Unsure if Invisible Braces are for You?

The Five Most Popular Questions about this Aligner Answered

Has your orthodontist recommended braces to you as an adult, but you are unsure if you need them? Are you concerned about how they will impact your appearance?

Not to worry. Thanks to modern-day dental advances, more and more dental patients are approaching their dentists and orthodontists about braces at later stages in life and, luckily, many of the options available are very discreet.

While the type of orthodontic treatment you undertake will be decided by your dental team, there are many options to choose from, especially if you are only looking for a cosmetic based correction over an orthodontic one.

One of the most popular of all the adult braces is Invisalign in Sheffield.  This discreet, removable and powerful brace is an excellent choice.

Realigning your teeth in a short time span, Invisalign is as strong as traditional braces but offers you the lifestyle-friendly choice of removal whenever you want, making them suitable for people who rely on their appearance.

Before you approach your dentist about Invisalign braces in Sheffield, you will have some questions.  The five most common questions about these invisible braces are answered below, allowing you to decide if they are right for you.

Has your orthodontist recommended braces to you as an adult, but you are unsure if you need them?  Here are the 5 most popular questions about this aligner answered.  #invisiblebraces #invisaligninsheffield #orthodontics #modernorthodontics #toothaligners #modernbraces

1. Do invisible braces hurt?

As they do not use pressure, pulling or tightening, invisible aligners should not create any excessive discomfort.  While it is likely that there will be an adjustment period, these braces should be comfortable.  Also, as there is no protruding metal to rub against your inner cheeks, they are easy to sleep in too!

2. How long will I need to wear them for?

On average, treatment with invisible aligners is completed in nine months.

However, depending on your unique clinical presentation, you may need to wear them for slightly longer.  The length of time you wear them for will be decided by your dentist and, in order to gain the most benefit from them, you must wear them for a minimum of twenty-two hours each day.

3. Aren’t they really expensive?

The initial price tag of invisible aligners can appear large and may discourage you from approaching your dentist about them.  However, many dental surgeries that offer invisible braces also offer payment plans, so talk to your dental team about the payment options on offer.

4. How do the aligners work?

Using both opposing metal coils and the tightness of the aligners, invisible braces gently push your teeth into their new position.

No pulling, adjusting or tightening is required and there should be minimal discomfort.

5. Am I suitable for treatment with invisible braces?

Most adults with misaligned teeth are suitable for treatment with invisible braces.

However, it is important that you consult a qualified, experienced dental professional about this treatment and avoid buying cheap, imitation aligners online.  If you are not suited, your dentist will be able to offer alternative realignment treatments.

Still unsure if invisible braces are for you?  Or have we answered all your questions?

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