Making Buckinghamshire Smile

Far from the madding crowd

Nestled in the South Bucks district of England, in the district of Buckinghamshire, lies the sleepy market town of Beaconsfield. Full of rich history and quintessentially British quaintness and charm, it is a place of many wonders and attractions.

One such, being the oldest (and most certainly the cutest) model village in the world, Bekonscot Model Village – which was constructed in 1929 and has remained largely unchanged since that time.

Much of Buckinghamshire remains true to its heritage and history, however there is also an emerging ‘new town’ within the district, that houses all the amenities one might expect to find in any contemporary village of its size.

Those seeking a dentist in Buckinghamshire can find their needs met with a standard of excellence and professionalism far beyond what they may expect to find in such bygone surroundings.

Learn all about the Family Dental Practice which is making Buckinghamshire Smile. #makingbuckinghamshiresmile #familyvalues #familydentistRoot of the Buckinghamshire Community

One Dentist in Buckinghamshire which has been committed to providing both local residents and beyond with a bespoke dental service like no other for over twenty years, is Garden View.

Aptly named for its idyllic surroundings and garden view, this practice offers a holistic and unconventional approach to contemporary dentistry.

Garden View believe that the individual needs and requirements of each patient should be at the forefront of everything they do, and that each treatment should be as unique as those receiving it – rather than adopting the one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry which is all too common in practices across the country.

By being an ever-present entity in the local community, the dentists at Garden View hope to become part of the social tapestry and believe that by getting to know their patients on a human level, a more formative and beneficial dental experience can be achieved.

Family Values

Garden view is a family practice at its core, with B.D.S Newcastle 1982 graduate Dr Al-Karim Makhani, and his wife Dr S Makhani (B.D.S London 2013 graduate) steering the way.

The couple have also enlisted the help of their daughter Mrs Shanaz Makhani as their receptionist – they are clearly a dental surgery in Buckinghamshire with family values and ethics at its centre.

Ensuring Your Comfort

Ensuring that the patient is comfortable and relaxed is an essential part of treatment at Garden View, and their dental practitioners will only begin to carry out any treatment after lengthy, informal consultations have taken place which detail the basics of each procedure, what the patient can expect the results to be, and why it is the best form of approach for them.

Treatments Available

Treatments available here span across an entire range of both cosmetic and structural procedures, as well as offering a range of emergency dental treatments.

Patients have the ability to choose which practitioner they are treated by, and treatment only begins once they are comfortable and content with the procedure.

Discreet orthodontic treatments, such as the installation of Invisalign mouthguards are also available from Garden View – which can be massively beneficial in boosting a patient’s self-esteem and renewing their confidence and their smiles.

Are you a resident of Buckinghamshire? What’s making you smile today?

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