Finance Solutions: Fast Ways to Get Out of Debt

Being in debt or short of cash before the holidays SUCKS. Especially if you have children you’d love to spoil.

Before you go out and sell your organs or your Mother-in-law, try these fast ways to get out of debt.

Cut Up Your Credit Cards

Being in debt or short of cash before the holidays SUCKS. Especially if you have children you'd love to spoil.  Before you go out and sell your organs or your Mother-in-law, try these fast ways to get out of debt.  #FinanceSolutions #FastWaystoGetOutofDebt #DebtConsolidation #CreditCardDebtA few years ago, this was me. Chopping up my credit cards. I had 3 and they were all maxed. I was borrowing from one card to pay the other each month and so I was never paying the debt down.

So I did it.  I cut up my cards.

Ask for Help

My boyfriend at the time paid up all my cards and put them on his bond so we could save on the interest rates. And stop the vicious cycle.

Now that’s true love. No surprise, he’s now my husband.

Set up a Debt Repayment Plan

And I started paying him back every month.  We decided on a set amount every month (half my salary) and I also paid a huge whack of my commission cheques every quarter (I was in sales).

You save a lot of time and money (in interest) if you pay off debt both monthly and every time you get a windfall.

My debt-repayment plan screeched to a sudden halt because we made a joint decision that I would leave my job to be a stay-at-home Mom when we got married and had our son.  I’m sure my hubby still lives in hope that one day I’ll resume my repayments. And that is my plan, once my online business really takes off.

Spend Less

I’ve never applied for a credit card since then.  Not having a fail-safe in credit cards has helped me respect money.

I spend less because I can only buy something when I have cash in hand.

I’m not saying I’m entirely debt-free – I still owe my hubby money. But I’m not clocking up debt every month anymore.  I keep a tight reign on my budget.

Get Expert Help

But what if you don’t have a benevolent friend, spouse or parent to rescue you when your finances are in a pickle?

Bring on the big guns, experts in Finance Solutions. They can help you come up with a plan to reduce debt fast using clever strategies like debt consolidation, refinancing a home loan or taking a loan against your life insurance.

Start a Side Hustle

Consider moonlighting.  Can you really make money doing what you love? Yes.  It all starts with evaluating what you’re most passionate about and what marketable skills you have on hand.

It also helps to know what type of entrepreneur you are and what’s out there. Find 8 different entrepreneur profiles and a long list of ideas of side hustles in How to Start a Side Hustle that Rocks 2020.

Sell Stuff

Another great way to get out of debt fast is to sell valuable goods you own.

There’s even a market for things you don’t think are valuable.  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Declutter.  Let it go.  Become a minimalist.

Or, if you’re creative, you could make stuff to sell.  Ever heard of Hipcycling?

I was struck by the inspirational story of Lizl Naude when I was given one of her gorgeous Lilly Loompa “toona cans” at a Blog Boss event last Saturday.  Lizl found herself in dire straits and started a hipcycling business, taking goods that land up in the recycling bin and turning them into beautiful, marketable household goodies.

I’ll leave you with Lizl’s inspirational story.

I was struck by the inspirational story of Lizl Naude when I was given one of her gorgeous Lilly Loompa “toona cans” at a Blog Boss event last Saturday.  Lizl found herself in dire straits and started a hipcycling business, taking goods that land up in the recycling bin and turning them into beautiful, marketable household goodies.

So there you have it.

Essentially there are two fast ways to get out of debt – spend less or make more money.  If you’re in a lot of debt, I’d say do both.

You can ask a loved one for help or get expert help and Financial Solutions.  Again, if you’re in real trouble, I’d recommend you look into both.

What’s a Money Blueprint and Can You Change Yours?

I can’t afford that. I can’t do that. I don’t have time.

Do you think I’m made of money?

Do you think money grows on trees?

Sound familiar?

If you grew up middle-class, as I did, this is probably what you heard your parents saying.

And you might have caught yourself saying these kinds of phrases to your kids too.

On the other hand, if you were born into wealth, you may have a very different money blueprint and firmly believe there’s an infinite supply.

How to Clear Money Blocks using Afformations and EFT

So What’s a Money Blueprint?

Your money blueprint is every thought or belief about money that was passed down to you by your parents and your parent’s parents or by the community you grew up in.

It seeps into your unconscious programming during your formative years as you observe and tune into your lifestyle, home surroundings and your family traditions.

By the time you’re seven years old, your beliefs are pretty much carved in stone.

Dr Bruce Lipton, the author of the Amazon Bestseller, The Biology of Belief (Get it now on Amazon), explains that this is because our brain waves are in theta from the ages of 0–7 years, almost like a state of hypnosis.

That’s why young children seem to absorb everything like a sponge.

How does this affect your money blueprint?

  • If you were brought up poor, you’re likely to remain poor.
  • If you grew up in a middle-class household, you’ll have a middle-class money blueprint as an adult.
  • And if you were fortunate enough to grow up wealthy, you’re all set to be wealthy. And this happens unconsciously.

Yet how is it then that some people go from rags to riches? What about self-made millionaires?

Or from riches to rags? What about those trust fund kids who gamble away the family fortune?

What do these people do to overturn their unconscious programming?

What's a Money Blueprint and Can You Change it? Find out in this post. #whatsamoneyblueprint #canyouchangeyourmoneyblueprint #makemoney #moneyaffirmations #moneyafformations

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Can You Change Your Money Blueprint?


According to Dr Bruce Lipton, there are two ways.

  1. Hypnosis — go back into a theta state to reprogram your unconscious mind
  2. Repetition — repeated statements and behaviours become patterns and become habits

This is why Affirmations work.

Start and end your day with statements like these:

Money Mindset Affirmations

  • I enjoy making money.
  • Making money is fun.
  • The more money I make, the more people I can help.
  • The wealthier I am, the more I have to give.
  • I use my money to better the lives of myself, my family and others.
  • I choose to live a rich, full life.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • Money flows freely to me.
  • I am wealthy.
  • Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.
  • There is always more than enough money in my life.
  • I deserve to be paid for the gifts I offer to the world.
  • The more money I earn, the more I can upskill.
  • I constantly attract opportunities that generate more income.
  • I am grateful to be wealthy.
  • I get to have, do and be whatever I want.
  • I have the best luck with money.

Once you’ve repeated positive affirmations often enough, there’s a shift in your subconscious mind and the new belief becomes part of you.

Using Questions to Develop a Millionaire Mindset

And there’s another powerful to change your unconscious programming — I believe an even more powerful way.

It’s by asking the right questions. Don’t miss my post on Affirmations vs Afformations.

Robert Kiyosaki, Author of the bestselling book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Get it now on Amazon), says,

“Questions open the mind, statements close the mind”.

So, instead of stating,

I can’t afford it or I can’t do that or I don’t have time.

The rich will ask,

How can I afford it? How can I do that? How do I leverage my time?

So let’s turn those Affirmations into Afformations (questions).

Money Mindset Afformations

  • How can I enjoy making money?
  • What’s the most fun thing I can do today to make money?
  • How can I make more money this month so I can help more people?
  • How do I become wealthier so I can give more to others?
  • How can I use my money to better the lives of myself, my family and others?
  • How do I choose to rich, full life?
  • How do I become a money magnet?
  • Where can I see money flowing freely to me in my life?
  • How can I become more wealthy?
  • How do I get money to come to me in expected and unexpected ways?
  • Why is there always more than enough money in my life?
  • Why do I deserve to be paid for the gifts I offer to the world?
  • How can I earn more money this month so I can develop my skills?
  • How do I attract opportunities that generate more income?
  • What am I grateful for today?
  • How can I get to have, do and be whatever I want?
  • How did I get so lucky with money?

How did that feel? Did you feel a shift in your money blueprint?

Tapping on Money Blocks

Here’s one more tapping session to help you shift your beliefs about money.

Practice some EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). In this video, I’m tapping on money blocks.

Wishing you all the best as you overturn your unconscious programming and change your money blueprint.

* If you purchase anything through a link in this article, you should assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that I’ll be compensated in some small way at no extra cost to you.

Next Up, Rich Dad, Poor Dad (A Book That Changed My Life)

Organising Your Debt Repayments the Easy Way

Debt is a worldwide phenomenon. Almost every person has one type of debt or another and whilst getting something on credit or arranging an easy instant loan is attractive, there comes a time when it needs to be paid back.

Many organisations, including banks and retailers, will have additional fees if the payments are not kept up with, adding more burden to your cashflow.

Whilst one or two debts are generally manageable, the problems start when the unexpected occurs, an illness that prevents you from working, a household emergency and urgent car repairs are all generally things that people don’t usually budget for, and perhaps borrow again to make up the shortfall.

In order to stop the debts from snowballing, there are some specialist companies that can help. Debt management companies in Australia can formulate a debt management plan that replaces existing obligations and puts them all into an affordable repayment plan that is tailormade for your present circumstances.

Ultimately, some people needed to use the services of a debt management company to help them out of a very large hole and looking back on it, some made mistakes which exacerbated their financial situation.

Please see common pitfalls below.  Try to avoid these if at all possible:

When I was drowning in debt, I made every mistake in the book (and in this post). Don't be like me. Get the knowledge and help you need sooner rather than later. #debtrepaymentstheasyway #debtconsolidation #debtmanagement #debtmanagementplan1. Not Following A Debt Snowball

A debt snowball involves paying as much as possible off the smallest debt and paying the minimum repayment on others. Many people have repayments that were erratic, to say the least, and the advice they got from their debt management company after the event highlighted where they went wrong.

2. Forgetting To Budget For Emergencies

This was another area where people commonly slip up.

For example, their car engine blew up and they had to get it repaired as a necessity. Their debt repayments suffered as a result and they ended up acquiring late repayment fees.

3. Continuing To Use Your Credit Card

Some people are of the opinion, that spending a bit here and a bit there on their credit card is no big deal and doesn’t really equate it to spending physical money.

Nor do they bother to look for a debt solution. This is a mistake and seems blindingly obvious, in retrospect.

4. Not Making Lifestyle Changes

There are people who know very well they are in debt but just can’t seem to stop living how they’ve always lived.

Partying, holidays and clothes shopping were their reasons to live and although they could afford themselves the occasional treat instead, they just carry on as normal.

5. Not Making Enough Effort to Secure Extra Funds

Some people would readily admit that they aren’t willing to put in extra hours in the workplace in order to make their debt repayments easier. Some have been offered extra hours but always turned them down in the misguided belief that a solution would just suddenly materialise.

Looking back, if they’d put more effort in and done the extra hours, they would have paid off their debt a whole lot earlier. This is probably most people’s biggest regret. If you want to spend it, you need to earn it.

If you are struggling under the burden of debt, I’d strongly advise you to seek the services of a debt management company, as they can restructure your debt and stop it from snowballing out of control.

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Need Help Managing Personal Finances? Try Bennett Lending

Need Help Managing Personal Finances? Try Bennett Lending

This post was sponsored by Bennett Lending. All views are my own.

Are your money matters out of control? Do you have more month at the end of the money? Or worse, do you find you’re paying out your entire salary on Payday?  And you’re using one credit card to pay another?

Aaaargh! I’ve been there.  It’s terrible when you’re short of cash, month after month, with no end in sight.

If you’ve started dreading Payday instead of looking forward to it, then this post is for you.

It’s time to take back control.

Here are 5 Steps you can take to turn your finances around.

Are you stressing about your personal finances? Here's how to take control. #helpmanagingpersonalfinances #personalfinance #personalfinancetips #budgeting #hustle #sidehustle #makemoremoney #debtconsolidationStep 1:  

Stop. Take a breath.

Being short of cash is super STRESSFUL.   It takes a toll on you and your relationships. This emotional turmoil you’re living in is not serving you.

To get on top of your finances, you’ll have to shift your mindset.  You’ll need to clear your head.

To stop the cycle you’re going to have make changes in your life.  You can only work out what changes to make once you are calm.

Beating yourself up about past mistakes is counterproductive.   What’s done is done.

Let. It. Go.

Forgive Yourself and anyone else who may have played a part in this.

Take another deep breath.  Okay, now you’re ready to tackle…

Step 2. 

Take a long hard look.

Sit down and jot down all the possible reasons you’re not where you want to be financially.

Where did it all go wrong? And how deep are you in the proverbial poo?

Don’t get hung up on this step. Don’t focus too long on the problem.

Step 3:

Start seeing the light.

Because what you’re actually trying to uncover, is hidden gems within the chaos.

You’re looking for a time when things were different, a glimmer of hope, a time when things were going right.

When was the last time you were cash-flush?

And what were you doing? Is there a way to recreate this in your current reality? And if so, how?

Get those creative juices flowing so you can open up to all potential solutions.

Step 4: 

Think Solutions.

How can you bring in more money?

  • Get a new job (higher paying)?
  • Get a second job (additional income)?
  • Try a side hustle at home?
  • Cash in an insurance policy?
  • Sell something big?
  • Sell lots of little somethings?  Have a huge yard sale or sell on eBay?

How can you reduce your outgoings?  

  • What luxuries can you cut back on? Are you spending too much on entertainment or restaurants? Wine? Cigs?
  • Are you buying too many toys for your kids?
  • Can you downscale your home or do with less space?
  • Can you downscale your car or switch to public transport?
  • Can you relook at your insurance policies and get better deals?
  • Can you negotiate lower School fees?
  • Can you be more frugal when shop for groceries and clothing?
  • Can you cut up your credit cards and store cards forever?

I know, I know, some of these are radical.

Making radical changes will depend on your personality type.  I have an entrepreneurial mindset, so I’d always rather look at how to make more money than how to spend less.

Pick your battles.

And find a way.  Knowing there IS a way.

Step 5: 

Accept help. 

Bennett Lending may be your answer to prayer.

Consolidating debt is often the best way to stop the madness.

It certainly worked for me.  We placed all my debt, including the cost of my car on our bond and I paid down my debt every month.

Interest on a mortgage is way, way cheaper than credit card debt.  And it stops that vicious cycle.

Be willing to reach out to lending companies who specialise in this, like Bennett Lending.

Please know there is a way. This too shall pass.  Everything’s going to be okay.

If you give yourself the space to think, you can come up with the perfect solution for you.

“The brain that contains the problem probably also contains the solution”. Nancy Klein 

Do you know the difference between good debt bad debt?

Do you know the difference between good debt bad debt?

Unfortunately, I only learned there was a difference between good and bad debt when I had clocked up R 130,000 (about $10,000) on 3 credit cards and was using one credit card to pay another each month.

For months, (or was it years?) I lived like this, not managing to pay down my debt. It was time to get educated and OUT OF DEBT.  I read helpful posts by experts like this one on debt consolidation,  bad credit loans Tampa.

Another day older and deeper in debt? Sound familiar? I discovered some debt is good, and some is bad and it's important to know the difference. #thedifferencebetweengooddebtbaddebtSo… What is considered Bad Debt?

Here are a few examples of Bad Debt:

  • Credit Cards and Store Cards
  • Taking out a Personal loan to go on a holiday or keep up with the Joneses
  • Payday loans or a Cash Advance on your salary

Why is this kind of debt considered bad?

Here are 3 things that characterise bad debt.

1. It’s Costly

Bad debt is very expensive. Interest rates can be astronomical.  And the worse part is, the more desperate you are and the deeper in debt, the more expensive your debt becomes.

2. It’s Addictive

It’s way too easy to swipe a credit card and it’s just as easy to fall into a debt-cycle with payday loans and personal loans from loan sharks.  Bad debt usually offers a quick fix.

Of course, bad debt is not intrinsically bad. 

Credit Cards, used wisely, (paid up every month), can be extremely useful – and even save you money.

It’s the over-use and misuse of credit that causes our downfall.

3. Downward Spiral

Most bad debt is driven by consumerism and impulse buys. This creates a negative, downward spiral.

You get hooked on how it feels to shop until you drop and then the high costs keep you captive. We buy so much stuff, toys, clothes, shoes, make-up, only to part with it a few months down the line.

What is Considered Good Debt?

Here are a few examples of Good Debt:

  • Home Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Business Loans

So what’s the Difference?

Why are these considered Good Debt?

There are 3 main characteristics of good debt.

1. Low Cost

Interest rates are usually much lower.

2. Long Term

And repayments can be made over a much longer period of time.

3. Increases your income or net worth

Good debt either buys you assets or turns you into an asset (education).

The reality is, most of us would never have the chance of owning a house or car or getting a University education if it we weren’t able to borrow huge sums of money from the Bank.

My Top Tip:   Replace Bad Debt with Good

So how did I get out of all that credit card debt?

I took wise counsel from my boyfriend at the time. He’s now my husband.

Daniel’s advice was to pay off my credit cards and cut them up. Forever.

But he didn’t stop there.  He also offered me a way out and it saved me from financial ruin.

Daniel used his Home Loan to pay off all my credit card debt and personal loans (oh, did I forget to mention the other R 150k in personal loans).  This lowered my interest rates massively.

We set up a repayment plan and I paid him back monthly. Sloooowly. It was like our own home-spun version of debt consolidation and it set me free.

What an amazing feeling to see my debts decreasing, instead of increasing or maxed out month-on-month.

I’ve never applied for a credit card again.  Lesson learned.

Have you had any hard lessons in personal finance?  Are you a rehabilitated credit card user?  Or are you still stuck in that negative downward spiral?

The Difference Between Coins, Ingots and Bars

Gold Coins vs Gold Bars

Have you ever thought of investing in Gold? Then you’re probably weighing up (excuse the pun) all the pros and cons. Here’s the perfect post to give you the clarification you need.

Gold Coins vs Gold Bars

The Difference Between Coins, Ingots and Bars

If you are planning on expanding your portfolio and investing in gold, you need to understand all the different options you have, as well as the different types of physical gold investment forms you may be able to buy and sell.

It should be noted that the three different kinds of gold you will find on the market include gold coins, bars and ingots. But, just what is the difference? Investing in gold means knowing the facts so you can pick the type of gold that will work best for you and your investment goals.

The Difference Between Coins, Ingots and Bars | Gold Types pinGold Coins

Typically, gold coins come in two different types: those rare coins with historical value (referred to as numismatic coins) and those valued for the bullion amount.

Numismatic coins tend to have a greater value than the precious metals within those coins, whereas bullion coins are valued based only on the precious metals within them and the demand for the metal.

There are those investors who prefer bullion coins owing to their ease of transportability, smaller size, concealment and storage. There are some bullion products that do carry a significantly higher dealer mark up, though, and that’s due to their popularity and a great deal of investor interest.

On the other hand, numismatic coins are not ideal for investment as there are several additional costs embedded into their price, including grade, rarity and demand. To put it simply: bullion is for investors whereas rare coins are more appealing to numismatists.

Gold Ingots

Gold ingots are better known as gold bars; however, they are formed differently to the traditional minted bars that are very popular. When it comes to ingots, the weight contained tends to vary. The bars also poured as opposed to stamped. This means they are thicker than stamped bars.

When you purchase gold bullion bars, you will mostly get the stamped version. But, when you buy gold ingots, you will get bars that were poured into a cast.

Gold Bars

If you have a large amount of capital to invest, you may want to consider bullion bars. They tend to be sold with a one to three percent mark-up, so you can get more gold for your investment. Coins, or bullion, can also be bought and kept at the facility that deals with securing gold bars.

Which is Right for You?

When it comes to deciding between different options for your investments, finances and budget will play a big part in your decision. Just take a look at the different kinds of gold and silver bullion you can buy from City Gold Bullion.

Related: The Best Way for a Novice to Invest in Silver

If you would prefer gold that is easy to store and you can enjoy looking at, coins are probably the best option for you.

If you want bigger sizes and lower premiums for an optimum investment, gold bars and ingots are the way to go.

Just remember to look ahead to where the value of your investment may end up. When selling your gold, coins usually sell easier due to their recognition and global popularity, whereas bars may incur additional expenses.

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