Modern Options on a Traditional Success Story

Modern Advances in Braces

As much as they are looked upon with disdain by the average teenager, the success of braces in Liverpool is not to be contested. With many modern-day advances to the traditional metal brace, teenagers and adults alike are choosing an option that neatly fits in with their lifestyle choices.

By being able to straighten teeth in a matter of weeks, people are able to get much closer to the healthier smile that they desire.

Braces have come a long way since I was a kid.  Here are some modern advances in braces you'll be happy have been invented.  #modernadvancesinbraces #teethstraightening #dentalcare A discussion with a dentist about the possible options that are suitable for a specific case must take place so that a patient can understand which option is the best one for them.

Straighter teeth are not only more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, providing more confidence in a smile and potentially changing lives for the better- they also encourage a healthier smile simply due to the fact that aligned teeth are easier to clean and take care of.

There is less chance for areas to be missed or hard to reach during brushing, so a build-up of food and bad bacteria is less likely. These bad bacteria are one of the leading causes of bad breath and common foods and drinks easily stain teeth.

Since plaque and tartar cannot take hold, decay in a tooth or the prevalence of gum disease is lessened, resulting in better oral health.

Invisible aligners come in many shapes and forms and allow people to continue on with their day to day lives confidently knowing that their treatment process can go virtually undetected by others.

By providing such options for their patients, dentists know that they are able to allow more people the chance to give themselves the smile they have always wanted to have.

What are some of the Invisible Aligners Available?

Fixed aligners can deal with many issues that a person may have regarding their bite and positioning of their teeth.

Wires are attached to brackets which are glued to a person’s teeth and are used to move the teeth into the right position. These brackets are available in a tooth colour which is the most popular choice.

Clear aligners are another option, using trays that are specifically designed to fit an individual’s teeth to correct gaps in teeth or crooked and crowded teeth.

They can work within 6 months, are comfortable and can be removed for eating without any issues, as well as allowing patients to brush their teeth in their normal way, which results in very little impact on day to day living.

Other removable aligners are available to correct minor misalignments usually in the front teeth, visible when a person smiles.

These are made out of plastic and are easily clipped over a person’s teeth to provide a quick and effective method of creating a smile to feel confident with.

They too can be removed for cleaning and certain other activities. It is advisable to wear them for as long as possible each day in order to gain the desired results.

Did you have to wear braces as a child?  Those ghastly old-fashioned kinds? Isn’t it such a relief that our children and our children’s children have better options?

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