Making Sure Your Children Wear a Mouthguard During Sports

Reasons for Wearing a Mouthguard

We all love to see the smiles on our children’s faces, and we want to protect these as much as we can. We also love to see our children enjoying sports and getting the exercise that they need so much, especially in this era of technology where it can be hard to get them outdoors.

If your child is active in sports, you will want to help protect their smile by ensuring they wear a mouthguard for some sports. The reasons why are listed below.

Helping to Prevent Injuries

There is a higher chance of injuries in some sports, such as rugby, wrestling, martial arts, and football. Whether you are a child or an adult, wearing a mouthguard can help to prevent injuries to your mouth, teeth, neck, and jaw. If your child does get a knock to the face, the mouthguard can help keep your child from getting injured and from potentially damaging their teeth.

Helping to Prevent Injuries

The neck and jaw are areas of the body that are prone to injury and damage when playing sports, and a mouthguard can make a significant difference.

If your child does not have a mouthguard and suffers a blow to the face or neck, you will most likely be typing on the Google search box words such as ‘what to do when looking for children’s dentists near me that offer mouthguards’. You would want to pick the best one who can ensure there is no lasting damage.

They Can Also Help To Reduce Concussion

A concussion when playing sports can be a severe injury, and it is worthwhile trying to protect your child against this in any way that you can. A mouthguard can help to reduce the impact to the face and head, which in normal circumstances may cause a concussion and prevent brain injuries. Warning signs of this type of injury can be headaches, a loss of balance, poor memory, or a lack of concentration.

Preventing Soft Tissue Damage In The Mouth

Wearing a mouthguard can also help to prevent your child from suffering from soft tissue damage in their mouths, which can also affect their teeth. Soft tissue damage can include the cheeks, gums, and lips, and the mouthguard can help protect the soft tissue from the teeth when there is an impact.

Choosing the Best Mouthguard

Choosing the Best Mouthguard

Many different mouthguards are available on the market, and you will need to find one that is the best fit for your child. We all have different shaped mouths, so it can be hard to find a generic mouthguard which fits well, but there is another option that is open to you which you can talk to your dentist about.

You can opt for a custom-made mouthguard that will fit the teeth of your child precisely and will offer the maximum amount of protection for his or her teeth.

We cannot wrap up our children in cotton wool, and we must let them get on with their lives and enjoy the sports they love. However, we can ensure that they have the best protection available that will help to keep them safe from harm and protect their beautiful smiles.

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