21 Success Quotes by Super Successful People (Video)

Success means different things to different people, right?  But what does success mean to YOU?

For some inspiration, watch this little slideshow presentation. These success quotes are by people we all know because they’ve made it to the top of their careers.

21 Success Quotes by Super Successful People

Download the PDF Presentation here

21 Success Quotes by Super Successful People from Lauren Kinghorn

What is Success to YOU?

If you’ve never stopped to consider your definition of success, then it may not be your focus and if it’s not your focus, you may not find yourself as successful as you’d like.

Because energy flows where attention goes. 

So today, we’ll give you a chance to brainstorm all the characteristics you would apply to yourself once you’re successful.

Go on, have some fun. This is your chance to dream big dreams.

Maybe you want to become rich and famous.

Then again, maybe not. Maybe you want to become a philanthropist and leave the world a better place.

Maybe your definition of success is steeped in thrills and spills and adventure.

You might want to invent something, create something or build something.

Maybe you’d feel successful if you achieved enlightenment.

Or maybe success to you is kicking back, relaxing and watching the waves roll into shore.

Share your own personal success quote or a favourite quote of yours in the comments below. 

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