What is an Hygienist in Richmond?

A dental hygienist in Richmond (also commonly referred to as an oral hygienist) is a dental healthcare professional who specialises in both educating patients in dental hygiene and in deep cleaning of the teeth and gums.

Dental hygienists are dental professionals who are registered with a dental association within their country of practice.

Dental hygienists are specialists in detecting and preventing gingivitis and periodontal disease which cause bad breath, tooth loss, and staining of the teeth.

Gingivitis often goes undetected due to the fact that it is painless, however, it can cause problems later, and therefore needs to be treated.

An oral hygienist in Richmond specialises in educating patients in dental hygiene and in deep cleaning of the teeth and gums. #oralhygienist #hygienistinrichmond #whatisanhygienist #dentalhygienist

What do hygienists do?

Dental hygienists
have received either a bachelor degree or the equivalent in dental hygiene, ensuring they are fully qualified to deliver treatment.

Dental hygienists work either independently, or alongside standard dentists to ensure a patient’s hygiene is of a good standard. In terms of the treatments they provide, dental hygienists strive to prevent and treat oral diseases and infections.

Dental education

One of the key roles of a dental hygienist is dental education.  Hygienists educate patients on the correct way to brush their teeth, floss, or use mouthwash, in order to further prevent the build-up of plaque, and tartar.

Aside from cleaning, dentists may also advise patients on certain lifestyle factors, such as diet, smoking, and the consumption of highly pigmented food and drink.

What to expect from a dental hygiene appointment?

During a dental hygiene appointment, patients can expect to receive many thorough cleaning treatments. Arguably the most common treatment is the removal of plaque and calculus that can build up on the surface and the bottom of the teeth.

Aside from the removal of plaque, dentists may also suggest a treatment to remove staining on the teeth. The teeth are initially polished and then treated using pholyatic, antimicrobial materials, resulting in cleaner teeth and a healthier smile.

Step by step

Patients who feel anxious about receiving dental hygiene treatments may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect from their appointment.

Initially, a hygienist will assess the overall dental area, highlighting any possible risk factors and the severity of plaque on the teeth.

Once the dental area has been examined, a scale and polish may be administered, this is a rigorous cleaning treatment which uses a special dental paste.

Nearing the end of the dental appointment, a hygienist may give advice regarding the patient’s hygiene routine, one example of this may be the correct way to use interdental brushes.

The life benefits of visiting a dental hygienist

Many patients who are recommended to a hygienist may be sceptical, however, hygiene appointments are always worthwhile.

A dental hygiene appointment can not only drastically reduce the chances of developing gum disease and the risk of tooth loss, but can also reduce the risk of cavities, and bad breath.

A personalised treatment plan

Patients who have dental implants, bridges, dentures, or braces, may feel as if they do not require a dental hygienist appointment, although this is not necessarily the case.

Patients with forms of restorative dentistry or orthodontics may be advised on a unique dental hygiene routine, in order to take care of their artificial fixtures (such as implants) and their natural teeth.

We trust we covered all aspects of your question, what is an hygienist in Richmond.

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