What is Electronic Waste Recycling and Why Do it?

What is Electronic Waste Recycling

A question on many people’s minds these days is what is electronic waste recycling and why do it? What is Electronic Waste Recycling? Electronics Recycling is the process of transforming e-waste and turning it into reusable materials. It is an essential activity that is beneficial to the environment and businesses. We live in a world … Read more

Easy Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Easy Healthy Lifestyle Changes laurenkinghorn.com

Easy Healthy Lifestyle Changes Ooh, I love receiving contributed posts like these! Here are some really easy healthy lifestyle changes you can make today that will make a real difference to your mood. Instantly. And if you make these lifestyle changes stick, they’ll be life-changing. 4 Lifestyle Changes to Relieve Stress, Improve Your Health and … Read more

4 Unexpected Health Problems Caused By Dehydration

Health Problems Caused by Dehydration laurenkinghorn.com

Are you drinking your 8 glasses of water every day?   I’m not. It’s something that’s been on my mind lately. I’m drinking far too much coffee (which actually dehydrates you) and far too little water.  I even touched on the subject in my recent post on Self Care.   However, I haven’t been heeding my own advice.  And then … Read more

How to Switch Off and Be a Better Mom

Parenting is hard. Especially in the Digital Age. Here's what helps me be a better parent. #betterparentingtips

Better Parenting Tips One of the job hazards of being a Digital Entrepreneur is that it’s far too easy to be working ALL THE TIME.  Combine immense job satisfaction with workaholic tendencies, throw a smartphone into the mix and you could have a recipe set for family disaster.  Because it’s your family that suffers when … Read more

Mama… When last did you take care of you?

Taking Care Yourself as Mom laurenkinghorn.com

Taking Care Yourself as Mom I’ve mentioned before that as a Mom to a busy little man, taking care of myself has been pretty low on my priority list for a while and that this year I’m planning to change that. Mama… When last did you take care of YOU? There was a time in … Read more

What is the Key to Success in Life?

What is the Key to Success in Life laurenkinghorn.com

What is the Key to Success in Life? Ask this question to a room full of people and you will find each person gives you a different answer. One might say it’s… Commitment, another might say it’s Self-Discipline Gratitude Being fully present in each moment Being in contribution Making a Difference The ability to multi-task, … Read more