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Why Seek an Orthodontist?

According to the British Orthodontic Society, over 200,000 patients each year seek out orthodontic treatments of some description through the NHS.  And a rising number of patients are turning to private orthodontic providers to receive more bespoke or discrete solutions.

The reason for doing so, in principle, is to make the most of your teeth and dental structure and achieve a straightener looking smile which will preserve the quality and health of your teeth.

The long term health benefits of boosting the harmony and togetherness of your smile is the number one reason for patients seeking an orthodontist in Liverpool, as, by straightening your teeth, patients who have overlapping teeth, or crooked teeth, can vastly reduce the likelihood of periodontal, or gum, disease from developing, and have a longer-lasting, healthier smile.

A rising number of patients are turning to private orthodontic providers to receive more bespoke or discrete solutions.  Why seek an Orthodontist?  Find out in this post.  #WhySeekanOrthodontist #QualityOrthondontistinLiverpool #cosmeticorthodontist #Braces

Cosmetic Orthodontic Options

Whilst typical orthodontic procedures such as conventional fused braces may be effective in their overall outcome, they are often largely impactful on the aesthetic appearance of those who seek them.  Which is why an increasing number of patients are seeking out private, cosmetic orthodontic treatments which allow them to achieve a straighter looking smile, without the treatment impacting how they look.

One of the most regularly sought out methods of cosmetic orthodontics is dental retainers such as Invisalign.  These are fundamentally different from conventional braces as they are non-invasive and do not require any brackets or wires to be fused to the front of the patient’s teeth.

Rather, they work through the use of a series of custom made dental retainers which have pressure points built within them which gradually move the patient’s teeth together throughout treatment.

These retainers are made from a specially curated, transparent dental plastic called Smartrack, and fit so tightly over the patient’s teeth that they are practically invisible. This is the primary reason for so many new patients opting for this method of orthodontics over traditional methods as it allows them to achieve the same results as fused braces, but without alerting any attention to their teeth while doing so.

Another benefit of this form of cosmetic orthodontics is that they are mostly considered to be far more comfortable than traditional braces and do not have to be worn for the same length of time.

Lingual Braces

Another alternative to conventional braces, which is growing in popularity across the country, is Lingual, or ‘invisible’ braces.  These share many similarities with conventional braces, in that they are constructed from fused brackets and connecting wires.

The defining difference, however, is that lingual braces are fixed to the interior of a patient’s teeth, so they are completely obscured from the front.  Thus, they don’t impact the patient’s appearance or impede them socially.

As you may imagine, fusing braces to the interior of a patient’s teeth is a far more complex procedure than fitting them to the front, however, the cosmetic advantages are vast.

Often, when a patient has completed dental alignment through conventional braces, they are left with white patches on their teeth where the brackets had been fused.  With lingual braces, however, these white patches are on the inside of a patient’s teeth, so they are completely undetectable.

Another advantage is that they are mostly considered to be far more comfortable and less cumbersome than typical braces, and treatment is typically completed within a far shorter timescale.

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