Six Month Smiles and What it Means for You

Have you ever woken up in the morning and padded to the bathroom after a lovely dream about your winning smile, comforted by the thought of all your friends and family around you admiring your grin, only to arrive at the mirror and realise that it was just a dream? The crooked teeth are still stubbornly in place and you’ve reached adulthood by avoiding giving people a beaming smile when really you’d love nothing more than to give them the recognition they deserve.

For many of us, having crooked teeth can be a source of anxiety and frustration. Having braces in adulthood may be off-putting as you think that only teenagers wear them and they wouldn’t look good in the office, not to mention when trying to find your perfect match!

Fortunately, there is a solution. 

Six Month Smiles, or Invisible orthodontics, is a brace system that incorporates clear brackets and tooth-coloured wire to give you an almost invisible appearance when correcting misaligned teeth.  They aim to improve your smile comfortably and in around six months, depending on individual circumstances, and it is a cost effective solution to boot!

Can anybody have the treatment?

Everybody’s mouth is individual and booking to have a consultation with your dentist is advised. The treatment is aimed at adults, however, and there are many people trying out this type of braces, so hopefully you will fit the bill with ease!

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What are the benefits of this treatment?

If time is of the essence in your busy lifestyle, then getting your teeth straightened in 6 months should certainly appeal. Imagine having symmetry by the time your next dental checkup is due!

The discreet braces are also a major advantage point for patients and provide effective treatment. They should give you the confidence you need to wear them in public and not feel the need to hide your smile away.

Is treatment expensive?

Many clinics will offer a payment plan to help spread the cost of braces and the cost may vary depending on what you need doing.

For example, if you only need the upper row of teeth correcting, this will be less expensive than both upper and lower.

Treatment for both usually costs around £2000, which may sound a lot of money, but with payment plans available to spread the cost, it is perhaps a small price to pay for the pleasure and confidence you will inherit from balancing your smile.

What to do next

If this sounds like an opportunity that’s too good to miss, you should take a look at your dentist’s website to find out more. Dentists will offer consultations, where you can ask as many questions as you need before committing to this treatment.

After a consultation, you will be able to determine if this is the right treatment for you and you can set the wheels in motion once you’ve gathered all the information you need to decide that this is the treatment that will give you the smile of your dreams.

Had you heard of Six Month Smiles before this post? Is it a treatment you’re considering?

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