5 Ingenious Ways to Use SMS in Marketing

SMS in Marketing

SMS messaging can be a substantially productive method to extend your marketing campaign.

Statistically, the number of people who use text messaging has grown by more than 7,700% over the last decade and more than 560 billion texts are being sent monthly worldwide.

We’ve outlined five useful ways to use SMS messaging in marketing that you can utilize to create more visibility for your brand.

1. Using SMS Text Messaging to Encourage Mobile Engagement

Are you harnessing the power of text messaging in your Marketing Strategy? Here are 5 ways you can use SMS in Marketing.  #SMSinMarketing #MarketingStrategySMS messaging is an excellent way of reaching out to your customers in a more personal way.

Therefore, it is essential that you take a thoughtful and personalised approach to your writing.

You can then utilize these messages to determine which customers are more involved and build on that.

By offering incentives for calling or visiting you, you can assess which customers show interest in your SMSes and in turn use the information to send them more sales-driven and targeted texts in future without being too overbearing.

2.  Combining SMS Campaigns with Other Platforms

When you are sending out your texts, amalgamate them with other forms of communication approaches with the aim of optimising your success rate.

Another helpful strategy is to add links to the SMSes to direct customers towards your website.

Sending a newsletter soon after can remind them of the SMS offer in case they have missed it.

Driving users towards subscribing to your newsletter via your text messages can consecutively boost their engagement in future from several marketing channels.

3. Adding Personalised Links

By adding personalised links to your messaging platforms using RCS messaging, you can track which users have clicked on them and what is most appealing to them.  You can then apply this data to direct your marketing to targeted audiences in a considered way.

4.  Determining Who Your Influencers Are

Some customers will have more influence on your brand than others and these are the people you should be identifying. You can do this by posting images of your company on social media and seeing who are hashtagging or checking in at your page, who have a substantial following and can spread the love far and wide.

Word of mouth is a significant marketing tool and by assessing who can offer this method by means of SMS messaging is extremely valuable.

By sending out SMSes and asking customers to rate your business on a scale from one to ten for instance, you can quickly see who is texting back with a favourable response.

People like these are the ones you should be focused on and targeting specifically. You can also engage people with customer surveys to learn more about them.

Getting them to complete the survey, you can offer a discount or other free gift upon completion of the survey.

5.  Encouraging Interaction

People are often under the impression that SMS messages are a one-way communication channel with customers. On the contrary, the best method of boosting your marketing endeavours is through engaging with customers in a dialogue.

You can phrase your SMSes in such a way that it is the start of a discussion. For instance, personalise communication by adding their name and maybe finish with a question.

We trust you have found these tip helpful in boosting your marketing efforts with SMS messaging and attracting more customers to your business. Please let us know whether you use SMS marketing and whether it’s been an effective strategy for you in the comments below.

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