Would You Like a Complete Smile Again?

Having a missing tooth can leave an individual feeling a little incomplete. It isn’t uncommon for people to feel less comfortable with smiling or speaking as often missing teeth can be an impairment in this way. But it isn’t only appearances. When a person loses a tooth, their entire health can suffer.

Teeth can shift and move to accommodate gaps caused by missing teeth. This, in turn, can cause instability in the mouth and cause other teeth to need to be removed. Those with missing teeth increase their chances of suffering from periodontal disease and their jaw bone will naturally recede over time where teeth are no longer stimulating this bone to regenerate.

These complications lead to poorer oral health, which in turn can cause issues with their overall health as well. Poor oral health is linked with poor nutrition and this can be quickly seen when an individual with missing teeth struggles to bite and chew their food correctly.

With digestion starting in the mouth, improperly chewed food can cause digestion issues. This will certainly affect one’s overall health and wellbeing in a devastating way. Other ways where poor oral health has an impact on one’s overall health are researched in links between gum disease and heart disease and oral health with mental health.

Understanding the issue, addressing the concernComplete Smile_pin

Oral health care professionals have a duty of care to ensure that they take the time to understand the needs of their patients and to work through different solutions to meet these needs and achieve their oral health goals.

By offering preventive care to ensure natural teeth remain in their patient’s mouths for as long as possible, individuals are able to enjoy their natural smiles for longer. But there are vast reasons as to why people lose their teeth and with reliable solutions in place, patients can rest easy knowing that they are in good hands.

Sheen dental implants in Richmond offer a long-term solution to missing teeth that boasts a success rate at around 98%. With this peace of mind, patients can choose to replace the teeth they have lost with comfortable, permanent and natural-looking replacements that are fully functional and easy to care for.

There’s no point in regretting the past. Injury, disease, or just unfortunate genetics can all contribute to a natural smile not staying complete for as long as one wants it to.

But with the innovative treatment options that are available with this implant procedure and the capable, confident, and experienced hands of a dentist who takes the time to understand their patient and meet their oral health needs and goals, smiles can happen again.

By speaking with a professional, patients can determine their plan of action for their unique situation and work through the stages that bring them closer to that complete and fully functional smile again.

Because every smile is unique and patients are all in different ages and stages of their lives, it is important that bespoke treatment plans are established. There hasn’t been a better time than now to get that smile healthy again.

Would you like to have a complete smile again? How did you land up losing a tooth or teeth?  I lost a tooth when I was injured in a bike accident as a child and was very grateful to get it sorted before I had to go back to School.

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