3 Guidelines That Will Help You Afford Your Dream House

There is no denying that many people want to buy a house that they fall in love with. They want to own their dream house, yet the sad reality is that many first-time or even existing homebuyers feel that buying their dream house will never happen.

But, what if there was a way to turn that thought into reality and be the proud owner of a fantastic abode that you’ll always love coming back to after a long day at work? It’s not an impossible challenge, and it’s easier than you might think to achieve that goal.

Here are some ideas to help you make the thought of owning your dream house into reality:

afford-your-dream-housePay Off Your Debt

As you know, you need to have a cash deposit available before you take out a mortgage. One of the best ways to help you afford your dream house is by paying off your debt.

Doing so means you won’t have to pay for that alongside your mortgage payments and other home-associated costs each month. As you can appreciate, having no significant debts to pay means you can save up for your dream house quicker and come up with a big deposit.

It’s worth reviewing your regular bills each month and determining which debt you can pay off and which unnecessary expenses can get canceled. Freeing up as much of your money as possible is the objective you need to keep in mind.

Put Down A Large Deposit

Next, you need to save up as much as possible for a large deposit on your dream home. The reason for doing that is simple: the amount you need to mortgage will be smaller, and thus your monthly mortgage repayments will also be small.

You might be wondering how to achieve that if you don’t earn a lot of money. The answer is simple: find ways to make more money! Of course, the answer, in practice, isn’t so easy, but it’s worth considering the following suggestions:

  • Look for a better-paying version of what you do now;
  • Get a second job;
  • Do some moonlighting from home, such as offering an Internet-based service like web design or copywriting.

You’ll soon see the amount rise substantially when you start saving up money. Consider putting away as much spare cash as possible to create a large deposit. The financial pain (i.e., not having much disposable income afterward) will undeniably be worth the gain.

Choose The Right Mortgage For You

Last but not least, there are mortgages out there to suit all kinds of requirements. For instance, you could consider a specialist mortgage, such as an FHA one. Be sure to check out FHA FAQs to learn more about what’s available for your needs.

Also, ensure that you get plenty of advice about the different mortgage offers out there. The reason for doing that is so you do not end up selecting a mortgage with a high interest rate or unfavorable terms that could see you heavily penalized from a financial viewpoint.


We hope that you have found this article insightful and that you will consider these three guidelines to help you afford your dream house.

How To Fix Your Uneven Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are a popular choice for many homes, and when they are installed correctly, they can look fantastic and last for many years.  However, they can sometimes be uneven, especially if they were not installed correctly, and it can get frustrating when you have an uneven and creaking floor.

Worry not as you can easily fix this issue. It is not a highly skilled job, but you will require the correct tools, time, and patience.

Below is a summary of fixing your uneven wooden floors, making them feel like new again.

How To Fix Uneven Wooden Floors

How To Fix Your Uneven Wooden Floors
Image Source: Unsplash

An Uneven Subfloor Surface

When you have wooden flooring installed in your home and it is uneven, the most common culprit is the uneven subfloor surface. You will need to fix this surface to ensure it is smooth and level, which will get rid of your uneven floor.

To do this, you are going to have to take up your floor and depending on the type of wooden floor you have, you may need to purchase a new one.

If you have engineered flooring, there are many reliable providers of Melbourne engineered timber floors you can find.

Ripping Up Your Floor

The first part of the job will be to remove your existing wooden floor, and if you can reuse the floor, you may want to number the back of the floorboards as you take them up, so you know which order they go in when it comes to replacing them.

Take your time when removing the flooring to ensure you do not damage it and have the correct tools for the job. If the floorboards have an interlocking system, be careful not to break this, as breaking them can make the task of relaying them almost impossible.

Smooth Your Subfloor Surface

The next stage of the process can take some time, and you will need some patience to level your floor surface. Any peaks in the floor surface will need to be removed using a plainer, you could use something like sandpaper, but this will take a lot of time.

You will also need to fill any troughs you find on the floor surface to ensure that it is 100% level and flat. Most reputable DIY stores will have a self-levelling floor compound that you can buy to ensure your floor is flat and level.

Take your time when levelling your floor surface, and it can make relaying your wooden floors a much simpler task.

Relaying Your Wooden Floors

Relaying Your Wooden Floors
Image Source: Unsplash

Once your floors have been levelled and everything is flat, you can start relaying your wooden floors. Try and put each piece of wood back in its original location, which will make it a much easier process. Purchase wooden floor adhesive and start at one end of the room furthest away from the door, laying the floor as you move backwards. Ensure there is plenty of ventilation when using the floor adhesive, and do not rush the job.

With a bit of time and patience, you can relay your wooden flooring and have it looking fantastic again, without any creaking or dips to annoy you. If your DIY skills are not up to the job, it may be worth considering a new floor and have it professionally installed, which will be a much more cost-effective solution.

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What is Electronic Waste Recycling and Why Do it?

A question on many people’s minds these days is what is electronic waste recycling and why do it?

What is Electronic Waste Recycling?

Electronics Recycling is the process of transforming e-waste and turning it into reusable materials. It is an essential activity that is beneficial to the environment and businesses.

We live in a world where users keep upgrading or changing their electronic devices and invest in faster and more effective products. This means more waste is produced that is not biodegradable.

Massive amounts of electronic appliances, phones and other electronic waste (e-waste) are ending up at landfills every day, despite most of them being recyclable.

E-waste involves anything that you can plug into an electrical outlet that you no longer have a use for. This includes refrigerators, cell phones, old televisions, lights, and even hearing devices.

Every electronics recycling effort at home or at the workplace makes a difference, and this is why.

5 Benefits of Electronic Recycling

Benefits of Electronic Recycling

1. Protecting The Environment

Electronics Recycling keeps an array of toxic materials out of the environment. Lighting such as lamps and fluorescent tubes contain harmful mercury that can seep into waterways when it is discarded at landfills.

However, when lighting equipment is recycled, the mercury is salvaged and safely utilized to produce products such as dental amalgam. The same applies to batteries, where cadmium, lead, and mercury is retrieved.

For instance, when you recycle a lead-acid battery, both the toxic lead-acid and the plastic casing is recycled, while the sulphuric acid inside is neutralised and transformed into sodium sulphate for making detergent and fertilizer.

Massive amounts of electronic waste (e-waste) are ending up at landfills every day, despite most of them being recyclable. Here's what needs to be done about it and why.2. Lowering Business Expenses

E-waste recycling is not just beneficial for the environment, but it could have a positive impact on your business finances too. Most governments are banning dumping or charging exorbitant prices for dumping. Your business can also benefit from non-tangible dividends by reducing future costs of non-renewable materials and uplifting staff morale and retention.

3. Supporting Non-Renewable Recycling

The ever-growing demand for electronics means an increased demand for metals and nonrenewable resources that must be mined and processed. But, electronic devices like appliances, cell phones and other e-waste can be salvaged and reused.

These resources include aluminium, gold, steel, and copper, not to mention the substantial amounts of plastic that can be used for making new products.

E-waste recycling means these materials can be re-used, providing more resources to manufacture your next TV or laptop.

4. Showing the World Your Business is Environmentally Friendly

Staff members increasingly prefer to work for companies that support the community and care about what happens to the environment.

Recycling is an easy and tangible way to show your business’s commitment to environmental and social values, and reinforcing these principles to your staff members.

More and more companies nowadays are playing their part by promoting green and sustainable practices.

5. It has Never Been This Easy to Recycle E-Waste

Recycling electronic waste doesn’t take a lot of effort but it reaps tremendous rewards. There are many places and waste companies that are more than willing to accept your old printers, TV’s, laptops, phones, or unwanted gadgets that you no longer have a use for.


I hope that this post has been useful and that it has convinced you to consider electronic waste recycling as a way to create a better world and doing your bit to save the planet. 

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6 Affordable Bathroom Remodel Ideas When You are on a Budget

Affordable Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Any home improvement project can be a pricey affair, but it is a worthy expense to increase the value of your home. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are among the most expensive home improvement endeavours. Yet it’s often bathrooms and kitchens that sell a home, so if you’re looking at adding value, this is usually the first place to start.

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Here are 6 affordable bathroom remodel ideas that could bring down some of the costs significantly when you are on a budget.

6 Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

1. Limiting Your Tiles

Tiles are expensive, particularly when you are hiring a contractor to install them for you. To save on costs, you can limit the number of tiles used and only emphasize high-impact areas such as the floor.

You can also consider adding one horizontal strip on the wall and painting the remaining areas. If you want to add pricey artistic tiles, you can use them as accent pieces alongside cheaper tiles.

2. Redoing, Instead of Purchasing New

Replacing an old shower or tub can be quite expensive. Why not consider having it professionally inclined which is a cheaper option.

Avoid using this option for shower fixtures and the sink since it will be more expensive to refinish them rather than simply replacing them. Refinishing such fixtures is pricey because few individuals consider this unless they have vintage or old pieces. Contractors that offer this service often ask exorbitant prices.

Replacing your tub surround is an excellent way of enhancing the look of your whole bathroom, and it is much more affordable than completing a complete bathroom upgrade. Nowadays, you get durable and attractive virgin acrylic tub surrounds which are mildew and mould resistant. They are also available in various styles and colour choices.

Bathrooms and kitchens often sell a home. Here are 6 affordable bathroom remodel ideas that could bring down costs and increase the market value of your home.  #affordablebathroomremodelideas3. Saving on Counter Tops

A well-liked trend for bathroom upgrades is splurging on granite countertops. Since a bathroom counter is small, the costs are very low as opposed to adding kitchen counters, for instance. You can save on countertops by first looking at the colour. Neutral colours such as brown, light beige, and tan are the most popular which means they will be pricier.

To save some money, you need to look at a broader swath of colours. Another viable way of saving on granite countertops is by purchasing slabs that contain imperfections. The more noticeable the imperfection, the lower the price will be. Bear in mind that the sink basin will take up surface area, therefore if the imperfection is situated where the faucets or sink will be, then you will not even notice the imperfection anyway.

4. Painting

If you have a limited budget, then repainting is the most cost-effective, and perhaps most efficient way of sprucing up the appearance of your bathroom. Be careful though, it might be a more time-consuming project. Even though the bathroom is the smallest room in the home, it needs to be painted slowly around the shower, window, mirror, tub, sink, switch plates, wall corners, toilet, and the floor. This involves patience and time, so consider this when you’re planning your bathroom remodel.

You also need to think about moisture. Since mildew and mould develop quite easily in bathrooms due to frequent temperature and humidity changes, it is worth spending more cash on high-quality paint that has a satin finish. You might also need to paint the ceiling with special paint that is mould resilient.

5. Upgrading Fixtures

The smaller details make all the difference. You can upgrade sink faucets, light fixtures, drawer pulls, and towel racks at a relatively small price. These items might seem trivial, but upgrading them can make a huge impact on your bathroom’s appearance.

6. Freshening Grout and Caulk

Another frequently overlooked, yet essential detail is caulk and grout. When it gets grimy it looks unsightly. By merely cleaning the grout and adding clean, straight lines of caulk around the sink and tub, you can add sparkle by spending a few more dollars.


I hope this post about 6 affordable bathroom remodel ideas can assist you with giving your bathroom a makeover but at a lower cost. Happy renovating.

Searching for bathroom remodel ideas?  Here’s what’s hot in 2020.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2020

Keeping your bathroom trendy and contemporary is going to require a bathroom remodel every so often.

Thankfully, whether you have a small or large bathroom, there are some easy bathroom trends you can incorporate to give your bathroom a makeover to make it look splendid this year.

Use these bathroom remodel ideas and you will have your guests gasping in awe.

Some up-to-date bathroom trends you can incorporate to give your bathroom a makeover.  Use these bathroom remodel ideas to have your guests gasping in awe.  #bathroomremodelideas2020 #homerenovations #homeimprovements #bathroommakeover

Waterfall shower with snowy light colour enunciations

This is not a fresh concept since many homeowners love the idea of transforming their bathroom into a spa. However, waterfall showers can make this dream become a reality.

This fixture creates a small waterfall in the shower that, when paired with a corresponding accent like natural stone or white light and when attached to a circular tub, resembles the look of a natural waterfall.

The white accent helps to accentuate the waterfall effect.

Other shower upgrade ideas for a bathroom remodel includes building wall niches to store all your shampoos, soaps and toiletries or replacing the tiles to give your shower a fresh new look.  Design your dream shower with Kohler Luxstone.

Freestanding sinks and bathtubs

One timeless bathroom favourite that never goes out of style is a freestanding sink or bathtub since they match most bathroom decors with ease.

Whether you’re looking for an innovative look with stone resin or something a little more on the traditional style like copper or clawfoot, fixtures like these amplify the value of your home and maintain their value over time.

His and her personal vanity mirror

A popular and practical décor option for many bathrooms is two sinks instead of one. With a duet vanity set up, two members of the household can easily prepare and share a bathroom with fussing since there is ample space for both and space for individual items.

The mirror is typically the standout centrepiece, and your focus should be on creating a stylish and classy look that is accentuated by the vanities.

Bold colours

To add vibrancy to this space doesn’t necessarily mean you have to add new cabinets or sinks. In many instances, it could be as simple as repainting the bathroom or replacing old worn-out colours for something more trendy, vibrant and noticeable.

A common option is lime green which gives a bathroom that Summer-feel, while black and white are back in vogue as well.

Blue blends well with more waterlogged spaces, while orange can add more depth and warmth to the room. The world is your oyster and you can experiment a little to see what appeals to you.

Energy-saving light bulbs

When you have sconces, chandeliers and other personalized fixtures installed to provide vibrant lighting, it is worth looking into bulbs that are more energy-efficient and that lasts longer.

Almost all light fixtures nowadays can be fitted with energy-saving globes which is beneficial not just to the environment, but also your budget.

Water-efficient toilets

With more people focusing on saving water and adapting more environment-friendly initiatives, installing a water-efficient toilet is a trend that is gaining popularity.

The water bill savings amount to a few dollars a year, every bit helps, and you are still reducing the total amount of water that is used, which can make an impact on your sewer bill long-term.


We hope you’ve found our ideas helpful and have given you some inspiration for your upcoming bathroom remodel.

Remember, a bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be an exhausting and stressful endeavour.

You can have fun, let your creativity flow and transform this space into a relaxing and functional space where you can unwind after a hard day’s work and take a lingering bath to relax your muscles and free your mind from everyday stress.

It’s Okay to Leave These Behind When You Move

Moving is certainly one of the most stressful events in life that we have to endure and soldier on. After conquering the challenge of finding a new place, you’re off to the next hurdle: packing up!

Yes, those boxes don’t fill themselves, so you’re forced to make many decisions. Which ones go with you and which ones do not are some of the toughest choices you might have to make for this move.

To help trim the list of things you can bring with you, here are 4 things that you may leave behind when you move:

1. Old Bedding and Mattresses

Moving home is the perfect chance to let go of stuff you've been holding onto for years.  Consider leaving these behind... read more at LaurenKinghorn.com #leavethesebehindwhenyoumove #movinghouse #movinghome Yes! You can leave your old bedding behind. We know you’ve accumulated loads of them over the years, whether given to you as gifts or ones you’ve purchased because you found it was needed at the time.

Sort out your bedding and put the newer ones in a moving day box so you can bring them with you. For the older ones, bring them out and use them as extra mats or rugs when you move out.

You can also prepare old bedding as temporary floor mats at your new place to protect the flooring from all the foot traffic and prevent furniture from scratching the floor at your new place.

These will be extra handy when it unexpectedly rains on moving day. The old bedding used as temporary floor mats will make it safer for people to move in and out as well as lessen the amount of water exposure.

Old mattresses are certainly better left behind. Letting go of this will free up a lot of space in the moving truck for your other possessions.

Any reliable small removalists Gold Coast locals turn to will agree that this is a practical and laboursaving decision to make. Besides, starting anew would also be much sweeter if you had new mattresses to flop into. After moving day, everyone deserves a good rest – so, yes, a new mattress at the new place would be a treat.

2. Fixtures

Don’t be overly anxious and obsess about every little thing that seemingly needs to be packed. You don’t need to take all those house fixtures and their fittings with you unless they’re the fancy ones.

Leave the light fixtures, the ordinary switches, wires, bulbs, plugs, and sockets behind.

Of course, if you have an expensive chandelier, then that goes into a carefully prepared moving day box.

There’s a reason why these are called fixtures – they are items permanently fixed or fitted into the real estate property. If you are moving in, you will expect light fitments, heating systems, plugs, basic bathroom amenities (sinks/toilets/baths), basic kitchen units (sinks/cupboards), and built-in cabinets to be intact.

So when you leave the house, leave each fixture as is, where it is.

Think about the people moving in after you and put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you moved in to a house with missing wires, damaged plug sockets, and no light bulbs?

3. Kitchen Appliances

This may seem wasteful but you have to leave some of your kitchen appliances behind. Particularly those that have been used a lot over the years and the really big items, like your oven.

So, take a good inventory of your kitchen things and only bring the newer ones that you are sure to make use of.

4. The Garden

With a heavy heart, you have to part ways with your garden. Yes, you love your plants but moving will only stress them out and the unnecessary strain can cause them to die. Let them live longer and find new caretakers with the new occupants of your old house.

The above tips should take the stress out of your moving by knowing which things are best left behind.

Oh and one more thing to leave behind – any bad memories you might have created in your old home. A move is a chance for a fresh start. Here’s to new beginnings.

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Image Source: Storyblocks

Interior Home Improvement Ideas You will Luuurve

Home improvement is an essential way of investing in your space and raising the resale value of your home. As a Homeowner, you’ll want to ensure the improvements fit your pocket but also add value.

Home improvement is a pretty significant topic, particularly when you look at the wide selection of upgrades, trends and styling choices at your disposal.

With these useful interior home improvement ideas, you can revamp your space in no time.

Interior Home Improvement ideas to get your home looking spiffy in a jiffy. #interiorhomeimprovementideas #homedesign #homedecorInstall New Flooring

If your house presently has linoleum flooring or carpeting that looks outdated, consider consulting a trusted supplier for your flooring needs like this family-run business specialising in flooring Nashville.

Hardwood flooring is a timeless choice and an appealing option to most buyers. Hardwood floors are a long-term investment and an excellent choice for adding instant value to your home.

Just keep in mind they can be pricey. Other less expensive options include laminate flooring, vinyl, cork, carpet tiles and more.

Add a Touch of Paint

Many people underestimate the value that this simple and cost-effective home improvement method can add to home living. A new coat of paint here and there can transform a space.

Do not be shy to experiment with interesting colours like using a soft lime green in the bathroom or using earth tones throughout the home, which has universal appeal, but remain stylish.

Paints don’t have to be restricted to just walls. You can spruce up your dark wood kitchen cabinets with crisp white paint that can instantly make the room appear bigger.

Improve Your Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings may have been a predominant styling choice in former days but nowadays they just make a home look outdated. Luckily, popcorn ceilings can be improved.

Visit your local hardware store for a resolution on how to soften the texture and simply scrape the popcorn away. This way you can spruce up your ceiling at a minimal cost with hardly any effort.

Modernizing Hardware and Fixtures

Often overlooked fixtures like faucets, doorknobs and lighting that are outdated can influence the overall appearance of your house. If you do not like your old-fashioned brass chandeliers, replace them.

Even some inexpensive choices can offer your home a more contemporary look.

Consider Going Green

In these modern times, eco-friendly home improvements are the way to go since it adds value to your property, is an attractive option to buyers, is energy efficient and saves money.

There are several ways in making your home more energy-efficient, from simple solutions like adding weather stripping to your doors to making large improvements like installing energy-saving water heaters and solar panels.


Another really inexpensive way to give your home a face-lift is to get rid of old junk. It’s amazing how much we accumulate over the years. Stop holding onto the past – minimalism is in.

Doing Basic Repairs

Simple things like a torn screen door or a leaking tap may end up driving you up against the walls. Make sure you do minor repairs shortly after moving into a new home.

Are you about to make some home improvements?  Are you planning to Do-It-Yourself or do you feel safer paying Contractors to do the work for you?  We use Contractors for almost all our Home Improvements, except for basic repairs.

Decluttering before Moving to a New House

Over the course of a few years, it’s easy to build up a lot of clutter (or maybe junk) that we never use and, in all likelihood, will never use again.

Common examples are clothes, dated electronic equipment, and children’s toys that haven’t seen the light of day in years.

Unneeded possessions such as the aforementioned are generally known as clutter and something to be avoided if at all possible. This is an especially important issue if you are moving house in the near future.

We become attached to things we’ve had for many years and struggle to actually dispose of them when they have outlived their usefulness. This is not only unhealthy but can also be expensive when it comes to moving house.

After all, is there really any point in transporting junk and clutter to a new property?

No. If you are moving from Ipswich to another part of QLD or even another part of Australia, you might need to hire a skip bin to finally lay those unneeded possessions to rest once and for all.

A skip bin hire Ipswich homeowners can count own is not particularly hard to find, and the company owners will be more than happy to drop you a skip or even two to help you declutter and move to a new house in one fell swoop.

About to move to a new home? It's time to get rid of all the clutter you've accumulated over the years. #declutteringbeforemovingintoanewhouse #movinghouse #declutterThe Relocation Checklist

Aside from hiring a skip bin, you may also need to hire or buy some boxes or packing crates for the things that you are not discarding. Be sure to separate the unwanted items from the needed items.

What a nightmare it would be if you were to arrive at your new house with all the junk boxed up and the essentials disposed of.

The size of the skip should also be considered, if you have just a few items, it may be worth hiring the smallest skip bin available but, if you have been at your current property for a number of years, you may need a bigger one or even two. One for the house and one for the garage and garden.

You will, of course, need to organise all of this well in advance of your moving date. Don’t get emotional about your old junk. Just think logically about it and throw it into the skip, you’ll thank yourself for it in the end.

Personal Correspondence

Once we are in the mood for a good clear out, it is easy to perhaps discard of sensitive documents and bank letters without really thinking about it.

Keep all of these out of the way of anyone involved in helping you declutter. If they are not needed, consider shredding them or burning them. You certainly don’t want them intact and laying at the bottom of the skip.

About to move to a new home? It's time to get rid of all the clutter you've accumulated over the years. #declutteringbeforemovingintoanewhouse #movinghouse #declutter

Decluttering is Good for the Soul

Many people comment that they feel much better after finally getting rid of the things they don’t need. Hiring a skip bin is a cast-iron way to put your decluttering at the top of your to-do list.

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Taking Care of the Essential Repairs before Selling a House

Taking Care of the Essential Repairs before Selling a House

A year ago, our house was a fixer-upper and we had to decide whether to renovate or sell.  We had more questions than answers: Should we fix up our home or sell as is?  And how much would we need to fix, to make our house ready for sale?

We’d been saving up to renovate for years, so by this stage, the house was in sore need of attention.  There just seemed way too much to do to the house to make it look appealing to new buyers.

So, we bit the bullet and went ahead with our renovations.

The build is done but some of the interior finishings aren’t. We’ve run out of money and our cost of living has gone up. If we put more money on the bond, how will we pay for it every month?

So we are back to the drawing board.  We can wait.  Save up some more money over the next few months (or years) to add those final touches or sell and buy a less expensive house.

Which brings us back to our original question.  Which house repairs are essential before selling a house?

These are the house repairs you should consider:

Are you about to put your house on the market? Here's what you need to do to get it ready for sale. #repairsbeforesellingahouse #houserepairs #homerepairs #homemaintenance #roofingPainting the House

Just between you and me, I would have been embarrassed to put our house on the market before we painted it.  We literally had paint peeling off the walls before we started our reno.

My heart lifts now, every time I catch a glimpse of our freshly painted house. I love the colours we chose, they make me feel happy.  It’s one of two houses in our Estate that are yellow with white trimmings. It makes it feel homely, friendly, welcoming. If I were a potential new buyer, I’m absolutely sure this would be one of the reasons I would want to buy this house.


If your roof is leaking, damaged or falling in, there’s no way you’ll be able to sell without getting that fixed up.

Roofing is too technical to do-it-yourself, I’d recommend you rather find a trusted company that specialises in roofing like Westchase Roofing.

Another very important reason to tend to both the roof and paintwork of the house is for waterproofing purposes. Buyers are not keen to buy a house with signs of damp as mould can be a health hazard (as well as unsightly). I’m surprised this is not in the list of compliance certificates below.

Certificates of Compliance

Our original build was done about 14 years ago and rules appear to have changed since then. When the electrician came to inspect our house for electrical compliance, he noticed that our DB-Board (Distribution Board) would not pass electrical compliance if we were to put it on the market.

Before you can sell, you’ll need to have your house inspected and certified.  In South Africa, where I live, you’ll need the following certificates.  If you don’t live in South Africa, make sure you check what documents are required in your country.

  • Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC)
  • Electrical Fence System Compliance Certificate – if you own an Electric Fence
  • Water Installation Certificate
  • Gas Certificate of Conformity
  • Beetle Certificate of Clearance

Are you considering selling your house but not sure whether to fix it up first or sell “voetstoots” (as it stands)?   Here’s hoping there’s not too much you have to do to make your house marketable.