Thoughts about Braces in Kings Hill

The word ‘orthodontic’ means ‘to straighten teeth’ which is exactly what braces in Kings Hill aim to do whilst restoring the function and aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

Orthodontics is a form of dentistry which has been around for many years, that works to rectify dental aberrations using various types of different braces to realign the teeth within the mouth in a variety of ways.

Aside from readjusting the position of the teeth within the mouth, orthodontics can also be used to address gaps in the teeth, as well as realign the jaw, resulting in a healthier mouth overall.

Are braces right for you?

Braces may be suitable for individuals who are suffering from overcrowded teeth, crooked teeth, or an overbite (front protrusion of the teeth).

Despite the common misconception, braces are not only suitable for younger individuals or teenagers but are also commonly used by adults.

The word ‘orthodontics’ may trigger an image of traditional metal braces within the mind, however, there are now many discreet forms of orthodontics within the modern field of dentistry.

Thoughts about Braces in Kings Hill

How do braces work?

All forms of orthodontics differ greatly in the way they work, however, they all strive for the same end result: a straighter, and therefore a happier smile.

In terms of traditional metal braces
which can be used to treat more severe overbites, these work by using a combination of both metal brackets and wires, to apply pressure on the teeth. In order to encourage the teeth to move into the desired position, the orthodontic wires are tightened regularly, gradually moving the teeth into a better place.

Looking for a more discreet option?

Despite traditional metal braces producing undeniably effective results, some patients may be reluctant to receive obvious dental work.

Adults who are looking at receiving braces may look towards more subtle options, as they may feel as if obvious orthodontics may cause them hindrance in their career, or social life.

Aside from adults, clear aligners may be suitable for a wide array of dental cases, even individuals who have previously received braces, and need a ‘freshen up’ (they may have failed to maintain their results using retainers).

How do clear aligners work?

Clear aligners (arguably the largest brand provider being Invisalign) work by slowly adjusting the position of the teeth within the mouth.  The transparent plastic trays are replaced every few weeks, allowing the teeth to reach their desired position.

Clear aligners are transparent plastic trays which are moulded perfectly to enhance a patient’s individual smile, they have risen dramatically in terms of their popularity in recent years, due to their invisible appearance.

The Invisalign process

During an initial consultation, a patient will work with their dentist to distinguish whether Invisalign is right for them. Once a dentist has approved a patient for the treatment, the initial impressions can be taken, and the process can begin.

Invisalign has produced thousands of happy smiles nationwide, however they may only be suitable for patients who are not suffering from severe overbites and overcrowding.

How often does Invisalign have to be worn?

It is suggested that Invisalign should only be removed for eating and cleaning, therefore patients should be wearing them all day and night. Despite this recommendation, aligners are removable, meaning they have a degree of flexibility which patients greatly appreciate.

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