The Scariest Thoughts That Cross Our Mind

Thoughts: The Scariest Thoughts That Cross Our Mind

Do you ever just sit and have a little daydream and think about the most random things in the world. We know you do, because we all do it from time to time. And then you snap out of the little thought that you’re in and you wonder how your mind can come up with such crazy thoughts. 

But then there are the scary thoughts that cross our minds, that are influenced by the situations around us. And there are advantages for our minds to be thinking this way and especially to ponder over what we would do in that situation. Because one of the biggest mistakes that people make in life is thinking that serious things aren’t going to happen to them.

Even when you feel like life is nice and easy breezy, something so totally out of the blue can happen and it can seriously take over your life.

Thinking about these things, and mentally preparing for it is so important. So we’re going to run you through some of the scariest thoughts that we have and what you could do if they become a reality.

What scary thoughts are giving you sleepless nights lately? And how do you deal with scary thoughts? Do you dwell or let go? #TheScariestThoughtsthatCrossOurMindThe Dreaded Ill Health

Having ill health is not something you should wish upon anybody, because when health seriously starts to go downhill, a whole life can be ruined. But there are some health issues that will cross our minds more than others, such as the cancer scare.

Cancer is everywhere these days, and the fortunate thing is they are taking strides to treat and cure it. Topotecan Inspire is just one thing that is helping to save so many people’s lives, through fighting this vicious disease. And that’s not the only drug being used, there’s so much more to it than that.

But it’s always good to think about cancer and think about some of the early warning signs you should be looking for. You should seriously consider visiting a doctor about anything from weight loss to fatigue, anything that’s out of the ordinary for you.

Serious Money Issues

Money issues are something that will definitely cross all of our minds from time to time because half of the time we’re heading to hot waters. Which is why it’s so important to think about things like debt, and how easy it to spiral out of control. Maxing out a credit card, using buy-now-pay-later sites, they’re all money draining traps that are too hard to get out of.

So whenever you think about spending when you can’t spend, or if your money is getting a bit out of control at the moment, then think about what financial state you want to be in, and let that motivate you.  Or if you know things are getting a little out of hand, speaking to a financial advisor is something we would definitely recommend.

Being Involved In A Crazy Accident

Something to definitely be aware of, because every single time you step out of your door, something could happen to you. But we think it’s so important to be aware of this risk factor, simply because it keeps you more vigilant, and more aware of your surroundings. If you’re someone who goes around with their head in the clouds all of the time, you’re only increasing your chances of something happening.

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Editors Note:

What are the scariest thoughts that have crossed your mind lately? I have these awful moments when I think something terrible is going to happen to my loved ones but when they pop up, I try to shake them off as quickly as possible. 

Because I believe that anything you focus on, you attract. Dwelling on these kinds of thoughts can turn them into a self-fulfilling prophecy. So I prefer to deal with life’s challenges as they crop up. Who’s with me?

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