had? Be sure to hire an experienced divorce attorney to help you navigate through the legalities of getting divorced and that can guide you through the entire process.

Dental Makeovers – Taking Your Makeover to the Next Level!

Today, we will be discussing everything you need to know about dental makeovers and what it involves. Makeovers are all about the integration of your appearance across multiple disciplines; it allows makeup artists, hairdressers and wardrobe designers to come together in order to meet the desired goals of the client.

Each of these disciplines by themselves can have a significant impact on your look, but by bringing them together, you can radically change your appearance. To a degree, this goes one step further with a dental makeover; integrating all of the skills of clinical and cosmetic dentistry and using them to alter your overall appearance.


How does it work?

As with most smile makeovers in Glasgow or anywhere in the UK, it starts with a relatively normal dental consultation. This is because when it comes to carrying out cosmetic work on a shaky foundation of cavities or decay, it would not only significantly reduce the lifespan of any cosmetic work, but correcting these issues will go a long way to radically improving your overall appearance, health and confidence.

The next stage involves discussing your aesthetic goals and exactly what you want to achieve. The pearly-white Hollywood smile is not for everyone and nor should it be. The idea of a dental makeover should revolve around how to integrate your smile with the rest of your appearance.

Photos will almost certainly be taken (unless they have already been carried out) and there should be at least a handful of X-rays.  The dentist will have all the information they need to apply their professional skills and suggest a range of treatments. This can be a highly varied list, ranging from procedures as significant as dental implants to as simple as a scale and polish.

A scale and polish is not only great at preventing cavities, it significantly lightens the shade of your teeth and gives them a really shining opalescence that many dental teams would personally recommend!!

Whatever treatments are chosen, the dental practitioner will produce the treatment schedule and some of the procedures can be carried out simultaneously, where others will have to be carried out sequentially, such as whitening. Some require preparation, but if they do not, you will be able to start immediately if you choose.

What to Look for in a Dental Surgery

A person wearing a mask Description automatically generated with medium confidence

You might be surprised that the skills of your average dentist are exceptional when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Their background in physiology and an understanding of the balance and ratios of the face is really applicable to almost all cosmetic procedures. Even the humble filling has considerations of how it will affect the patient’s appearance when it gets performed.

But not all dentists are equal when it comes to performing a competent makeover. Therefore, it is best to ask for portfolios of past work, as well as checking recommendations and reviews online.

Do not judge books by their covers or assume that the most expensive dentists are by proxy the best; if somebody is specialized as an oral surgeon it does not necessarily make them the ‘best’ at cosmetic procedures.

Because of the highly personalized nature of your makeover, prices vary widely, but costs should always be discussed when the treatment schedule is being drafted so you know exactly what you are committing to. Most surgeries will offer zero interest credit schemes and will allow costs to be spread out over many months.


Have you or someone you know considered a dental makeover? We hope you have found this post about dental makeovers interesting and that you will use the information in this post as a guideline when you are considering having cosmetic dentistry performed.