Nailing Your Interview Outfit

Nailing Your Interview Outfit

One of the most stressful things about going for a job interview is deciding what to wear. First impressions count for a lot, especially during an interview, so of course, you want to get it right.

With these tips for nailing your interview outfit, you’ll have one less thing to worry about – freeing up your time to practice those interview questions.

Preparing for a job interview? Here are some important style considerations to help you walk in head held high. #InterviewOutfitConsider the type of interview

Understanding the structure and type of interview you’re going for will help you work out what sort of outfit you should wear. If you’re applying for a graduate job in finance, you’ll want to dress smartly – reflecting how you’ll dress in the role.

A job in fashion will require some more consideration, as you’re likely to be assessed on your style as well as your skills.

For less formal or casual job interviews, aim to look presentable but you can leave the suit at home.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to nailing your interview style. A shirt/blouse teamed with a skirt or trousers and a jacket is a classic look that will give you a smart and professional appearance.

Black and navy are safe choices, and you’ll probably want to avoid wearing a pattern or anything too distracting. If you want to add a pop of colour, you can always wear colorful shoes or accessorise with a bold bag.

Wear clothes that fit well and are comfortable

Interview nerves can be heightened when you’re wearing something that isn’t comfortable or doesn’t flatter your figure. One thing you can do to help you look your best is to get your outfit tailored to make sure it fits you right.

Tailoring can help make even the most affordable clothing look more expensive, giving you an air of success before you’ve even sat down.

It also helps to wear comfortable shoes, as painful feet can take your mind off the situation at hand and distract you.

Be presentable, but not overdone

Styling your hair and makeup is another source of stress pre-job interview.

There are some good interview make-up dos and dont’s you can stick to so that you don’t overdo it, such as keeping the look soft and not going overboard with coloured eyeshadow.

Assess your skin tone in natural light to make sure your foundation doesn’t make you look too orange or too pale – keep things as natural as possible. Clean, simple hair is also effective to help you look stylish and presentable ready for your interview.

Deciding what to wear for an interview is never easy, but by sticking to a style formula, you’ll know that you’re presenting yourself well and giving off a professional vibe.

Dressing with confidence will help you feel more confident in your interview, helping you to nail that job.

And what comes next after a successful interview? A new work wardrobe. Learn more about creating a capsule work wardrobe and dress for success every day.

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