Pest Control Software – Who Knew?

It’s been nearly 30 years since the world went online in August 1991.

The business world has come a long way since then. Over 1.5 Billion Websites have been created.

CRM Software has also moved with the times as more and more packages become cloud-based and mobile.

As brick and mortar businesses have had to learn to cater 30 years ago, who ever thought that Pest Control Software would exist? With technology and the internet growing so rapidly, what will our world look like in another 30 years? What could you invent that doesn't exist now? #pestcontrolsoftware #crmsoftware #entrepreneurship #online #internet #cloudbasedto the ever-increasing demand for goods and services in the market, more and more software and mobile apps have had to be developed.

I guess that’s how we got here.

Pest Control Software

Who knew?

We have a friend who’s in the Pest Control business. I remember the clearly the day he came Gary to say that he had left his Uncle’s business and was starting out on his own. In the early days, his wife used to spend weekends and nights doing the bookkeeping.

A couple of years in his wife joined him in the business.  Their business is flourishing.  I seem to see their branded vehicles everywhere these days.

Still, it never crossed my mind that there would be a CRM package developed specifically for their industry.

30 Years ago, who would have dreamed that something like Pest Control CRM Software would exist?

Yet it not only exists, its already been redefined.  By Pocomos Pest Control Software Pest Control Software Redefined

Something that really struck me when I visited their website, was this line:

Pocomos is developed by pest control business owners for pest control businesses.

It’s an interesting trend that’s emerging 

Software Packages developed by the Owners of Companies specifically for their industry.

Have you noticed?

The first time I saw this trend in my own industry (Digital Marketing), was at Wealthy Affiliate. The Owners, Kyle and Carson, created their brilliant Keyword Research Tool, Jaaxy because they knew exactly what tools Affiliate Marketers needed.

I came across the concept again when I was researching different email marketing platforms.

When I looked at ConvertKit, this sentence struck me:

At ConvertKit, our features are built by creators, for creators. Because we’ve been in your shoes, we know what it takes to grow a successful online business.

Even though I chose a less expensive option at the time, I’ve never got to grips with it and I’ve also never been able to get that sentence out of my mind.  I know it’s only a matter of time before I invest in ConvertKit.

Brick and Mortar meets Online

We know now that it’s almost impossible to build a viable business nowadays if you don’t also build an online presence.

And this is where things can get really interesting.  

Because sometimes, companies abandon their offline business to pursue their online interests.

There are many reasons for this but I think the primary reasons are:

  • It’s much easier to serve a global market online
  • It’s much easier to scale your business online
  • Lower barrier to entry online (startup costs are usually low)
  • Overheads are lower
  • Staff costs are lower (Move away from hiring staff to outsourcing)
  • It’s easier to scale an online business

Do you agree?  Would you abandon your brick and mortar business to go exclusively online?  Or would you merge the two? Start developing software and apps for your industry?  

It’s Entrepreneurship at it’s best, isn’t it?  Uncover a problem, provide a solution. A software solution. Why not?

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