Sugars: The Good and the Bad

Description: For a long time, studies have linked the consumption of sugars to chronic and life-threatening illnesses. This doesn’t mean that all sugars are harmful. Read through this article to differentiate the good and the bad sugars. 

The good sugars and bad sugars list consists of two main categories – monosaccharides and disaccharides. Monosaccharides are sugars found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Such sugars are very nutritious and healthy for the body. Disaccharides are those found in meals, cakes, and table sugars.

Thus, consuming more disaccharides creates a stream of bad sugars likely to cause chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Read below for more in-depth insights on the bad and the good sugars.

Studies link the consumption of bad sugars to chronic and life-threatening illnesses. This doesn’t mean all sugars are harmful. Find out which sugars are good and bad in this expert guest post by personal trainer, life coach and wellness writer, Adam Reeve. #sugars #thegoodandthebad #healthysugars #unhealthysugarsThe Good

Good sugars are available in authentic and non-processed vegetables and fruits.  You can train your body to consume the good kind by eating natural fruits and vegetables.

Such sweeteners have all the essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals needed for body functions. The good sweeteners in unprocessed vegetables and fruits have high water content and are very suitable for running body processes.

Consuming natural fruits and vegetables helps your body harvest the good sugars for teeth since the fibre content works well in strengthening gums and teeth. Again, good sugars for diet support metabolism and maintain a healthy cardiac and digestion system.

The Bad

The bad kinds are randomly added sweeteners to enhance the taste. These refined and high-processed sweeteners lack essential elements for body function.

The more you consume them, the harder it takes for the body to digest and convert them to energy. In such circumstances, they convert to calories and fats that settles in the adipose tissues.

The bad kind content clogs the upper respiration system, belly, and brain from the adipose tissues, which overworks the body, leading to life-threatening and chronic illnesses. So are sugars good for you? The answer is yes. Just mind, which you’re letting in your gut.

Perhaps you’re under a ketogenic diet, and this information got you worried about bad and good sugars. The good kind list comes from natural fruits and vegetables, while added sweeteners make-up the bad kind group. Thus, to maintain the ketogenic process and live a healthy life, you need to ditch the added sweeteners and replace them with agave nectar keto plus fruits and vegetables.

Bottom Line

Good sugars contain essential nutrients and are grown naturally without processing. The bad kinds are available in the local stores and are manufactured out of fruits and vegetables. Look out for the type of fruits and vegetables you consume.

Note that genetically modified foods contain added sweetener compounds to support growth, which ends up being unhealthy.

Which do you consume more, the bad sugars or the good sugars? Share your experience with the bad kind.

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Adam Reeve has been a professional personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 10 years. He is also a life coach, wellness writer, and low carb diet enthusiast.

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