Could Veneers in Liverpool Transform Your Smile?

Make a permanent change to your self-esteem

Almost everyone feels self-conscious about their smile at some time or other. This is natural, given the increasingly image-conscious world which we live in.

However, some of us feel this self-consciousness to such a degree that it rubs off onto them socially, and concerns such as gaps in their teeth, stains or discolouration, can sometimes cause them to refrain from smiling out of fear or embarrassment.  As you can imagine, this is not a good thing.

For those who do feel this way however, there are numerous cosmetic dentistry solutions, such as veneers in Liverpool which can allow them to permanently transform their smiles and restore their self-esteem and inner confidence.

Veneers are a permanent, transformative method of cosmetic dentistry with the power to give you a Hollywood smile.  Read on...  #veneersinLiverpool #transformyoursmile #cosmeticdentistry #HollywoodSmile

What are veneers?

Whenever you think of veneer treatment, it is usually associated with the smile of the rich and famous.  However, in actuality veneers are a cosmetic dental method that is not just reserved for the few, but can actually provide a great number of us with a Hollywood smile.

Veneers are a permanent, transformative method of cosmetic dentistry, which works by bonding a thin layer of porcelain to the front of a patient’s teeth, to give their smile a more cohesive and together aesthetic, and address a number of superficial issues such as discolouration, gaps within their teeth, or misalignments.

Whilst other cosmetic options such as tooth whitening last for a few months at most, veneers work on a permanent basis and can truly transform the smiles of those who seek them.

Prior to seeking treatment

The process of receiving dental veneers is a relatively simple and painless one.  However, given the permanent nature of the treatment, it is necessary for patients to undergo an initial consultation period with their chosen, trusted cosmetic practitioner.

This consultation period is one which requires active engagement and participation from both the patient and their practitioner, as the patients must first explain their needs and requirements and why they feel dental veneers are the correct course of action.

Thereafter, the cosmetic dental practitioner will assess the patient’s level of oral health, to determine whether they are eligible to carry out treatment and explain to them all that they must be aware of prior to beginning the process.

Installing dental veneers

After this initial consultation has been carried out, and both parties feel content and ready to begin, x-rays and digital photography will be taken of the interior of the patient’s mouth, from which their unique set of porcelain veneers will be made.

Veneers usually take around two weeks to be crafted as they require a great deal of precision and care, but after this time the patient will return to the practice for the actual fitting procedure.  For this, a thin amount of surface enamel of the patient’s tooth must first be trimmed off, to allow the veneer to be bonded.

Thereafter, the patient’s tooth will be ‘etched’ which results in it being able to adhere to the veneer far stronger before a permanent bonding dental cement is applied to the back of the veneer which is then placed directly to the front of each patient’s tooth.

Each veneer is specifically colour-matched to the patient’s choosing, and after each required tooth has been covered – be it a single tooth, multiple teeth or their entire mouth – the patient’s smile will be far more cohesive and together looking, as well as appearing brighter and healthier.

So… could veneers in Liverpool transform your smile? It certainly sounds that way to me. If you feel self-conscious about your smile right now, veneers may be your answer.

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